I was browsing on twitter and a hashtag caught my attention. If you’re on twitter, then you’d have probably more than likely seen the hashtag #WhiteGirlsDoItBetter floating around. I’m going to rant about this today; not because I’m a person of colour, but because of the ignorance in this trend.

First and foremost, white girls do NOT do it better. Black girls do not do it better either. Asian girls? No, nobody does it better than another race. Why is it people are so quick to deprecate another race to show the superiority of their own? Why can’t we all look past the colour of our skin and see that we are all equal?

This isn’t the 1950s where white people ruled the world and people of colour were slaves. We’re in 2015 people and it’s about time we viewed each other on the same playing field, without someone arcing up about their rights and responsibilities because they’re black, white, asian or any other race for that matter. Again, we are all equal, and nobody has the right to say otherwise.

We are all beautiful and our talents come down to the people we are. You’re a white person who’s better in art? Cool; that doesn’t mean ALL white people are going to be good at art either. You’re a black person who can manage an empire? Woop dee doo. Your talents come from you as a person, not your skin colour. Stop this hate that clearly provokes people to start cussing at each other. Why can’t we trend something more important, or more equal like #WeAllDoItBetterNoMatterWhatYourSkinColourIs so we can embrace each individuals talents, whatever they may be.

Mini rant over. There will be a proper post coming up soon, which I’m excited about so stay tuned.

love anthony β™‘


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