The School Tag

You guys know I’m old now and I am currently not studying. How do I do a school tag, you may ask. Well, I’m one for reminiscing the past so here’s an outlook to my life while I was still a kid/teenager. As per usual, whenever I do a tag, I don’t necessarily pick anyone in particular, so if you guys wanted to do this tag too, then feel free to tag me in your post so I can read your answers too!

What was your favourite subject in school?

My favourite class my entire schooling life would be Japanese. I was good at it, and it was great to communicate through a language that a lot of people weren’t familiar with. I suppose I had the advantage of knowing how to speak some of it prior to actually studying it in class, but even so, brushing up on what I somewhat knew was fun.

Least favourite subject in school?

Definitely sports. I’m so lazy and I hate running around or doing physical activity in general. Nowadays, I do regret not being the sporty type because I for one, would be a lot fitter. Ah well; the mind is so much stronger than what the body can be.

How many detentions have you had?

I don’t think I’ve ever had a detention really; well, one where they picked me out of the class and told me to go personally because I was misbehaving. Back in primary school and early middle school, if half the class was misbehaving, then we’d all have to suffer the consequences. That’s the extent of detentions I’ve had. Otherwise I’d sit in detention rooms just to study during lunch breaks, particularly throughout the final years of schooling.

Were you the class rebel or the teacher’s pet?

Neither actually. I’d more so lean towards the rebel side, since I was always loud and annoying, but I still managed to get my work done. Yes, I talked, but I studied as hard as I could.

What was your favourite year in school?

My favourite of all time would be grade five. I had the most amazing teacher who helped open my eyes about so many things, and helped achieve my potential to the utmost extreme. From grade five, I realised how smart I could be and how much fun it was to learn new things.

What was your least favourite year in school?

Definitely grade 8. I was made the laughing stock of the entire school, because of one thing that happened to me that I’m not brave enough to tell you guys about. Basically, this guy scarred me so badly that I can never feel the same way about myself ever again.

Even to this day, it haunts me seeing him around my workplace. It’s something I wish none of you ever have to undergo, and it pains me to hear so many stories about it online or on television. If you can put one and two together, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about, and yes, maybe one day I’ll openly talk about it and hopefully raise more awareness about this. For the meantime, not yet.

Who was your first friend in school?

I didn’t have a friend up until grade one. Her name was Kamilla and she actually came up to me and said hello. I remember, I was sitting outside the classroom crying because I was bullied by everyone from the other class. She saw me and must have tried to cheer me up, because from that point on, she was my best friend up until high school. I’m so thankful for her, and even though we don’t talk to each other anymore, it’s still a memory I cherish to this day. Thank you so much Kamilla for making my primary school years one to remember. You don’t realise how much your friendship meant to me back then.

What was your most vivid school memory?

As I mentioned just before, my traumatic experience in grade eight is my most vivid memory. Even though it’s a bad one, it’s a memory that plays in my mind a lot and it’s one I will never forget.

Who was your favourite teacher in school?

Kuniko Haraguchi, my Japanese teacher for almost five years. We often teased her and made her get so angry at us, but she was the most kindest teacher I’ve ever had. She also taught me so much and helped me realise that being mean to others wasn’t something to be proud of. She also encouraged me to take my Japanese speaking ability to a whole new level. She left the year I graduated from what I believe, as she fell pregnant. I hope your child is doing good, and that you are too.

Who was your least favourite teacher in school?

You’d assume that I wouldn’t publicly say her name here. You’re wrong. If I dislike someone, I want them to know who it is and let you make the decision whether you’d like them or not as well.

Her name was Ms Ryan, my human biology teacher. She was a bitch to me personally. I remember one time, during a test I didn’t understand a question and I asked her to help me understand. She looked at me and told me to figure it out by myself in the most condescending way possible. The person next to me asked the same question and what does she do? Helps him out.

Another memory I remember was that I was looking at my chipped nail, and my friend got so pissed off she ripped it off for me. Ms Ryan saw that and publicly told me off in front of everyone for “painting my nails” even though I wasn’t really doing anything at all.

Last memory was when we did a rat dissection, and I have the biggest fear of rats. I wanted to move to the next class temporarily while they were doing it all. She let everyone else move except me. I think it was because she didn’t like gay people or effeminate males, because she basically told me to “grow up and do the dissection; I’m a male so there is no reason for me to be a sook about cutting open a dead rat.” Excuse me?

She came into my store the other day and gave me such a dirty look and refused to be served by me. My coworker was already dealing with five different customers and Ms Ryan was the only customer left. So I did the obvious and asked her to leave otherwise a phone call to security will be made. She wasn’t very happy but if I can’t do my job at my own workplace, then what exactly am I doing there, really.

Have you ever skipped class before?

Unfortunately yes. English in grade eleven was torture, and often than never, I’d sit in the library studying on my own rather than go to the class. I think that’s why I barely scraped through english.

What was the biggest fad you had in school?

Back in grade twelve, everyone stuck their pant bottoms into their socks to show off their bleached white socks. I unfortunately did that too, and my god was I stupid to do so. It was he worst idea ever! Not only did I expose my socks to dirt and any agent that would dirty my socks, but I poked like an idiot in the long run. Basically, I fit in with the social norms of high school and I wish I never followed that trend.


What was your biggest regret in schooling?

I think my biggest regret of all would be that I pushed myself too hard with no real outcomes. Had I known that I’d be where I am today, I wouldn’t have put myself through all those high leveled classes and go through with all the exams. Even if I did push myself harder, I doubt I’d be in college so it wouldn’t even matter if I did all the TEE courses or stuck with TAFE courses really. All I did was give myself, and my family grief with all the studying and mind boggling subjects that wouldn’t have aided me at all.

What would you tell yourself now that you graduated about for schooling years?

I was literally the biggest loser of them all back when I did schooling. I would honestly tell myself not to try so hard. Nobody likes someone who pretended to be somebody they’re not, just to fit in. Had I learnt this when I went to school, I’d be a whole different person then, and I wouldn’t have given myself so much stress pretending I was friends with people I never really liked. Maybe then, would I have been able to show everyone the real me, who I was suppressing for how many years? They could have seen what I was really like, rather than the guise I made myself to be.

Any tips for those who are still in school?

Yes, I have so many tips to share with you guys. First and foremost, definitely without a doubt, follow your dreams. Don’t try and live to the expectations of your parents, family or friends. Sure, your parent’s advice will be the safest route and will provide you with a good future. However, you won’t be happy doing it. You can live to fulfill your parent’s expectations but it will only get harder and harder, especially if they’re the type to continuously raise the bar for you.

Secondly, don’t follow the crowd. It’s nice to be cool and have lots of friends, but in the end, what good does being cool give you other than the popular status in school at the expense of your studies? Besides, I think that the most cool you can be is to be yourself. People will like you or dislike you; that’s a given. If you show the world who you really are, then they’ll love you, for you. Not for some identity you create for yourself to seem better than you really are.

Third, would be to always have fun and don’t let yourself get to the point of ending it all. Remember that your happiness comes first before anyone else. It is your life you’re living, not anybody else’s. It sounds selfish, but if you’re constantly trying to make someone else happier at the expense of your future, you’re only going to push yourself into the ground with no future ahead of yourself. Sometimes, it’s wise to be a little selfish, if you’re going to benefit in the long run.

Fourth would be to always be careful amongst your “friends” and I quote this because I thought I had a lot of friends, who turned out to be all but high school friends, who I don’t even see anymore. I regret trying so hard to be liked by everyone when in fact, I never really liked anyone at all. That, and you can never fully trust someone with your life. You may think you’re really close, but who knows what they’re saying about you behind your back. I learnt the hard way, putting too much trust in people who really didn’t give a fuck, who ended up hurting me in the long run.


That’s it for this tag. The last three questions were of my own, and I thought I’d add this because now that I’m not a schooling student anymore, it’s great to really reflect on what I’ve learnt from this experience to in turn, possibly help those who still are students in a schooling system. Again, if you’re wanting to do this tag, then feel free to. It’s not restricted to anybody and it’s quite fun, so give it a go if you’re willing. Tag me in your post so I can read your answers too, and comment below if you had any of these experiences too. What would your advice be to those who are still schooling? Don’t forget to subscribe to my blog if you like these kinds of posts, or are a huge Asian cosmetics fan. Follow me on twitter at jung_aesthetics, like my Facebook page The Beauty Aesthetics and until the next post, see ya!

love anthony ♡


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