“Beauty Bares All” Tag

The tag has been floating around and of course, with my casual stalking of DorkChops, an Aussie beauty blogger who inspired me to even start blogging, I decided to give this tag a go. Of course, as per usual, I nominate any reader who wants to do this with me. Tag me too so I can read your answers!

1) Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall?

I like the colder seasons because my skin becomes a lot less oily so anywhere from mid fall to early spring is my favourite. I also really like thick coats and jackets, and you can’t really wear anything warm when the sun is blazing at you with it’s 40Β°C heat.

2) What does your ideal date notice or compliment you on?

I don’t really have an ideal date, but in store while I’m working; more than ever I’ve been complimented on the appearance of my skin, how large my eyes are or my lip size. I do take pride in my eyes and more so, my skin, so it’s really nice to hear my hard work in keeping my skin clear is paying off.

3) Would you rather give up on lipstick, hair products or mascara for an entire year?

I don’t wear mascara so that’s out of the question. For lip products, I can omit them a lot since my lips are naturally pigmented and full anyway, so hair products would be the clear winner. However, with my damaged hair, I can’t live without any of it otherwise I’d be walking around with a shrub on my head and that ain’t pretty. Can I omit mascara since I don’t even wear it or is that answer not valid, haha.

4) You have to leave one message for the world, what would the message be?

I have so many things I’d like to say but if I could only choose one, it’s that you can never be happy living in someone else’s expectations. Trying to make other people around you happy or proud of you will only make you more stressed and unlikely to achieve their expectations of you. Just do what feels right to you and you’ll be a lot more happier, and have a lot less on your plate.

5) A genie appears and offers you one wish. What ONE beauty task would you never want to perform ever again?

I like doing my makeup and skin, but I am so lazy too. I think the actual skincare part of beauty is quite time consuming and really annoying so possibly the entire skincare part of it, however if it’s only makeup in particular, then definitely contouring. It’s quite a hard task constantly contouring my nose, cheeks and temples so if I naturally had a well defined nose and cheekbones, my life would be slightly easier.

6) You have two options; money or happiness. Pick one. Additional: Infinite wardrobe or a flawless face?

It sounds so bad but I’d pick money. It seems these days, my life revolves around needing good money to not only take the stress of myself, but everyone else. If I had a stable income coming in, then less stress on those who worry about me and less stress on myself for having to work so much.

I’d pick an infinite wardrobe over a flawless face. I think our flaws define who we are, and with my line of work, it’s great to actually show customers that I too, am human, and I do have skin troubles of my own. Not everyone can be perfect, and it’s something I’d want to show people. I think it’s great to be able to treat each skin issue yourself in order to be able to help someone else with theirs.

7) Are you a tea lover, a coffee hound or a fan of something stronger?

I used to drink tea so much, but these days, nothing is better than a hot cup of coffee. Besides, my collagen powder is masked by the strong taste of coffee, which isn’t masked by any tea I’ve tried so far. I really hate the taste of the collagen, so I need something that can hide that foul taste and only coffee has been able I do that so far.

8) Have you ever had a “perfect day” before, and what did it entail?

Never have I had a perfect day before. I wouldn’t even know what the perfect day would feel like honestly. How can someone really answer this, since we all envision perfection differently, and what’s perfect to me won’t be perfect to someone else. If I had a perfect day, it’d need to be perfect for those I’m spending it with too.

9) What do you splurge on the most?

People will assume it’s beauty products, but honestly, I do the most splurging on food and anything of entertainment value, like DVDs I’m never going to watch, or electronics that’ll sit at home dormant and never be used.

10) I have not lived until I’ve seen _____!

There is so much to see out in the world, but I can’t choose one that would stand out the most. In fact, I’ve never wanted to see anyone or anything that badly for me to answer this question. I think if anything, I’d want to see myself on video doing tutorials and stuff, like other beauty gurus.Β  That’s my aspiration, and something I too, want to become like. I want my knowledge and passion to be seen by the world, and to be able to help everyone else with their beauty issues.

11) What are you guilty of doing when nobody is watching?

I enjoy dancing but everyone sees me dancing and though I try to hide it, sometimes I’m too into a song for me to even care that they’re watching me have two left feet. I think the other thing, would be me trying to fall asleep. I don’t sleep unless I move around and overthink things to the extent it drains out all my energy. If people saw me do that, it’d be pretty embarrassing.

That’s the end of this little tag; again, if you want to do it too, then tag me in yours and let me read your answers to these questions. Give a like if you found this interesting, and hit the follow button if you like these kinds of posts, or my other posts. Until next time~

love anthony β™‘


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