Q&A with Anthonay [ 16 ]

Welcome back to Q&A with Anthonay where every Saturday or when I’m free, I’ll answer your beauty, off topic, stupid or thought provoking questions. I had to edit this because WordPress was having difficulties and decided to be a little bitch and not post this yesterday when I wanted it to. Ah well, it’s up now so sorry for the inconvenience. Let’s get started.

What’s the highest note you can sing?

I believe I can sing up to F#5, one octave lower than what most professional female singers can generally sing. That in itself is quite high, but in saying that, I don’t sing very well.

I’m dying my hair soon and was wondering if you had tips to keep hair healthy after coloring.

I think I answered this already, I’m not too sure. Of course, whenever you dye your hair, make sure your hair is as healthy as it can be prior. If your hair is already damaged, then if you add colour, your hair may become so fragile it feels slimy to touch and will break apart running your fingers through your hair. Never let your hair get to that point; I can talk from experience and trust me, it’s not fun at all.

After colouring, make sure you give your hair some intensive treatment, with protein hair packs and treatment masks to ensure healthier hair. People often forget to take care of the scalp when looking after their hair. With a healthy scalp, you’re more likely to have healthier hair, so give your scalp some love by adding collagen based hair treatments and massaging deep into your head to promote healthy hair growth and texture.

Avoid heating irons at all cost for at least two weeks minimum, to prevent excess damage your colour treated hair won’t need. Daily use of oils on the ends and roots will maintain softer hair and prevent hair from being too frizzy, and regularly chop off the dead ends to prevent split ends from damaging the rest of your hair.

I use whitening products but my skin isn’t changing colour so any tips for lightening the skin?

Whitening products generally target hyperpigmentation or uneven skin. They don’t necessarily give you white skin. If you’re dark skin, like me, then there is no way your complexion will miraculously shift up three shades. If that is your expectation, then you need to re-evaluate.

You can cheat lighter skin by adding radiance to your complexion using brightening products. Light will bounce off your glowing skin to give you the illusion of lighter skin. Otherwise, the only real treatment for lightening skin would be bleaching, which has many side effects and over time, will cause you severe problems like hyper sensitivity and assorted skin troubles you really don’t want to have as you age.

What does collagen actually do and why is everyone so crazy about it?

Collagen is basically the fundamentals of keeping pour appearance youthful. Babies look so young because of all the collagen cells they have under their skin. As you age, the collagen deteriorates and we lose a lot of it, which in turn, leaves us with wrinkling and thinner skin. By adding collagen back into our skin, we can prolong the effects of aging and keep our skin tight and firm.

My veins are green. Do they indicate anything or is it not worth worrying about?

Not really. Green veins just indicate the tone of skin you have, which allows you to select a foundation that fits perfectly well with your skin tone. Green veins practically mean you have a warmer undertone, so you should be opting for more warmer foundations. Anything with oranges or yellows will suit you pretty well, and that’s not just for foundation, but concealer, blush; basically any makeup product you use that’s warm will suit you more than filler undertoned makeup products.

What genre of music do you like the best?

People will jump to the conclusion that I like kpop. Actually, I really do enjoy classical music and rap and even though I don’t listen to it often, I will occasionally listen to these kinds of music until my heart is content.

As far as lyrical music goes, I love ballads because I love music with a lot of emotion and soul. I’m mushy like that haha.

Who was your favourite super hero and why?

When I was growing up, Sailor Moon used to play on television and she’s practically been my absolute favourite hero of all time. The reason would be that she was like any teenager; clueless and happy-go-lucky with the outlook of preventing harm to those around her. I also really connected with the character too; don’t ask me how because I’m not a princess of the moon who marries and saves the world before completing high school. I think it’s more from an emotional level, where I too, just want to be happy and have the world be a safe place for everyone.

That’s it for Q&A for this week. Hopefully the next one will post on the day I want it to post! As per usual, like this if you found my answers interesting and don’t forget to leave your questions through the comments on my blog or via my SNS accounts on Facebook, Twitter or anywhere else. Until next time guys.

love anthony โ™ก


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