Q&A with Anthonay [ 15 ]

Welcome back to another Q&A with Anthonay where I answer you beauty, off topic, stupid or thought provoking questions on Saturdays. I’m starting to regulate blogs on days off, or prewrite blogs and picking and choosing what I feel confident in posting. For the time being, bare with me and let me figure out the best day to update you guys. Here are these week’s questions.

I visited you at the expo and you’re so dumb I love it. Which store are you in?

Thanks, I think. I’ll take that as a compliment haha. I’m in the Carousel store and currently working Tuesdays and Sundays. I’m nowhere near the best worker there but I hope my knowledge on products and makeup can help you guys out a lot.

You’re learning Chinese now

Yes I am. Most of the clientele that come into the store are Chinese speakers, so to become better at my job, I think learning Chinese should be effective in furthering this career. Wish me luck and bear with me.

What’s your favourite makeup item you own?

I think a flawless base and eyebrows are the most important must have items in makeup. That said, I can’t love anything more than the Missha M Perfect BB cream. After all these years, it’s still my favourite. I’m loving cushion BB creams but unfortunately, nothing can really compare to this BB cream for me.

As for eyebrows, if you follow Korean beauty bloggers or youtubers, you’d see most bloggers using the killbrow from Clio. I haven’t got my hands on one personally, but I have used it in store and its amazing. Definitely worth every cent in getting one for yourselves.

What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

I go to the toilet and empty myself haha! I am male after all.

Are you a makeup artist?

Not properly trained, but I can do my own makeup. The next step is to learn how to put makeup on other people. I know what to do, but I’m actually so nervous each time I apply makeup on someone else because I know how powerful makeup can be. I don’t want to ruin someone’s appearance so I struggle a lot with applying makeup on someone else for that reason. I’ll work harder on that as well.

How do you keep your hair healthy?

I’m notorious for dying my hair constantly. In fact, I dyed my hair again on Wednesday, so really, three days ago. To restore my hair back to good condition, I’m using Ichikami hair treatment again, and also using POLA Form oil every day to restore hydration and keep my hair soft and luscious. My genes deny me of straight hair, and I’m embracing that now, so I don’t touch a straightening iron unless I really want to depending on what look I’m going for.

You reviewed a whitening product. Do you not like your skin colour?

I’ve learnt to accept my skin tone, but yes, I wish I was a tad paler. I’m using whitening products to merely restore my skin tone to it’s original colour, and to even out my complexion. People think I’m trying to be snow white, but that’s not my objective. My skin is actually patchy and uneven so the whitening products are only used to make my skin one tone, rather than crystal white.

Would you ever bleach your skin?

I’ve thought about it, and no. Bleach is so damaging and I’m not prepared for any consequences from bleaching. Also, I’m quite liking my tone. I feel like working in an Asian skincare store with my skin colour can inspire darker toned people to embrace their complexion and love who they are no matter what colour or race they may be.

Beauty is not the skin colour you are, but what is on the inside. If you love yourself, then show it. I think a good mood and outlook can shine from within and make you look beautiful than someone with heavy makeup.

That’s it for the questions today. Thanks guys for the support so far. Remember, if you had any questions, then leave them down in the comments below, or hit me up on my SNS. You can find me on Facebook and Twitter, so leave me a DM, a mention, or a dedicated post and I’ll happily answer all questions you have for me. Until next time!

love anthony โ™ก


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