Lei Lani Whitening Finisher – Wear White Face

I’m coming back with a new review and this time, it’s a whitening product from Korea I received from Wishtrend. This is the Lei Lani Whitening Finisher – Wear White Face, worth $25.99 USD on Wishtrend.


Lei Lani is a company from Korea who have worked with the Korean Food and Drug administration (KFDA) to deliver whitening products for all skin types. The Wear White Face uses certified whitening ingredients such as Niacinamide and Arbutin for immediate whitening results, and allows for long-lasting and permanent skin whitening over time with daily usage. The product contains macadamia nut oil for easy spreadability and hydration to the skin. It also contains Vitamins A, B3, C, E and the co-enzyme Q10 to effectively prevent free radicals from damaging and aging the skin, keeping skin light, bright and well nourished.

Lei Lani claims their product prevents aging, promotes lighter skin tone and moisturizing care without causing harm to skin. Wear Face White can be used day and night, as the last step to your skincare during the day. For the night, it’s up to you whether you want to use it under or over your night cream. I did both methods and either of these two methods still gave off the same whitening effects. As for hydration however, night cream is more rich than the Wear White so if you want a more hydrating finish to your night routine, then I suggest applying Wear White under your night cream.

I did a blind test with another Korean product called Cloud9, using people to test the two products and give me a full report on the effectiveness and preference between the two products. Everyone has selected the Wear White over Cloud9 since Wear White is more hydrating and gives a brighter and lighter skin tone than the Cloud9 product does. Wear White also works after the first application, whereas Cloud9 progressively lightens your skin over time.

I swatched the Wear White on the back of my hands, and it looks like your everyday cream. It’s quite hydrating compared to other whitening products and the effects of the whitening are immediately noticeable right after application. The immediate white shade lasts for 12hrs, although, with constant usage, retains the white shade permanently so your skin becomes more brighter over a long duration. So far so good.


Compared to another whitening product called Wedding Dress by It’s Skin, both do give off immediate results. It’s Skin doesn’t absorb very well and feels quite heavy on the face and body; possibly because Wedding Dress only gives a temporary light tone. Wear White however seems to absorb into the skin well, and washing off doesn’t make the light tone go away; even using alcohol based sanitizers didn’t budge the Wear White.

I naturally grow facial hair fairly quickly; I would have to shave 2-3 times a day to keep my face clean cut and smooth. That said, my stubble is quite dark and it’s very hard to conceal the darkness around my mouth due to the facial hairs. Wear White seems to lighten the area a bit, giving the illusion of less hair when in fact, I’ve pretty much grown some stubble throughout the day. This also somewhat proves to be able to be used on sensitive areas after shaving; ie: face, underarms and bikini line.

The product is quite lightweight too, so easily applied during the day under makeup can replace your primer, since it offers similar effects as a primer too for long lasting makeup, and works well under sunblock as well. In fact, using sunblock with the Wear White makes the effects of whitening far stronger and prolongs and prevents the effects of re-darkening in your skin.

What I Liked:

– Immediate Whitening results after application
– My skintone looked brighter after ONE day of using Wear White and I did notice even after cleansing, my face was still lighter after using Wear White for a day.
– It’s been 2 weeks since using Wear White and my skintone hasn’t been this light in almost forever; the permanence of the product seems to be true to it’s word.
– Quite hydrating and didn’t cause irritations to the sensitive parts around my face at all.
– Even with the macadamia oil included in the product, I didn’t look or feel oily after using it.
– By far the cheapest effective whitening product I’ve come across, and with 60ml, I think it’s a steal.

What I didn’t Like:

– For daily use, twice a day, there doesn’t seem to be much product. Possibly might last up to 4 months which for me, seems quite little.
– Very hard to find; I have looked everywhere and no retail stores sell Lei Lani. Online stores didn’t even sell them (unless I wasn’t looking hard enough) so until I can find other places that sell Lei Lani, I think you can only get it from WishTrend.


This product is pretty good and so far, all it’s claims seems to be true. It definitely does give a whitening effect immediately and my skin tone is noticeably lighter now. I really do want to repurchase another bottle, but for the time being, I will leave it until I desperately need another one, since I really dislike shopping on WishTrend.

love anthony โ™ก

12 thoughts on “Lei Lani Whitening Finisher – Wear White Face

  1. I’ve been thinking about purchasing this one when I saw it also on Wishtrend. Is it moisturizing enough to replace a body lotion? Doesn’t it make your skin look/feel ashy?


    1. the body and the face one work and feel very similar to each other. it doesn’t make you ashy; it works with your skintone to bump up a shade or two. my face is neutral toned now since working with the lei lani so it definitely works.


  2. Thanks for the review! Just found out about this product, and i’m looking more into it now. I heard that it has a chalky kind of substance in the cream and that’s why it has whitening properties. Is that true? And would you say that it has a definite long term whitening effect?

    Love your blog btw!


    1. these creams are temporary with long term effects when you use them regularly. i have to admit that my face is now lighter than ny neck, but ever so slightly. there isn’t much difference so the whitening, id say, leans on the more natural side. as for the chalkiness, its the first time Ive heard of it, so I’m not too sure honestly.

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