Q&A with Anthonay [ 14 ]

Welcome to Q&A with Anthonay where I answer your beauty, off topic, stupid or thought provoking questions every Saturday. Let’s get started!

How often do you dye your hair?

Very often; in fact I generally dye my hair once a month at minumum to change the colour of my hair with the changing seasons and my mood. During hotter days, my hair becomes lighter in tone and during Winter when my skin is lighter, I dye my hair darker to compliment my paler skin tone. Since I use the Japanese hair dye from Leise, the colour is semi-permanent so after a few weeks he colour tends to fade and I find I’ll need to reapply colour to retain the shade I want.

Is your beauty store popular?

I’ll say yes and no. It’s incredibly popular amongst the Asian community for sure, as we’re very familiar with a lot of the products we have on the shelves. As for Westerners, if they’re exposed to Korean or Japanese sub culture, be it music or beauty standards, then yes we are popular. Otherwise, we’re yet to appeal to the Western market and hopefully one day, we will be able to cater to everyone.

How often do you wear sheet masks?

The recommended time to use a sheet mask is two to three times a week; but since sheet masks are more serum based than anything, I generally use them as often as I can. It doesn’t hurt to do so, and in fact, is a great way to intensively restore your skin back to optimal health.

I  have rosacea and its really hard to hide under my foundation. Any tips?

Rosacea is red or pink in tone, and adds a natural flush to your makeup, but if you’re looking to conceal it, then may I suggest using a green primer or concealer? If you study the colour spectrum from an artist’s perspective, then you’ll understand that red and green are complimentary colours and work together to neutralise each other. Just apply your green product under your foundation base makeup and you’re all set.

Do you wear circle lenses? Are they hard to remove compared to normal sized contacts?

Nope, not at all. They’re very much the same when removing normal sized contacts, so pinch gently and voila! Putting it in though, may be slightly difficult for those who haven’t used circle lenses before. They are bigger, so placing them on your eye may seem slightly challenging at first. I know I had trouble the first time.

How do you use up old toners?

With the weather changing dramatically here in Perth, I have toners I both, use and don’t use, depending on the day. To get rid of a lot of toners I no longer need, I make sheet masks out of them. Simply grab some thin cotton pads and soak them in a toner you want to use up before it expires. Leave them to absorb for five or so minutes before applying the cotton pads to your face, and wear it like a sheet mask, for fifteen to twenty minutes before patting your skin dry. Its a great way to get rid of your toners before they hit expiry date, without wasting them.

I want lighter skin, but I don’t like using skincare products on my face. Any way I can have lighter skin?

Stay out of the sun, because exposure to direct sunlight triggers melanin production, which thus causes darkening in our complexion. You can ingest tonics to lighten your skin from the inside out as well since you dislike skincare products. These tonics are made to give you whitening effects with little to no side effects, at the ease of one dosage per day. I definitely do suggest using these kinds of tonics before you sleep for optimal results.

How do you know so much about skincare?

It comes down to studying everything in as much detail as I possibly can, and also listening to my coworkers discuss different products. You can only find out so much about an item with self study, so I often ask my friends about products to see if I’ve missed some vital information online.

Does perming damage your hair?

Anything you apply to your hair is damaging in reality; perming included. Even your shampoos and conditioners can damage the health of your hair so it’s absolutely vital you treat your hair properly before and after you apply any colours, heat or anything that adds artificial style to your hair. I suggest intensive treatments with royal honey and aloe vera to soothe and moisturize your hair and scalp prior and after styling to keep hair glossy and healthy.

That’s it for Q&A today. If you had any questions you wanted to submit, then leave them down in the comments below, or via my SNS. New Q&A up every Saturday, or whenever I feel like it.

love anthony ♡


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