Palty Jelly Hair Dye – Sweet Kiwi

Hello and welcome back to my blog. I’m coming with a review on the Palty Jelly Hair Dye in Sweet Kiwi. This is unlike any hair dye I’ve ever used before because the product is so solid compared to other dyes which come out very liquid or foamy. Here’s what the packaging looks like.wpid-20150320_132154.jpgwpid-20150320_132214.jpgwpid-20150320_132201.jpg

As you can see, there is little to no English on the packing whatsoever. Very normal on Japanese products, as it seems Japan doesn’t cater to anybody outside their own country. Nonetheless, I’ll guide you through how to apply the products to your hair.wpid-20150320_132345.jpgwpid-20150320_132404.jpgwpid-20150320_132352.jpgwpid-20150320_132413.jpg

The package comes with two bottles, an instruction leaflet, a cute heart shaped spoon, a little plastic bowl and treatment conditioner from Shiseido’s Tsubaki range. Since it contains the Shiseido conditioner, I’m wondering if Palty is a sub brand of Shiseido. I’m not too sure, so I’ll need to investigate.wpid-20150320_132456.jpgwpid-20150320_132502.jpg

wpid-20150320_132555.jpgAdd bottle 2 to the plastic container provided and pour in bottle 1 into the mixture. Gently whip the two liquids together to form a jelly like paste using the heart shaped spoon provided.wpid-20150320_132612.jpgwpid-20150320_132558.jpg

This is what the consistency should look like. Very jelly like and doesn’t fall off the spoon when tilted on an angle. This is when you apply the product to your hair, gently massaging into the roots and coating the hair with the jelly. Leave in your hair after application for roughly 10-15 minutes or until you are happy with the colour payoff. You will be able to tell when your hair starts to change colour as the jelly sets into your hair, changing from the brown shade to a different colour altogether. In my case, the jelly set to a deep purple. You hair should feel very stiff and unworkable. This is normal and you shouldn’t fret if your hair becomes like this.

Once you’re content with the colour, simply wash off under warm water and shampoo, then use the hair oil treatment provided to add nourishment back into your hair. You’ll notice that your hair will feel soft when washing with water. This is because of the aloe extracts and the royal honey used in the product, which helps to soothe your hair and keep your hair nourished through the colour treatment.

I’m not posting an image of the final results because my hair was red before using the colour treatment. Since red and green are complimentary colours, it neutralized and became a normal brown shade. The green tinge wasn’t present and so I find that posting an after result would seem useless.

As for the product altogether, I really liked Palty’s Jelly range. I will repurchase and continue to use the dyes whenever I want to change my hair colour. I bought mine from Cosmehut for $18, which isn’t too bad of a price, since other hair dyes from the Western markets range from 14-18 as well. The benefits of this dye over other dyes though, like I mentioned, contains aloe and royal honey for the added moisturizing benefits it offers.

Interested in this hair dye? Shoot a like and post in the comments below if you wanted any information about the Palty Jelly range. Used this product before? Tell me how you went with it, because I’d really like to know as well. Also, don’t forget to add me on my SNS sites and until the next time, I’ll see you.

p.s. I bought another hair dye from a different brand in a similar colour and I’m quite excited to try it out. A compare and comparison will be up soon (hopefully)

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