Q&A with Anthonay [ 13 ]

Welcome to Q&A with Anthonay, where I answer your beauty, off topic, stupid or thought provoking questions every Saturday or whenever I have the time. A few questions have come in via DMs on twitter and I think because these questions are quite common questions that I keep getting asked, I’ll answer them all on here. Not only that, but I’ll also answer some of your submitted Q&A’s that you guys have left me as well. Let’s get onto it shall we?

I have an event in two days and I just broke out. What should I do?

I go through this all the time, and it’s quite annoying actually. For my skin, I have selected and sampled so many brands of skincare to use in keeping my face pimple free. If I feel that my skin is breaking out more than ever, I will go back and use my acne prevention skincare routine religiously to protect and keep acne away.

I always start off by removing all traces of makeup and excess sebum with my POLA D oil cleanser; one I’ve written about multiple times. Does the job it needs to, plus offers a detoxing effect on the skin as well as controls acne, sebum and pores. With my oils, I always emulsify them with water and wash off rather than using tissues to wipe it off. Once my face is clear of makeup, then I continually wash my face with warm water for 3-4 minutes, to really open up my pores.

Next, I follow up with my trusty Etude House AC trouble cleanser and work that over my skin, focusing on areas with bad acne, and around my nose to help dissolve any blackheads or kill bacteria. After two minutes of working the lather into my skin, I wash off with warm water, then cool my face down with cold water for 4 minutes to close my pores up again.

I follow with my toner from DR:CI Labo, Labo Labo Super Keanu lotion, and gently pat that into my skin. Next, I use the POLA D lotion and again, pat that into my skin until fully absorbed. The reason I use two different toners is because I enjoy them both, and actually, they work in unison with each other so for extra acne care, it does a lot and I notice any breakouts disappearing quite quickly.

Lastly, I follow up with a moisturizer, and I generally use the POLA D milk to again, just like the D oil, give my skin the detoxing effects and prevent future breakouts. On days where I need more hydration to the skin, I’ll use my Innisfree Green Tea lotion and mix with my POLA D milk and use that as a moisturizer.

For spot treatments, I generally use AC care masks from Leaders Insolution and Rohto V eye drops as spot treatments overnight. I also tend to exfoliate on those days to remove the dead skin surrounding the pimples, and also, I change my pillowcases, sheets, towels and do a spring clean to decrease the chances of more bacteria from infecting my skin.

In the meantime, I will more often opt for no makeup and embrace all of the ugly, because you’re trying to remove acne, not give it more breathing ground to breed and create more, nor are you trying to reclog your pores again. Hope this helps.

What can I use for sensitive skin to keep my skin hydrated?

Aloe Vera helps to soothe sensitive skin, so I generally use an all purpose aloe gel that you can pick up from most Korean skincare stores. Aloe Gel can do so much for not only your skin on your face, but your body and hair too.

Try and stay away from products that use alcohols, essential or mineral oils, or anything AHA. You might even need to stay away from exfoliators as well as friction on the skin may indeed cause more irritations.

How can I get whiter teeth without the high price tag?

I saw a few tags on whitening teeth and the most common at-home remedy that many people are opting for now, are charcoal treatments. I’m not sure of the properties of charcoal, but I know that using charcoal tablets in powdered form on your teeth as a 15 minute mask can improve the white tone of your teeth. It gets incredibly messy however, so definitely suggest you do this in the bathroom, naked.

You can get charcoal tablets over the counter at most drugstores. They’re usually intended for those who are gassy, but these work for the charcoal whitening methods too.

What’s your preference; to wear clothes every day or be naked every day?

I enjoy being naked. For sure. It’s so comfortable not wearing anything at all, but I like dressing up and seeing what clothes fit me also. It’s 50:50 on this one.

Have you ever consumed a dog before?

That’s sickening to even think about. No.

You’re stressed and overworking yourself. Do you ever take a break?

From what I know of, I don’t ever take real breaks. On my only days off, I generally play catch up with everything I’ve missed throughout the week, so I suppose I don’t really.

Have you ever regretted your blog name before?

Yes I have actually. I’m thinking of whether I should even change my blog name or not. I thought tvlips was unique and different, it turns out it is one of the run-of-the-mill names you can use for anything like this. In fact, I only chose tvlips as my blog name simply because I was thinking of tulips and tulips was already taken.

That’s it for this week’s Q&A. Send your questions through the comments below, or via my SNS accounts. New Q&A generally up every Saturday. Coming soon, on the 15th of June: Palty Jelly Hair Dye mini review.

love anthony ♡


One thought on “Q&A with Anthonay [ 13 ]

  1. Try using DMC Mask first (sold out atm), then use the Sulwhasoo clarifying mask. The DMC mask will lead out all the black heads, white heads, and all the dirt in your pores; then the clarifying mask will peal them off. It’s kind of like a upgraded version of the pig nose treatment, just it’s better, and can be applied to whole face (Y)

    I don’t have the clarifying mask, so I use DMC first, then pimple needle to pick out all black/white heads. Next use DMC again for only 15 minutes to get rid of all the excess oil, dirt, and prevent infection. It’s super effective, you should try it!


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