Makeup Removal – How I Clean my Face Daily

You guys probably think it’s simple to remove makeup; all it takes is a cotton wipe and you’re done. NO! Put that cotton wipe down and burn it. YOU! Why isn’t your cotton pad on fire yet?

Cotton wipes are neither effective in removing all traces of makeup from your skin, nor is it good for your skin overall. Makeup wipes are alkaline and shift your skin’s natural pH level to above 7, which is very bad. Your skin’s surface is naturally buffed at roughly 5.5; slightly acidic. Using a makeup wipe shifts the balance and causes your skin to go out of whack, especially if you’re shifting the pH balance everyday. Who knows what skin troubles it could lead you to. It’s okey though, I’m here to tell you how I cleanse my face after a day of wearing makeup. Keep reading for my little steps for clean skin.

1) First and foremost, have a face of makeup.

Today at work, I decided we’d have a theme to make the day a little interesting. I chose the theme of KPOP (Korean Pop) Idol look. Here’s my take on it.

wpid-20150607_082904_mr1433637022446.jpgOkey, I look really gross. The look was semi-inspired by Kim Taehyung, or more formally known as V, from BTS, and also Hyerin, also known as Pony.


I don’t look like an idol. I tried.

2) Let me stop by going onto step two, which is to remove the eye makeup.

Here, I’ve used eyeshadow from the Napoleon Perdis Nude Palette, K-Palette 24hr Tattoo Pencil Eyeliner in brown, Clio Gelspresso in golden black and champagne, The Faceshop Draw my Brows in brown, and The Faceshop Color my Brows in grey-brown. If you’re familiar with any of these products, then you’d know that the Clio pencils are a bitch to remove, and take copious amounts of rubbing to slightly budge the permanency of this gel liner. Harsh rubbing causes premature aging and damage to the surrounding eye areas. Cue ugly selfie. By the way, I pulled my hair back and secured it with a headband, that you can pick up for $3 at Cosmehut.

wpid-20150607_202018.jpgHave no fear because I discovered a product that can remove stubborn eye makeup with one easy step. Let me introduce you to Bifesta’s Eye Makeup Remover, worth $20 at Cosmehut. This bottle was introduced to me by my coworker, who claimed it can remove even the toughest of mascaras. My reaction? Bullshit. Well, I’ve put it to the test, and turns out she was right. I was made to look like the fool.

wpid-20150607_202104.jpgAnyway, I’ve applied a good amount of the makeup remover to some cotton pads, and here, I’m using the Shiseido pads, worth $7.95 from Cosmehut. I’ve placed the pad on top of my eyes, and gently pressed against my eyes for about 10 seconds before sweeping the pad down.

wpid-20150607_202135.jpg When you swipe down, your eyes should come out clean and the makeup should have transferred onto the pad. I chose to use the Shiseido pads because other pads you can find from your local drugstore or convenience store are so crappy. They literally disintegrate with any contact with liquids and friction against the face. I also took the liberty to remove my eyebrow makeup with the same pad. You should end up with only your base makeup left to remove.

wpid-20150607_202327.jpgHere’s a comparison between my bare eye and the eye with makeup. It took no longer than 15 seconds to remove all that stubborn eyeliner, which is great because who even has the time to sit around waiting for gel liner to dissolve or fade away? If you were to ask me, definitely grab a bottle of Bifesta. Why not grab a box of Shiseido pads while you’re there for optimal eye makeup removal?

3) Now your eye makeup is gone, let’s clean the rest of our face

If you read my Top Favourites for April, you’d remember I used a billion samples of the POLA D Cleansing Oil. Well, I finally grabbed myself a bottle and it has been the best decision I’ve ever made. I use this every night as the first step of face cleansing to remove makeup, control my oily complexion and restrict the pores. It really is a wonder, and for $49 for a 200mL bottle, it’s definitely a bargain. Guess where I bought my bottle from? If you guessed Cosmehut, then give yourselves a pat on the back.

wpid-20150607_202521.jpgI used three pumps and massaged the oil onto my face, working from the forehead, and making a figure three down my cheekbones and chin for 3 minutes. After gently massaging the skin, I wet my face with a bit of water to emulsify the oil. Basically, the oil becomes milky and liquid type. Massage again for another two minutes to work the milk into your skin before washing off. This is what the emulsion should look like. Cue super awkward pose selfie.

wpid-20150607_202818.jpgOkey, skip past my face and wash your face until it’s squeaky clean. You have now successfully removed your makeup thoroughly and can move onto your nightly skincare routine by cleansing with your favourite foam cleanser and following through until your night cream. Here’s my face fully cleansed. I had to change to a different location because the lighting in the bathroom shrouded my face in dark shadows. Also, sneak peek into my new hair colour, which I’ll talk about soon!

wpid-wp-1433680587676.jpgHere’s a bonus tip for you guys suffering acne. When washing off your oily emulsion, don’t use plain water. Instead, mix up a sink full of lukewarm water and matcha green tea powder. I picked my green tea powder from the nearest Korean grocers.

wpid-20150607_202941.jpgThis green tea powder is 100% matcha green tea with no added colours, fragrances or additives. If you haven’t read my Green Tea post, then here’s a quick recap. Green tea has the benefits of controlling acne and sebum, and also has the anti aging effects due to it’s high levels of anti-oxidants preventing free radicals damaging your skin from the sun. Mixing the POLA D Oil and simple green tea can boost the effects of preventing acne, future breakouts, oil in the skin and aging. Also, POLA D is the detoxing range from the POLA brand, giving you healthier skin overall.

Think that’s it for my makeup removal post. What products do you swear by for removing makeup? Let me know in the comments below, or through my SNS apps. Don’t forget to hit the like button if you’re a fellow WordPress blogger, and subscribe to my blog for updates on all things beauty, makeup and random chit chat. Until next time.

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