Update – Free Samples? Possible Meet-And-Greet?

Hey guys, it’s been a bit since I’ve just sat down to type out my thoughts. I had work today and it was so fun. I was able to talk to more customers, so maybe people are adjusting to me being a male working in a beauty store. Let’s hope this keeps up because today’s response from customers seemed really great.

So I finished my shift and was so excited to know that my manager bought me back a few goodies to try. I’d love to talk about what I got but I’ll save that for another post. In the meantime, we were discussing how we rely heavily on our customers and the information they receive via online or through friends. I learnt that most of our customers are really influenced by people up there, namely celebrities and beauty bloggers. Here’s something special for you beauty bloggers out there reading this post.

If you live in Western Australia, particularly Perth, then you can get your hands on some freebies to sample and review. A decision has been made and basically, if you’re into Asian cosmetics and skincare products, or are willing to sample products to review, then email Cosmehut at admin@cosmehut.com.au about your passion of beauty, and you could be given the opportunity to sample big labeled products we sell in store. My pretty manager will reply back if you’re successful. Free skincare, and makeup. What’s more to love if you’re a beauty blogger.

I also have an announcement to make. Cosmehut will be appearing at the Perth Convention Center from the 19th of June up until the 21st of June. This is a great opportunity as it means you can see my face up close and personal. No really, we’ll be selling and promoting skincare and makeup; but if you wanted to meet me, then definitely swing by and give me a holler. I’m both nervous and excited for these three days. If you haven’t realized already, I’m not the brightest. Let’s make a prediction now and guess I’ll get lost on all three days. Better yet, I’ll get lost inside the convention center, but in reality, be standing outside the Cosmehut stall unknowingly. Yes, I’m really that dumb.

Onto some other things about my life these days. I’m still working two jobs and I’m still constantly tired as hell. What even is a day off anymore? I’m lucky to even have a Saturday off each week. Nonetheless, I’m still pushing hard and trying to get these posts out to you. In fact, I really should be sleeping right now, but here I am, sitting at the computer and typing this out as fast as I can. I just washed my face and grabbed a bowl of pork and seaweed soup to eat, because there is nothing to eat at home.

I’ve been thinking lately. Why don’t I expand my blog and start adding recipes because I’m actually enjoying home cooking these days. When you constantly work night shifts, a home cooked meal never tasted so good. Laugh all you like, but honestly, please step into my shoes and then eat a home cooked meal. You will never understand my struggles until you do.

My hair these days is becoming so healthy looking and feels so much softer. I bought new products and I think it’s definitely time to start typing up a review. If it can turn my severely damaged hair into soft and healthy looking hair, then it’s definitely worth blogging about. I’ll give you a hint; one product is mask from Korea, another Korean product with strange packaging, and another from a famous Japanese brand I love. Keep an eye out.

I completely forgot that I was supposed to also type up the follow up to the post about preparing for a big event. Wow, how long ago did I type that out? I’ll need to make sure the makeup and photos in the post are top notch, or at the very least, not so ugly. I also need to type up the Prettia Review, and I remembered this time to take photos. Usually, taking photos completely slips my mind, so this time, I made sure to take some before I tore the entire packaging apart.

I’m going to stop rambling on now. I’ve clocked over 700 words already, and I planned this out to be a small update on everything going on at the moment. Clearly, I failed. Anyway, please keep in mind that if you are in Perth and want free samples on stuff for reviews, then give my manager an email via admin@cosmehut.com.au, or even, message me or leave a comment down below. You can also even hit me up on one of my SNS accounts too. Please also remember to show some support by visiting our stall at the Perth Convention Center in two weeks time. I might even wear a Rilakkuma suit and run around annoying everyone in my path. You won’t know unless you visit, so definitely swing by. Until next time.

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