Q&A with Anthonay [ 12 ]

Hello and welcome back to Q&A with Anthonay where I read and answer all your beauty, off topic, stupid or thought provoking questions every Saturday. Let’s start.

What’s your main purpose in life?

I get asked this so often, and I’m yet to think of an answer. There are so many things I want to achieve in my lifetime and so many goals I want to see ticked off my bucket list. If anything, my main purpose in life is to be happy, and successful in my ambitions for the time being. Anything that crosses my path can cone right at me, and I’ll try my absolute hardest to conquer them all one by one.

What’s better? Liquid, gel or pencil eyeliner?

Asking me these kinds of questions is stupid. Not everyone has the same preferences and it really depends on what you prefer. I personally like using pencils more than gel or liquid, simply because I like the feeling of pencils moreso than the other types of eyeliners. I think if you’re starting out with makeup, then opt for a pencil and learn how to properly draw on a wing and such, before experimenting with different eyeliners. Once you’ve experimented, you’ll figure out which one is right for you.

I bought a tub of collagen powder but stupidly, I forgot to ask how to use it. Please help!

I bought one too actually, and I’m really disliking the taste a lot. Ah well, beauty is pain and I need a lot of pain in my life to work with my God given appearance.

With collagen powder, think of it like splenda, except without the nice taste in your mouth. Add it to drinks, sprinkle on food or take it with a glass of water. It’s really up to you how you consume your collagen. I’m forcing myself to drink a glass of collagen coffee or tea each day to really get it into my system, because I really hate the taste.

Don’t let my words affect your decision on whether to buy one for yourself or not. Honestly, a lot of people do really like it and have often repurchased in bulk because they’ve noticed results. I just don’t like the taste of those kinds of powdered additives so I personally am not a fan. Don’t get me wrong though, I’ll still repurchase because I am enjoying how my skin is looking these days.

I saw a silicone sheet mask for sale walking around a beauty store, but I wasn’t too sure of what it actually was. If you know what it’s used for, please let me know.

These silicone sheet masks are designed to basically mask the cotton sheet mask you’re wearing. Think of it as a protective layer above your sheet mask to trap in all the moisture and goodness from the mask to reap the full benefits. The silicone mask is used, as I said, to trap in the moisture to prevent your mask from drying out over a duration of time.

The silicone mask can also be used in the shower alone, as a means to steam your face to really open up the pores for thorough cleansing. The mask is reusable and a simple wash keeps it clean and hygienic.

You’re trapped on a desert island with your best friend, and you need to survive. Would you ever eat your best friend to stay alive?

I am not into cannibalism. I think eating another person is wrong by all means and I would never eat my best friend.

Lmao who am I kidding! Anything to keep me alive for one more day. Sorry Sarah, but you’re going to be my roast if we’re ever stranded together.

Just kidding.


That’s gross.

Dude, I’m on a deserted island. Won’t there be coconuts around, and I’d be surrounded by fish and possibly wildlife that I could hunt for food.

Seriously? Eat my friend? No!

Have you ever gone a day where you thought that everyone else’s life would be better if you weren’t in the picture?

This is a question I’m sure people replay in their heads regularly. If you haven’t asked yourself this question then the day will come soon enough.

I will admit that there have been many times where I have thought about it and agreed that maybe there is someone out there who resents me so much that they’d be glad if I wasn’t in the picture anymore. As for whether I’d ever make it come true, the thought has crossed my mind and I have, maybe once, thought that I should just quit and be done with this life. However, at the end of the day, I tell myself to push through.

This is our own life, and excuse my language, but fuck everyone who’d ever make you feel like that. Fuck them all. You are you, and you should always approach each day with a smile and a positive outlook. If someone makes you think that you shouldn’t be alive, then cut them out of your life. You do not need the negativity surrounding you and shrouding your judgements.

Can you do the splits?

Once upon a time, I would be able to say yes, but now I can barely get halfway to the ground without squealing in pain. So now that I’m old, I unfortunately have to reply with no.

Do you believe in the supernatural?

I do believe there are gifted people out there with tremendous powers; people who are so afraid with what they can do that they have to shut themselves out from the world to prevent outburst or fear. I believe there are people out there who use their powers to help and aid those in need. I also believe in Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy.

Look, if you really do have powers then an applause for you. Don’t make the mistake of trusting the wrong people with your secrets. If you are how they represent your kind on tv, then please do not magically appear in my house and blow me up. Thank you.

Is there a special time to apply skincare or can I apply it whenever?

Good question. Actually, there is a recommended time to apply your skincare at night. The hours between 10pm and 2am are known as the golden hours in which your skincare works best when applied right before you fall asleep. Obviously, the longer you leave it, the shorter amount of time you have in the golden hours, so it’s best to apply your skincare products at 10pm and try to sleep right after for optimal effects. I’ll go into detail about it in a lengthy post.

That’s all the questions I received for this week. Thank you for your submissions. If you have questions for me, then please leave them down in the comments below, or tag me in one of my SNS accounts. Until the next Q&A, or random post, I’ll see you soon!

love anthony β™‘


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