Q&A with Anthonay [ 11 ]

Welcome back to Q&A with Anthonay where I answer your beauty, off topic, stupid or thought provoking questions every Saturday. Let’s get to it shall we?


I actually had work that day, and not only that, but I also had a really bad cold, so I had no motivation other than to sleep and do nothing. I could barely get myself out of bed for work, and at work, I did very little. I regret causing trouble for everyone that day so here’s my apology.

What’s your favourite song this month?

For Korean music, I really liked Bestie’s comeback with Excuse Me. For Japanese, I really enjoyed Perfume’s Pick Me Up and for Western music, there is this song that’s been playing on the radio which I don’t know the title to. Nor do I know the artist. I’ll find out what the song is called and download it cause it’s really good.

Do you have Bitch Face Syndrome?

My straight face looks really sad, but if something bothers me or I’m not in a good mood, people have told me I do have a bitchy face. I suppose it comes and goes, but otherwise I think I just look sad all the time. Actually, someone said my face was really intimidating and because of it, I’m hard to approach.

It’s Summer here and I don’t know what sunblock I should use. Any recommendations?

I always go for Asian sunblocks because they are more specific with how much protection you’re getting by using it. Western sunblocks only tell you the SPF level whereas Asian sunblocks always tell you the SPF and PA levels on their products.

Western sunblocks say that they are broad spectrum so they do protect against UVA and UVB rays but with the name broad spectrum, how much PA protection does it really have? Ask anyone selling a Western sunblock and they will never be able to tell you, simply because it’s not written on any of the packaging, nor does the company list how much protection it offers.

My recommendation is to choose a sunblock that tells you the level of UVA and UVV protection it offers. Remember that SPF levels increase in increments of 5 so with every 5 levels, your protection against UVB rays are increased for 50 minutes. I always opt for SPF50 because I’m generally too lazy to reapply sunblock through the the day. SPF50 offers 500 minutes of sun protection, so that roughly calculates to 8hrs of SPF protection.

I’ll give a full detailed post about sunblock on what kinds of sunblock you should purchase depending on your preferences. Please keep an eye out for it.

I have sensitive armpits and I don’t wear any deodorant because of it. What can I use to smell nice?

I have the same problem actually, and I’m yet to find something good to use that won’t cause any irritations to my body. For the time being, I use an allergy tested milky body wash to clean myself, and I avoid any sprays or colognes around my sensitive areas. I apply cologne to my wrists, behind the ears, elbows, knees and under my collarbones to smell nice. I also spritz a bit of cologne through my hair so that when I sweat or I sit under air-conditioning, my hair smells fragrant too.

Why are there coloured primers and what do they do?

Just like skincare, one product may or may not suit people because of their skin. Coloured primers help people based on their skin condition and tone. For someone with rosacea, a green primer is designed to neutralise the redness for an even skin complexion. A purple primer brightens and neutralises yellow skin and an orange primer helps to brighten the skin tone. Any good makeup professional will tell you to study the colour chart from an artist’s perspective. Understanding colours will help you to accentuate certain features or blur out skin troubles.

What exactly is a cushion foundation?

It’s a liquid foundation that is fed through a cushion sponge for even application. Different cushions have different formulas, but all cushions tend to give you brighter and more luminous skin. They also tend to contain a decent SPF protection level and essences to keep skin healthy with makeup applied. Each cushion comes with an air puff which allows product to spread evenly along the skin texture for an airbrushed finish. Using the cushion also allows air to keep skin hydrated by pressing the moisture against your face upon application.

What is a good lipstick you recommend?

I like gradient lips and honestly, they take a bit of effort to really create, so because I’m lazy, I’ve been really loving the Laneige two toned lip bar which cheats an easy gradient lip. For full colour, I like Étude House’s Dear My Darling lipsticks, which doubles as a lip stain too. Actually, most Korean lip products have a staining effect unlike Western lip products, so if you want something that lasts a long time, opt for a Korean lip product.

I have a lot of powdered products and I don’t want to spend money on liquid products. Can I turn my powders into creams?

Yes you can. Some powders can be used wet, so you can easily dampen a sponge or brush before applying your powder product for a more creamy texture. Otherwise, take some loose product and mix with vaseline, facial oil or something to add hydration to your skin, and mix well before applying.

I learnt a tip for creating cream multipurpose. Grind up some pressed powder and mix with vaseline, heat slightly and pour the contents into a little container. Voila, you just created a creamy rouge that you can use for your eyes, lips and cheeks.

I heard you can use kitchen ingredients on your face. Can I grab a tomato and rub it on my face for beautiful skin?

Yes you definitely can. Slice a tomato in half, and dip in sugar for an easy brightening scrub. The tomato will brighten dull skin while the sugar will gently buff away dead skin cells, clear out pores and leave you with softer skin.

Is it important to moisturize your neck

Most people forget to even cleanse their face, let alone moisturize. Your neck is one of the areas that age the earliest, so if you don’t moisturize your neck, then say hello to saggy skin.

That’s it for this week’s Q&A. Don’t forget to like and subscribe to my blog, follow my SNS accounts and I’ll see you in my next post.

love anthony ♡


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