Q&A with Anthonay [ 10 ]

Welcome back to Q&A with Anthonay where I answer your beauty, off topic, stupid or thought provoking questions every Saturday, or whenever I have the chance to. Let’s get into it.

You’re always so tired, but you don’t ever look it; how is that possible?

I use an orange concealer to hide the veins around my undereyes on days where I’m looking like a zombie, and I also use snail eye cream to help brighten and moisturize the eye areas. With a good eye cream and concealer, you can fake a well rested look, without actually getting any sleep at all.

What’s your advice on finding a girlfriend or boyfriend?

My biggest advice is to not rush into things, and to always be yourself. The best things come to you when you’re ready, and when the universe decides it time for you to become partnered.

As for being yourself, someone will love you for who you are. Faking a guise for yourself means you will need to keep faking and lying throughout the rest of your life. Can you honestly do that to yourself, or to the person who you’re going to spend the rest of your life with?

Since you’re often colour treating your hair  what are your tips on maintaining soft hair?

I use a treatment conditioner at least twice a week, and only wash my hair every two to three days using a nourishing shampoo and conditioner set. I also avoid using heating irons unless I really need to; ie, for my second job at Cosmehut. Moisturizing your hair with argan oil helps a lot, before and after using irons to maintain the condition of your hair and protecting it from the heat.

I also tend to use Japanese hair dyes as they generally contain aloe vera extract or royal honey to keep hair moisturized whilst treating your hair to colour. A great brand is Liese foam dye or Palty Jelly Hair dye. Check them out. I’ll be reviewing the Liese foam dye in natural ash soon!

I have normal skin, with very little troubles. I want to start a cleansing routine but I don’t know what to use.

Good question. Since you claim that you have little issues in your skin, I think your main concerns would be pores, or radiance. If you’re an older client, then I strongly recommend you start using anti-aging products, as I believe prevention is key. For younger clientele, I think using a pore range to keep your pores constricted will help, or a brightening range to make your skin radiant and glowing.

I get acne on my back, is there any way to stop this?

Just like your face, your back has pores that tend to get clogged with the exposure to dirt, oils and sweat. Either shower more frequently to avoid the excess sweat from harming your back, or avoid bacteria breeding grounds to reduce the acne. You’d also want to invest in a good body lotion and possibly an AC care body toner to treat your current acne spots on your back.

If you were a kitchen item, what would you be?

I don’t really know how to answer this question. Which kitchen item would suit me best? I’m leaning towards being a cleaver, because I have a sharp tongue and very dense. Maybe I’d be a pair of chopsticks, because I’m Asian and a lot of people find it difficult to be with me, unless they fully understand me.

I think I’ll be a pair of chopsticks. Wooden chopsticks.

What are your beauty suggestions now that it’s becoming more colder here in Australia?

I follow Asian beauty standards in regards to skincare and makeup, so I find that glowing skin is vital during the colder seasons, to make your skin appear well hydrated through the the cool climate changes. Remember that cold air makes our skin appear and feel dry, so counteract by adding radiance to your skincare and makeup.

You also want to avoid using brighter colours with the grey skies and cloudy overcast. I find it looks out of place having neon shadows and baby pink lips. Whip out your neutral palettes and wear a bold lip colour to welcome Winter.

Darker hair makes your skin appear more lighter too, so I think dying your hair brown, black or dark shades will compliment the season well. Bright hair and ombres suit warmer seasons so go to your local salon and change the colour of your hair.

For clothing, you can look pretty whilst covering up. Stay warm this season by layering your clothing to keep you warm, and be jaw-dropping gorgeous. Team a knitted sweater with a button up shirt and a scarf for a preppy look, or match a nice blouse with a blazer to look more sophisticated.

How do you spend your days off?

I’m lucky to even get a single day off every week, so honestly, I spend my days off catching up on any sleep I have missed throughout the week. I also try to study as well, brushing up on my knowledge of food, skincare and makeup items, as well as do all my laundry. Sometimes, I’ll pre-write some blog posts just so I have stuff ready for you guys each week, and take photos to accompany them all, if needed.

How do you deal with bullying?

I am a bully myself; I know this for a fact. I come home each day regretting all the harsh words I say day to day. Since I’m aware of what I have done, I can say the best way to deal with bullying is to shut it all out and think positively.

Bullies generally find weak targets to make themselves appear better than others, or pick out a single flaw in a person to make them change. Try and understand why the bullying is occurring in the first place; all actions have a motive behind them. Adjust yourself to the reasoning, or stand up for yourself and stop the bullying from affecting you.

As for myself, I need to stop putting people down for their lack of motivation, and stop using harsh words when things don’t go my way.

How do you keep your skin so radiant these days?

I’ve changed my skincare routine recently and I’m really loving the products I’m using. It honestly comes down to the snail products I apply to my face to really target my troubles, and add luminosity to my skin. If you want an update to my skincare routine, then let me know. I’m glad to share with you my changes to my routine to help with yours.

Thank you so much for supporting this weekly tag; I didn’t honestly realise how popular it would be. Please continue sending in all your questions via comments below, or through my SNS pages and I’ll see you guys next week with another Q&A.

love anthony β™‘


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