Q&A with Anthonay [ 9 ]

I’m slowly becoming more and more lazy; I’ll try and schedule these posts to publish at 8AM via WAST rather than whenever. But alas, I’m back again with another Q&A with Anthonay where every Saturday, I will answer your beauty, off-topic, stupid or thought provoking questions. Lets go~~~

Do you drink beer?

Not really; I dislike beer but that doesn’t mean I won’t have one from time to time. I prefer apple coders.

Why are your eyebrows straight and not arched?

I’ve experimented with my eyebrows a lot, and trying different eyebrow looks means I can really understand my face a lot better, since our eyebrows frame our eyes. I’ve come to the conclusion that my eyebrows look better straight and thick, rather than arched and thin.

I’m trying to lose weight but it’s not working, please help!

A lot of people have actually asked my how I stay very thin. I have an incredibly fast metabolism and unfortunately for me, I’m unable to gain any weight at all, no matter what I do. So any suggestion that I would recommend personally would be invalid.

However, since I got this question, I’ve asked a lot of people I’m quite close to as to how they’ve shed weight around their stomach and thighs so I’ll give you their tips on how to lose a few kilos.

First and foremost, every single person I’ve interviewed have told me that working out and eating healthy are the main factors that account to weight loss. Of course, not everyone is the same and some peklle shed faster than others. A few of my friends are like this, and they’ve told me that drinking green tea, water or a freshly squeezed citrus drink half an hour before meal consumption helps to fill you up, thus controlling your portion size. With that, they’ve noticed they’re eating a lot less and thus lost some weight in the process.

Weight loss is tricky and it comes down to how your body works and of course, your dedication. I wish you the best of luck and try your hardest. If not, then I recommend to love your curves because each and every one of you are beautiful regardless.

I hate the feeling of cream moisturizers because they feel so heavy on the skin. I read on your blog that moisturizing is an essential part of skincare but I really don’t like the feel on my face. Please help.

Thank you for this question. It’s something I really like to answer because like you, there are people out there who do feel the same with moisturizers. I will admit that there are a lot of moisturizers that do have a thick texture that may feel really heavy on your skin, particularly under makeup. Some moisturizers also tend to leave that greasy feeling too.

If you want something more lighter and also gives you the same nourishment, I suggest choosing a gel or water type moisturizer to give your skin the hydration it really needs to balance out the sebum levels in the skin. My favourite is the Aloe Gel from leading Korean cosmetic brands, that implement up to 92% real aloe vera for superb hydration whilst soothing the skin. Otherwise, look into using snail products since snail excretion can help restore the balance of water-sebum in the skin whether you’re oily or dry skin types.

I read that lemon is good for pimples. I don’t have lemons though so can I use an orange instead?

Any citrus fruit is good for the skin. They all contain acids that are vital in restoring the pH levels to normal, thus balancing out the production of sebum in the skin. In the long run, your skin clarity, texture and brightness will stabilize and become more healthy. You’ll also notice the blackheads and whiteheads on your skin decreasing in size and appearance whilst using any citrus fruits.

What’s the difference between BB cream and CC cream?

They’re both considered makeup, but I generally differentiate BB cream as a makeup, whereas CC cream is more a skincare. Reason being is, BB creams are a makeup with the added properties of skincare, and CC creams are a skincare with the added benefits of makeup.

With BB cream, you’re getting more coverage and more colour options to really work with your skin tone, whereas CC creams generally come in one shade with light coverage, to really balance out the skin tone.

I would recommend BB cream if you’re looking to cover a lot more problems like strong hyperpigmentation spots, or acne. If you already have even skin and looking to correct uneven skin tone, then definitely go for a CC cream.

My concealer cakes up under my eyes. How do I prevent this from occurring?

As everyone says, myself included, your makeup works best with a thoroughly cleansed face. If you aren’t giving your undereyes enough hydration, then your concealer will become too drying for those areas and thus, it will flake and become cakey. Use a hydrating eye cream and give your eyes some loving by using gel eye masks too, to well nourish the delicate skin around our eyes for makeup to work better. Taking care of our eyes and treating our dark circles will also mean you need less product under the eyes, and thinner makeup means you’re less likely to have cakey undereyes.

Read my blog post on how to combat dark circles by clicking the link here.

If you could go back in time and tell your younger self how to make your makeup look better, what would you tell yourself?

I like this question a lot. Thank you for asking this. My makeup back in the day was absolutely disgusting and if there was one thing I’d tell myself, it would be to blend.

I never used to blend because I was super lazy back then. Now, looking back at my photos, I really cringe because you can definitely notice the harsh lines of everything I wore and it looked terrible.

Another thing, would be that brown suits me more than black, and its a colour I should stay away from when selecting eyeliners. Now that I can apply eyeliner better, I’m not afraid to whip out the blacks and dark shades, but I’m still very cautious when applying black in particular.

Do you straighten your hair or style it?

Only when I work at the cosmetics store. Since image is a huge part in working for a beauty store, you have to look the part; hair included. I only ever use heating irons on those days because I don’t want to expose my damaged hair to even more damage by straightening or blowdrying every single day.

What is a good way to remove makeup without causing excess damage to the skin?

I strongly recommend you don’t use makeup removal wipes because they do shift the pH balance in the skin. I very rarely use wipes and I generally use them only when I’m out and I need to fix a certain makeup point.

Makeup doesn’t share the same polarity as water, so rinsing off with water is ineffective with removing any makeup. I suggest opting for an oil cleanser, because makeup and oil share the same polarity, thus makeup will dissolve when used in conjunction with your oil cleanser.

Thank you for all your questions. I will try and post these Q&A’s more earlier. Don’t forget to like and subscribe, and talk to me by leaving comments below or through my SNS. New Q&A up next week and stay tuned, as I will be posting the makeup edition to getting ready for the big event.

love anthony ♡

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