Get Ready for the Big Event – Skincare

Most of y’all in the states are getting ready for the prom, and some of you here have your school ball coming up in Australia so I wanted to share my tips and secrets for having a flawless face for this special occasion, well, any special occasion.

With any makeup you’re going to apply to your face, it’s vital to prepare your face with a thoroughly cleansed face for optimal performance. For the best face, always start early. Calculate and count back seven days from your big event. This is when you’re going to start your intensive cleansing routine. Whip out a notepad or have your wifi ready, because this blog will be a long read, but worth it if you want to have a smooth complexion ready for the big day ahead.

Day One is when you want to start repairing and treating your skin. If you have acne, now is the time to get rid of your imperfections to recreate a flawless canvas. Use products that contain salicylic acid to clear out the pores from the excess sebum produced by the skin and brighten the skin in preparation for your makeup on the big day.

Start off simple in the day, using a foaming cleanser to tackle oiliness, tone to recondition your skin and restore natural pH levels in your skin to prevent further breakouts. Follow with a simple hydrating lotion and you’re done for the day. If you’re more into natural DIYS, use a mix of lemon, honey, coconut oil and green tea for an acne combat emollient cleanser, and omit the oil for a toner, to treat and cure your acne problems. Scared your skin is getting too old as you age each day? Use a product that contains retanol in your skincare routine. Retanol is the purest source of Vitamin A and helps boost collagen in your skin for more youthful and firm skin, perfect for those who are older, or as a prevention tactic to prolong the effects of aging. Remember, prevention is key and it’s never too early to start.

Treat your hair on the first day, using nourishing shampoos, conditioners and treatments. My favourite is the Ichigami set, which comes with a moisturizing shampoo, conditioning treatment, and a conditioner, to really deliver superb hydration to my roots and ends. Finish off with argan oil to make hair glossy and healthy. I’d avoid using any heating irons to prevent excessive damage to my hair.

You want to take care of your teeth everyday up until your big event, so get your white on by polishing your teeth and using in-home whitening products to remove the yellow tint on your chompers.

For the night cleansing, it is vital you remove all traces of makeup by cleansing with watery eye makeup removers, and cleanse your face with oils to break down the waterproof formulas of your products. Never use a makeup removal wipe as they tend to shift your skin’s natural pH balance out of whack, thus causing troubles for your skin. Add a bit of water to your oil after massaging into the skin for a minute to emulsify the product. Massage again for a minute before rinsing off with lukewarm water, and spritz your face with cold water to constrict the pores. Don’t worry if the oil ends up in your eyes, because they won’t sting you or cause excess damage to your vision. I would know because I’m so clumsy with everything. Follow up with a toner, serum, eye cream and a well hydrating night cream. Don’t forget your lips too; you want soft kissable lips on the day so give your lips some love by applying a lip balm to prevent dry and chapped lips.

You want to follow this night routine everyday, regardless of whether you have that special event or not, because your skin repairs itself overnight while you sleep, so good skincare at night will really help to treat your skin and give you that flawless bare face complexion; as if you’re wearing makeup but really you’re wearing nothing at all.

Day Two is the day you want to really brighten your skin to achieve that healthy glowing complexion, as if your skin is radiating from the inside. Use products that help achieve this goal. If you don’t have radiating, then simply grab a lemon dipped in sugar, and buff away the dead skin on your skin’s surface to reveal new skin, that will glow like no other.

Just like day one, treat your teeth to some whitening for pearly whites and follow your nightcare skin routine. On the second day, you also want to exfoliate your skin, so get those scrubs at the back of your counter and gently buff away the dead skin. Throw in a cotton mask, seeped with serums and apply it after your toner to deliver nutrients to your skin and give you a radiant complexion.

If you’re a DIY girl or guy, get your honey on. Simply smear some honey onto your face after cleansing and leave for fifteen minutes before washing off. Honey is great for preventing breakouts with it’s anti-bacterial properties, hydrates the skin (and hair) and gives you glowing skin. No wonder Korean people swear by honey products to give them that ethereal skin look.

Day Three is what I like to call the lazy day. All you need to do on day three is your basic skincare routine in the day, wash your hair, polish your teeth and follow your night routine. Get some shut eye and you’re done for the day.

Day Four is very similar to day two, where you want to get your scrub on, and your cotton masks. Again, get your teeth prepped and follow your skincare routines. By now, you should have a rhythm going and you can complete your cleansing in 10 or so minutes without any help from product charts or online help on how to cleanse your face.

If you have eyebrows that need some TLC, today is the day to really define your eye staches. Pick up your tweezers and pull out any stray hairs that may make your brow game weak. Apply an iceblock to the area to numb the eyebrows and avoid any pain. If you’re as skilled as me lazy like me, then grab an eyebrow razor and shave them back. You want to do your eyebrows early because you don’t want to have the redness on the big day. Self inflicted redness is a pain to conceal, and means added work for you. Who wants extra work, honestly.

Day Five is finally here and again, is a lazy day for you. Follow the steps on day one and you’re pretty much done for the face. Today, you can grab your waxes or razors and tame your leg hairs and, if you’re feeling up to it, keep your sacred places neat and tidy too. Don’t you ever get the satisfaction of constantly rubbing your smooth and sleek legs together? It feels so nice!

Day Six is here and this is where all your hard work starts. Today is the day before your big event and you want to have flawless skin. Treat all your problems today because you want to wake up photo ready. If you’re still suffering acne, then get rid of it, pronto. Did you know eyedrops can help relieve acne? Simply dot a few drops on the infected areas overnight and watch them disappear before your very eyes. Better yet, make yourself a DIY spot treatment using crushed aspirin and water. Spot each pimple with the mixture and leave for 15 minutes before washing off to treat the acne.

Treat your teeth as per usual and wash your hair to give you white teeth and healthy hair. Today, rather than a sheet masks, give your pores some loving by using a volcanic clay mask to really deep clean your face at night. Smear the goodness on your face after cleansing and leave for 15 or so minutes before washing off. You will notice your skin around the nose becoming really bumpy and gross looking. This is normal, as these types of masks help to draw out all the impurities to the surface of your skin for easy removal. Simply buff away with a scrub, or use a blackhead removing needle to excavate all of that nasty for clean and smooth pores. Tighten the pores with cold water to make them appear smaller on your face, which makes makeup glide seamlessly over the top.

For night care, you want to throw in extra products to your routine because you want your skin looking fleek. Add an ampoule to your routine because this acts like a primer for your serums to work a lot better. Use an extra serum for added benefits and throw in a skin conditioning essence before your toner to restore hydration to the skin, as well as regenerate skin, fix up the skin texture, soothe and brighten the skin for a glowing complexion. Remember to treat your lips by buffing away the dead skin cells and following with lip treatments for kissable lips. Get a good nights sleep and sike yourself up for the day ahead of you.

Day Seven is finally here and your complexion is as flawless as ever. Good job on sticking out this long; the extra care really paid off. Today, you can be lazy and follow your basic skincare routine in the day to prepare your skin for all that makeup you will be using. Use an argan oil serum on your hair and style accordingly to your event to treat and condition your hair in preparation for your heating irons. You can never go wrong with subtle curls for a glamorous look.

Woke up with puffy eyes? Simply apply a cooled spoon to your eyes and watch them depuff within a few minutes. A cold spoon reduces the swelling and constricts the blood vessels to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

Stay tuned for the Big Event inspired makeup blog post on how you can look glamorous on your big day. Remember, if all else fails, smile. Good luck, and I’ll see you in my next post.

love anthony β™‘


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