Dark Circles – What they are and How to deal with them

One of the most annoying things to deal with on a daily basis, is the dark circles under the eyes. Studies have shown that 9 out of 10 people suffer from dark circles; let’s be real though. I think 10 out of 10 people suffer from dark circles, well, unless you’re a baby with perfect skin. Curses, how I long to be young without a care in the world, and have a flawless complexion. How do we prevent the appearance of tired, panda eyes? Keep reading to find out.

There are two main types of dark circles; brown dark circles caused by environmental or self inflicted factors, and bluish dark circles, due to the veins and walls of skin surrounding the eye area. As we grow older, our skin becomes thinner, and thus, making dark circles appear more evident. So how do we keep the eye area bright and (almost) flaw free? Let’s look at the different dark circle types.

Brown Dark Circles

There are many factors that contribute to the discolouration under the eyes. The most common one is sleep. Getting a good night’s rest is vital for brighter skin, as our skin repairs and regenerates itself while we rest. Less sleep means less regeneration, and that leads to poor skin condition. Get some shut eye!

Your genes can play a role in dark circles; so if your parents have dark circles, then more than likely, you’ll have them too.

Did you know that poor makeup removal can actually cause the skin to become darker too? Your makeup oxidizes over time, and the longer your makeup sits on your skin, exposed to air, the darker it will become, so always wash your face thoroughly.

Friction on the eyes from rubbing or harsh pulling of the delicate eye area can actually darken the under eyes dramatically. It’s advised to not tug at the eye area to prevent darkening and premature wrinkles. If you’re rubbing your eyes due to allergies or itches, then the solution is treat your allergies to prevent rubbing your eyes.

Sun exposure causes melanin production in the skin, thus darkening areas on your face; under eye areas included. Basic skincare that helps to prevent skin discolouration is vital for even skin tone on the face and eyes.

Facial structure can cause light to illuminate certain parts of your face. With deep-set eyes, you’re more than likely to have the appearance of what seems to be dark circles, when in fact, it’s just that light isn’t reflecting against your eye areas, thus causing shadows that replicate dark under eyes.

Blue Dark Circles

With a poor diet, you’re not supplying your body with the essential vitamins and minerals it needs for healthy function. Lack of iron in particular demotes blood circulation through your body tissues and veins, thus causing all the blood to congregate in one location. This causes the blue tinge under the eyes.

The biggest factor, and probably the one everyone will experience in their lifetime is age. As we get older, our skin becomes thinner; losing collagen and fat around the eye areas. With our skin foundation slowly declining and deteriorating around the eyes, our blood vessels and veins appear more and more prominent, which causes the dark circles as we progressively get older.

OK, so how do we treat our dark circles then?

Basically for brighter eyes, you need to look after yourself. Just like skin and body functionality, you need to be well rested, eat a good diet and drink lots of water to stay hydrated. Who honestly has time to really look after themselves efficiently though? Sometimes, we need to make choices and we push aside what we know we should do, at the expense of our own health. Hands up if you have ever pushed sleep out of your schedule to finish off some work, or if you’re constantly eating takeout food because it’s easily accessible and don’t have time to cook yourself. It’s currently 2AM now, and I’m typing this up on my phone, giving up on the idea of really having any sleep tonight. Thank the sweet Lord for scheduled posting.

Alas, with our constant procrastination of keeping our health in check, I am a beauty blogger and I’m here to give you tips and tricks for really brightening up the eye areas.

1) Whitening Products

Sounds odd but whitening products aren’t necessarily designed to make your skin tone change from an NC45 to an NC15 over time. No, they’re actually designed for balancing and evening out the skin tone for a clearer, monotoned complexion. Your best friend is licorice extract and niacinamide; it helps to brighten and tone the discoloured skin to relieve the darkness under your eyes. Sulhwasoo, a Korean brand famous for it’s use of medicinal and organic ingredients, implements licorice as an ingredient in their eye cream to restore the skin’s natural colour to the under eyes.

Using whitening products on not just your eyes, but anywhere on your face and body, takes time for any effects to really appear. Your skin isn’t going to lighten immediately, so don’t fret if you’re not getting the results you want in the first few weeks of you using a product. It’s recommended you use any whitening product for a minimum of four months to see any results. Remember that everyone’s skin is different, and it really depends on how your skin reacts to a product; some people see results quicker and some people see results after longer periods of time.

2) Cold Spoons

Applying cool packs to the eyes can constrict the blood vessels under the skin’s surface, thus relieving dark circles. Keep a spoon in the freezer until cooled and apply to the eye area gently for a few minutes. Alternatively, use a cool, damp cloth left in the freezer overnight as an eye patch to reduce swelling of the eyes.

3) Eye Massages

Gently massaging your eye area by compressing your ring fingers on the delicate eye area after applying cream can help promote healthy blood circulation to reduce the appearance of the blue tinge under your eyes. This method is called accupressure, and is a great method to adhere to when applying products, to ensure your creams are fully absorbed into the skin. You should use your ring finger as it’s the weakest finger on your hands, thus less damaging to your eyes as opposed to using your pinky or even your middle finger.

If you’re out and about, you can close your eyes and roll your eyes left, right and in circular motions to help promote blood flow as well. This is really useful especially on days when you’re too busy to use cold packs.

4) Hot Towel

Just like when you wash your face with warm water before cleansing, apply a warm towel to your eye area before you apply product to allow your skin to absorb your eye cream more thoroughly. Your products work best when it’s absorbed, rather than when it sits on the skin surface. Steam can also help blood circulation through your veins too, to reduce the appearance of dark circles.

5) Vitamin K and Vitamin C

Vitamin K in its purest form helps to strengthen skin foundation and skin regeneration. This is turn reduces the appearance of dark circles. It also helps promote blood circulation in the veins. Vitamin C is great for brightening dark skin, so using this on your eyes will make the skin around your eyes appear radiant, and help lighten the area too.

Too poor to buy expensive eye creams?

Let’s face it, some people have all the money to throw away on facial products and some people need to stick to a budget in order to survive. Whatever your economical position, or your financial state, nobody really likes to spend their money and would rather invest in something more important. Here’s a little DIY gel you can make with 4 ingredients to keep your dark circles at bay.

All you need is:
– 6 drops of Vitamin K, which you can find in capsule form from a chemist
– 2 drops of licorice extract
– 2 drops of Vitamin C
– a decent gloop of aloe gel.

Simply mix all the ingredients together and voila, you have an instant hydrating eye gel you can apply in replacement of your eye creams, that will deliver hydration to the skin surrounding your eyes, whilst treating dark circles.

As above, you now know that vitamins K and C help to promote blood circulation, constrict the veins under your eyes and provide a brightening effect to the skin. Licorice helps to whiten the skin area to create an even skin complexion, and aloe gel helps deliver hydration, whilst healing and repairing the skin from excess sun exposure or damage. Aloe vers also soothes the eye areas, and when used cold, helps to constrict the blood vessels and reduce puffiness around the eyes.

I want to cover my dark circles in the process though? How would I approach it with makeup?

Just like with makeup, you need to understand the colour spectrum to really work with your skin to achieve flawless eyes. To brighten blue dark circles caused by the veins, use a salmon coloured concealer to neutralize the shade. For brown dark circles, use a pink undertone concealer to help brighten the areas. My tip for you, is to choose a concealer that’s one or two shades lighter than your skin tone, in the undertone to meet your troubles, in order to brighten and conceal the dark circles.

Dot a bit of your concealer on your periobital orbit bones of your under eyes using a doe-foot applicator and blend with your ring fingers naturally to mask the discolouration. Alternatively, use a small brush to blend, gently sweeping the concealer on your trouble spot as if you’re wiping off the product for even application. Sweep a bit of your foundation or base makeup over the concealer to correct the shade and powder lightly by patting to set makeup into place. You don’t want to brush the under eyes because you don’t want the concealer to move around after application. By gently pressing a puff, sponge or brush against your skin, you’re tightly setting makeup whilst keeping the concealer in place.

Thank you for reading; if you have any other tips to share, please leave them down in the comments below or my SNS pages. If you wanted to request some troubles I can talk about on my blog, let me know too.

love anthony ♡


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