Q&A with Anthonay [ 8 ]

Welcome to Q&A with Anthonay, where I answer your beauty, off-topic stupid or thought provoking questions every Saturday. You guys have sent a lot of questions through messages these days haven’t you? I’ll go through them right now.

Does Cosmehut endorse you to promote their products on your blog?

No, not at all. Everything I talk about here are honest opinions on everything I’ve use, trialed and worked hard to write about. I am not paid or asked to review anything I don’t want to review.

Do you actually use Western products at all?

Yes, in fact I don’t really have a problem with Western makeup, besides the fact the base makeup doesn’t suit my skin. I do love Lancôme, Benefit and Urban Decay a lot and I repurchase their products quite often. As for skincare, I’m not too big in using it simply because they use less naturally farmed ingredients than Asian products do.

How about Western Music?

I love Beyonce and Nicki Minaj. Actually, I like rnb and rap a lot and is all I generally lssten to, besides the odd indie or avant-garde track I may happen to have.

Why do Asians and Americans do their makeup differently?

Americans focus on Hollywood glamour, with that air-brushed flawless appearance, whereas Asians tend to go for more healthy looking skin. For eyes, most Asians have monolids; they don’t have an eye fold on their top lid, so they don’t really have a crease to work with. This is both good and bad, good because they can really play around with a larger space in eyelid, but bad because they need to apply eyeshadows differently to suit their eyes.

Besides, in the end, why would someone want the same makeup as each other? Let’s be quite honest.

I’m thinking of getting a cushion cream, but I don’t know which one to get. What would you recommend?

Just like skincare, different people work with different cushions so it really does come down to skin type and skin colour. Most brands limit their colour shading to 23, which is roughly an NC30 pink undertone, which is slightly lighter on my skin. If you’re much darker, then good luck; the only cushion I know of that does a dark shade is Sulhwasoo which does a 25 in their EvenFair range. The 25 is probably an NC35 so not much darker than their next one down, but as far as BB cushions go, it’s hard to find darker shades.

The only way you can really choose a BB cushion is to sample, test and try. If it fails, then it fails. There’s not much about it. The best way to do it, is to go into a store, sample the product on your face and leave for a few hours before making an executive decision on whether to buy it or not.

I want to lighten my dark spots, what do I do?

Exfoliation and protection are vital for removing dark spots. Usually the spots are caused by sun exposure where the melanin in the skin causes changes in the skin tone resulting in a big black spot on your face. To rid of the discolouration, always exfoliate regularly to remove all the dead skin around the area which may congregate on those areas. Second, is to use whitening products to even out the skin tone and finally, wear SPF protection that also has UVA and UVB protection too.

An ingredient that’s great in evening the skin tone, is good ol Vitamin C. If you’re like me, and rather use natural ingredients on your face from time to time, then just grab a halved orange or a lemon dipped in sugar, and gently buff the skin with it 2-3 times a week.

You guys play weird music in your store, why?

Actually, we play music deriving from China, Taiwan, Japan and Korea, as well as the few odd American tracks in the mix. There is nothing weird with music from different languages, as music has no barrier. If you are able to feel what the artist is trying to portray, and if they are able to evoke a form of emotion from you through song, then they have succeeded. Have a listen to a different song, check out their lyrics and watch a live performance; and see how much emotion they’re putting in each song. It’s the same as Western idols, if not, that bit more.

My prom is coming up soon, any tips on keeping my skin fleek leading up to prom?

This is a really good question, one I don’t want to answer here. I’ll dedicate this question in it’s own post because there is so much to do as far as preparation comes in.

What does Aloe Gel actually do?

I’ll be brief on this, cause I want to write a review on the gel I’m currently sampling too, so for starters, it’s a moisturizer and skin soother, with the added aloe vera. This gel however, doesn’t stop there and has up to 10 or so different uses for the face and body, all implementing the use of the gel thoroughly.

On days you’re not blogging, what are you doing?

I’m either blogging, working, studying or annoying people. There are no in betweens really. I haven’t had much personal time to myself these days, so I’m becoming bat crazy and I don’t have another day off up until next Saturday honestly. Thank the lord for scheduled posting, right?

We’ll end Q&A here for now, as I’ve got quite a bit on my plate. Another Q&A will be up every Saturday so keep an eye out for that. If you wanted to have your questions answered, then please hashtag #askanthonyjung on one of my SNS, leave a message or comment down below.

love anthony ♡


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