Loreal – Makeup Genius Review

I got bored last night thinking about how to cheer myself up, so I looked through my makeup collection, and realised how little I had in terms of products with colour. I’ve never really experimented with colours because, being a male, it’s quite “odd” to wear blues and purples on the eyes, or bold red lips. So rather than wearing them, why don’t I mess around with virtual makeup to see what really suits me, and people of my skin tone?

That’s when I came across the Loreal SA – Makeup Genius. An app specially designed with their cosmetics to help you choose items to purchase, without actually applying it on yourself. Who ever created this, I love you.

Now, I can see if I suit nude lips, red lips, or bold eye colours. Here’s a walkthrough on how to use it. Please be aware that you will see my ugly in all it’s glory. If you have eye problems or are prone to sight damage, then please stop here.



Let’s start with your (hopefully) bare face, where the app will scan what you look like in preparation for all the good stuff. Please ignore my ugly.



This is where the magic starts; a screen pops up asking if you wanted to sample products, or looks. Here, I chose products. Simply pick and choose what products you wanted to try out and watch your face transform before your very eyes.




I decided to go for a black catliner with brown shadow, burgundy lips and baby pink cheeks. The possibilities are great with this, and it really shows you in real time, what you’d look like with different shades, colours and techniques used. Talk about saving money and time.

Personally, I wouldn’t buy anything from Loreal just because I’ve been let down too many times with the formulation of their products. However, this app is so useful so when I do go to buy products of my own personal choice, I know what colours would look good on me.

Is it worth downloading? If you’re like me, and stuck for what to buy, or how to look for the day, then yes. Otherwise, it’s not at all important and not generally needed. I find it fun to use, when I’m thinking of how to do my makeup, without having to do the “try and fail” technique. I’m going to keep the app as inspiration for those days, or for when I wanna mess around.

Are you currently using the app? Tell me what products you’ve sampled on your face in the comments below, or on my SNS. Take screenshots and tag me, I’d love to see them.

love anthony ♡

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