Please be Careful

I heard people talking about a new debut from a hip hop kpop group, named “The Ark” (디아크) with their title track “The Light” (빛). I decided to watch it for the first time; the music video moved me in such a way I couldn’t sleep and ended up pulling an all nighter thinking about the concepts the group was portraying through the mini-drama.

Today, I wanted to point out to people that life isn’t all fair and sometimes, it can change in a matter of seconds. One accident and someone can be ripped away from your life for good, and your only option is to live with heartache and move forward. It’s something we don’t ever want to think about, but something we need to take into consideration, living each and every day.

Look at the children of today. It takes one mistake for them to be erased from our lives for all eternity; for their mere existence to be torn away from their families and friends forever. What if that child was a child of your own? What if it wasn’t a child; what if it was you or your parents. Maybe your friend?  What can we do other than to grieve, and move on as if nothing has happened? Scary, right?

This MV depicts the lives of a mother and daughter who go about their lives their own way. The mother leaves for work and the daughter, a school field trip. The mother notices on the television that the bus the daughter took has been involved in an accident, and the mother is left to grieve. She is forced to continue her life without the presence of her daughter, because its the only thing she can really do. Have a watch of it here, and try not to feel as emotional about it as I did.

All I wanted to say, is to always be careful for not only yourselves, but for others too. It may sound stupid and unnecessary, but always remember to tell your loved ones how much you care about them, because you never know when it’s your time to say goodbye. There’s no better beauty than a beautiful heart.

Rest in peace Chunnie, Lisa, Kwon and Eunbee. I’m constantly thinking of you guys, and I miss you so much. Miss K, I hope your recovery is speedy and you wake up, able to live normally again. Praying for you always.

love anthony ♡


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