April Favourites – My Top Picks

I’m deciding now that more people are starting to look at my blog, I’ll start doing a monthly post about which products I love using in my daily routine. Be it skincare, clothes and whatnot, I’ll go through my monthly favourites with you in terms of quality, pricing and where to get these items. Cue the awkward poses with random items and scruffy hair.



I only have a months supply of testers of the cleansing oil so here’s a picture from the official POLA AUS website, lmao, but honestly, with my tester collection reaching it’s peak and the fact I need to use them before they all expire, I decided to give the oil a shot and see if it’s really worth the hype as it is in Japan. I would have taken a picture of the tester packets, but they’re all torn open, in the bin, with all my trash, and, well, no.

Talk about my new love! Despite it being quite pricey in comparison with other cleansers I’ve used previously, I enjoy the satisfaction washing the oil off because of it’s slight cool-aid scent and skin firming once rinsed off. Because POLA D is specially formulated for those who are exposing themselves to damaging environments (ie: drinking, smoking, excessive sun exposure and oil exposure) it’s great to really detoxify the skin and prolong the effects of common skin troubles like acne, sebum production in the skin and aging.

The oil is retailing at $49 at Cosmehut Carousel for a 200mL bottle. One bottle of this magic can easily see you to 6 months, easily, provided you use an appropriate amount each time.


imageI admit, I think I’m allergic to snail but I really love this mask; it offers really hydrated and soft skin, whilst boosting the skin’s texture and regeneration levels.  With added ginseng, it also promotes healthy blood circulation and has an anti-bacterial effect too, which is great for those with AC troubles.

I learnt from a co-worker and blogging mutual of mine, Misha, that the masks are readily soluble in water, so once you’ve applied the mask to your face, throw the mask into a tub of lukewarm water and presto, you can have a hydrating escargot bath.

For blogging purposes, here is some ugly. The mask, as you can see, comes in two parts to allow for better coverage.


Usually, any product with escargot as their main ingredient retails with high pricing, but It’s Skin has their price ranging quite average, which is something that people really love, myself included. This means you can pick up a snail set without throwing away hundreds of dollars. These masks retail for $25 at Cosmehut Carousel, five masks included in each set.



imageMamomde does many shades but my favourite this month is #12, a blood orange shade. Cheap and does the job; a lip tint that’s not drying on the lip area with added argan oil, and good colour pay off. With its crayon rouge type design, it’s great for touch ups on the go and even application, plus the ease of use to add to your cheeks for a creamy blush; perfect for those who want a hydrating and dewy flush of colour to their cheeks.

swatch on wrist


full lip swatch


gradient lip swatch

Retailing at Cosmehut Carousel for $18, it lasts a long time and it’s affordable for those who want an easy-to-use tint. There are 8 shades, I believe, that Mamonde have created in this line; three of them we sell at Cosmehut.


imageA contour and highlight powder stick designed to define the undereye lids for puffy eyes. Sounds odd, but defining the undereye lids can make you appear more youthful in appearance. I actually don’t use this for my eyes; more for defining the shape of my nose with it’s taupe shade in step one, and bright champagne shade in step two, perfect for highlighting the nose bridge and warming up the eye and brow areas.

swatch on wrists. brown is matte and easily blendable, whilst champagne is shimmery to aid in the highlighting process.


As you can see, both sides have sponge applicators, that are dipped into the screw off lids where the powder is located.

$12.95 at Cosmehut Carousel, and lasts a long time too, with the powder located on either side of the screw off lids, and because it’s a sponge applicator too, you can keep the stick and use it as a makeup tool once the powder has finished.



imageI have a bad reputation with dry and damaged hair, constantly colouring and adding God knows what to my roots to really style it, depending on my mood. So discovering this conditioner has been a highlight to this month and I’ve noticed so many improvements to how my hair looks and feels. The conditioner has a fruity smell; very familiar but hard to describe, which I love and the people around me love. Yeah, I make people smell my hair all the time.

$28 at Cosmehut Carousel; I think for a conditioner, it’s pricey but the quality and changes I’ve noticed in my hair makes up for the pricing. RÊVEUR do other shampoos and conditioners to target specific hair troubles. I chose to use the repair and rich, over the colour control simply because I’d rather have healthier hair than have hair that stays one colour for longer. Both conditioners and shampoos are very high quality though. Do check them out.


imageA hair treatment conditioner with a nice fragrance that really restores health to the hair, and well moisturizes the roots too. Leave it in for a minimum of three minutes and feel how different your hair feels after one use! I use the treatment 3 times a week and after using it for a month, I’ve noticed less hair fallouts when brushing and when I rip my hair, the ends don’t split or break apart. This is great in my books with excessively dry and colour treated hair.

The product inside the tub is very thick and rich, leaving hair well nourished. Has a fragrant “clean” smell.
The conditioning treatment is very thick in texture, almost rubbery, but melts into skin and hair easily.

For only $20 at Cosmehut Carousel, it’s great pricing and does what it needs to do. I’ve already got three stocked away because of how affordable it is and how well it works.


imageA leave in hair oil to make hair look glossy without the greasy feeling or appearance. Contains argan oil to really nourish hair ends and treat damaged hair. I even use this in my special concoction for skin hydration throughout the day, mixed with lavender essence and aloe gel to replicate a face mist for instant hydration and dewiness.

$17.95 in Cosmehut Carousel, which is a lot cheaper than Western market branded hair oils, and with 70mL of product I believe, it lasts a fair bit too. Definitely worth the price.



imageAs the name suggests, it’s a needle designed to excavate the blackheads and whiteheads on your skin. It’s a lot more hygienic than using your hands, but gives you the same satisfaction, if that’s the right word to use. I don’t know about you guys, but I love popping my pimples, as gross as it sounds, but don’t lie and judge me cause all you AC troubled skin types know that feeling too. Please admit you’re as gross as me so I don’t feel left out.

I roamed all of Australia to find a cheap one; most are retailing at $3-5 which I thought was reasonable, until I saw them selling at Cosmehut Carousel for $1 each. Dude, $1 means I can save up to $4 on something more important, like a caffeine fix.


imageThis is the most ugliest hairbrush I’ve even seen in my entire life, omg. It’s circular with a short, stumpy handle and a mirror on the back. Tell me what hairbrush looks as ugly, or even worse than this (other than my hair right now, wowza)

That said, the bristle design is different and really spaced out to add volume to your hair without tearing at the scalp, so less hair fallouts and sleek-looking hair. What can be better than that? It’s perfect for those with thicker hair, or tangled hair, because it really gets into the stressed hair without adding further damage, or, as I said earlier, prevents hair fall out.

$22.95 at Cosmehut which is a bit pricey, but after using the brush, I’m never touching another one ever again. Plus, it doubles as a portable mirror, so you’re getting two products in one.


imageAfter my Clarisonic broke, my life was over. I didn’t want to spend the same amount of money on something so expensive so I looked around for the next best thing. Walking into the shaver shop (yes, this isn’t from Cosmehut haha) and discovering the brush changed my life. From what I gathered, it only comes in pink, which I’m not entirely bothered by, and comes with two detachable brush heads; one for the face and one for the body.

Just like the Clarisonic, it pulsates and delivers superb cleaning abilities without damaging the skin, whilst leaving you with glowing skin. Retailing for $119, I think it’s a steal and works just as well as a Clarisonic would, saving you $100.



taken from the website


This is by far, the most cutest clothing item I own, and it’s great for the colder days, adding style and comfort to your look. The design makes it appear as if you’ve layered two turtle necks with each other, but little do they know its only one piece. It’s so comfy and easy to move around in.

I ordered this from Yesstyle; though they double charged me for this, which I’m not happy about, it was retailing at $16.75 which is so much cheaper than the one I saw in an Asian clothing store here in Perth.


taken from the website


Think of these as harem pants, without the excessive baggage. They’re comfortable and super lightweight, plus heaps of people wear this out all the time. Who knew trackpants could ever be considered stylish? I should mention, that even though it’s supposedly designed for guys to wear, I’d consider them unisex because I see women wear them too.

I got two pairs in black from Factorie for $50 which is moderate pricing; considering one was roughly $30 I believe. I thought they were sort of overpriced but now, constantly wearing them, I wish I grabbed more pairs cause this item is going to be my staple leg wear throughout winter.

That’s it for my top picks this month; do you like any of these products, or do you already own some of them? Let me know in the comments below, or via my SNS sites.

love anthony ♡


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