25 Beauty Questions Tag

With my daily blog stalking of DorkChops, whom, might I add, is my inspiration, I came across a tag, called the “25 Beauty Questions Tag” which I thought would be fun to do, and give you guys a little insight to my makeup life. Let’s kick it off by tagging all you lovely people reading this, to participate if you’re interested, or if, like me, want to express your views and attitudes towards makeup.

1) Do you apply your foundation with a brush, sponge or fingers?

I’m really loving my cushions creams from Sulhwasoo and Innisfree, which come with a rubycell puff for even distribution and medium coverage, so I’m leaning towards sponges as my choice. Nothing beats finger application though, especially on lazy five minute makeup days.

2) Do you apply your eyeshadow from light to dark, or dark to light?

I don’t wear much eyeshadows, but in most cases when I’m messing around or doing makeup covers, I contour with dark shadows before highlighting with, or adding a pop of light colour. Yeah, I’ll stick to that answer; dark to light.

3) Do you prime your eyes?

Like I said before, I don’t wear eyeshadows much, so I don’t need to use an eye primer generally. However, on days where I want my eyeshadow to last longer and prevent creasing, I definitely would.

4) Concealer first or after foundation?

Depends on what concealer I’m using. With my Calypso concealer, I generally apply after my foundation to cover up what the foundation wasn’t able to mask. In saying that though, the Calypso concealer doesn’t appear darker on my makeup as other brands of concealers do. A lot of concealers actually lighten or darken depending on your other base makeup, so it really does depend.

5) Go for manicures, or manicure yourself?

I don’t care for my nails at all. I trim them right back and pray that they don’t grow in a week’s time. I might ask one of the workers at Cosmehut to play with my nails though, cause a manicure does look fun, and it’ll give me an opportunity to learn and understand the nail world too.

6) Exfoliate lips, face or both?

I love scrubbing my face, lips included. Doesn’t it feel satisfying when you’re grinding granules across your skin or is that just me?

7) On average, how long does it take you to do your makeup?

When I’m going to work as a kitchenhand, it takes me three minutes. On days where I work at the beauty store, or go out however, it takes a little more time, like, 30 minutes, just because I want to, and need to look near flawless to make everyone else feel crap about themselves.

No I’m joking, everyone is beautiful.

That was a terrible joke.

I’ll stop now.

8) Do you wear makeup everyday and everywhere?

I’m content looking really ugly with my trouble skin visible for the world to see, and my dark circles replicating the night sky on a daily basis. I do, however, go out a lot, and I really don’t want to scare everyone away with my bare face, so I’d wear makeup at least five times a week, minimum.

9) What release are you most excited about, in terms of makeup?

It’s already been released, but I’m quite literally waiting for it to be sold in Australia, and it’s the Missha cushion BB cream. It looks so fancy and high end, even though Missha is deemed a “drugstore” brand. Missha however, has never let me down, so it’s something I look forward to getting my hands on.

10) What’s your weakness?

Nothing beats a great skincare product or a great makeup base product. I find that cleansers are my go to beauty item I throw my money away for, if I’m not shopping for a better BB cream or a better cushion pact.

11) Do you whiten your teeth?

I am so incredibly lazy to begin with; half the time I can’t even be bothered washing my face properly, let alone teeth whitening. It’s something I’d like to do maybe, if you paid me for it and did it all for me so I didn’t have to lift a single finger.

12) Wax eyebrows, or pluck?

Neither. I grab my trusty razor and shave it all back. I think the award for the most laziest self proclaimed makeup guru would be me.

Do I get my medal now or-

13) What do you use to contour?

My trust old Missha powdered brush and a taupe pressed eyeshadow from Napoleon Perdis. I find the combination of the brush and the shade really gives subtle shading without it looking so obvious. The best contour is one that really gives the illusion of sunken cheeks and defined facial features.

14) False lashes or natural?

If I was a pretty girl, then falsies all the way. I love eyelashes and I love them really thick and volumous. However, being a male, I’d look (even more than I already do) strange with sky high lashes, so let’s stick with natural.

15) Favourite makeup brand?

I’ll mention it again, without a doubt it’s Missha. It’s never let me down once, and is my go to brand for anything at all, skincare and makeup items alike. Even the free bottle of foundation I was issued two years back, which is three times lighter than my shade is amazing, despite me looking ghostly white when I apply it.

16) Liquid eyeliner, pencil or gel?

I love the staying power of liquid, but I always revert back to pencil due to the fact they’re so cheap and easy to work with. Besides, pencils are so versatile with your makeup look which I really love for touch ups on the go, or when I’m incredibly poor and want to make myself up with minimal items.

17) Lipstick, lipgloss or chapstick?

I like lip tints to be honest; I hate having to reapply every few or so hours because glosses and lipsticks don’t like to stay on my lips for long. It kind of annoys me.

18) Pigments, cream or pressed eyeshadows?

Since I’m clumsy as heck, and so messy with everything I do, I think I like pressed makeup more, since its easy and doesn’t go everywhere like creams or loose eyeshadows do.

19) If you had to wear only one thing excluding foundation, what would it be?

Eyebrow makeup, for sure. The brows frame your eyes and face, and really bring your makeup to completion by up to 80%. Besides, my eyebrows are always fleek anyway so why not draw attention to the one facial part that I’m most proud of?

20) Favourite colour?


But black is messy in regards to makeup, so my second choice is pink, because of it’s versatility in terms of brightening your complexion, and adding character to your makeup without it being as bold as red or plum.

21) Favourite colour combination?

Purple and silver for eyes, and orange and pink for anything else.

22) Natural or dramatic eye makeup?

Nothing is more visually appealing than a bold eye look, but nothing is more pure than a neutral eye. This is a hard one, let me think about it for a few days.

23) Do you care more for quality or brand name?

You’d be stupid to throw away your money on branded items that are crappy over cheap brands with excellent performance capabilities. I think the answer is very clear here.

24) Do you enjoy using face masks? If so, which ones?

I love masks so much. Clay, sheet masks, natural DIY masks; you name, it I love it. Although it doesn’t agree with me as well as I’d like it to, I absolutely LOVE the “It’s Skin – Escargot and Ginseng” masks because of it’s really slimy, almost algae like texture on the face.

25) What is your current addiction?

I’ve pretty much been scoping out for new serums and ampoules as of late, but my all time addiction is this damned snail mask I’ve mentioned in the last question. I look forward to ripping open one and sticking it on my face, and peeling it off to tear apart the mask after it’s become dry. It’s weird but oddly satisfying as well.

All this talk and reflecting on this snail mask really makes me want to go out and purchase another pack of five, just because.

Thank you so much for DorkChops, who drew my attention to this tag; if nor for her, I wouldn’t have known this existed. Keep up the great work and I look forward to sneaking a peek at your blog for more fun tags to participate in. Got different answers to these beauty questions? Let me know how you’d answer them in the comments below, or on my SNS sites. Perhaps, even dedicate a post about this tag too, so I can check if out for myself.

love anthony ♡

2 thoughts on “25 Beauty Questions Tag

  1. FYI, you can throw the snail mask into bathtub and it’ll melt xD. You get to indulge yourself in the snail serum water. A full body treatment that’s gonna make your skin so smooth afterward.
    I collect few pieces before tossing them into the bathtub (Y)

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