Update – I’m a Workaholic

Throughout my posts, I’ve mentioned I work, a lot. One, as a kitchenhand, and second, as a beauty angel at a cosmetics store called Cosmehut. Both are located at Westfield Carousel.

Currently, I am working full-time as a kitchenhand during the night from Monday to Friday, and Sunday days at the cosmetics store. Now that I’ve somewhat proven my abilities to sell some products to customers, I’ve been asked if I can free up some time to work more shifts at the beauty store throughout the week. With my hectic schedule, I only have Saturdays off to really have time to myself; ie: doing the laundry and annoying my family members by being sloppy and loud. Now that I have been asked to work more, I’m thinking of sacrificing my only day off to work 7 days a week. Talk about being busy!

If I pick up a shift in the weekday at the beauty store, I’ll have to trade one of my weekday shifts as a kitchenhand to the only day I have free, being a Saturday. This won’t be an easy feat, working with everyone else’s timesheets and availabilities. Maybe its time I sacrificed my full-time and drop down to part-time again, risking sleep for work.

I enjoy being busy, but I also enjoy having a sleep in, although, honestly speaking, what is sleep? This past week, I’ve been reading and studying straight after my nightshifts and getting up early in the morning to revise; pretty much, have had 3 hours of sleep this week. That’s not healthy for my wellbeing, or my skin for that matter. But alas, I enjoy both my jobs, surprisingly since I’m always grumpy whenever I work.

I don’t know what to do, other than really rant about my current predicament and really discuss with all of my managers about this new scheduled routine I want to put upon myself. Suppose the first start to my new lifestyle is to go about it with a smile, and an extra spoonful of coffee in my daily dose of wake up potion.

What do you think I should do guys? Let me know in the comments below, or at one of my SNS sites, listed in my contacts page.

love anthony โ™ก


2 thoughts on “Update – I’m a Workaholic

  1. lol I think it’s important to figure out what you want first. consider what you want to do as your future career, and focus on one that’ll benefit you the most. Its never to early to start thinking about the future. Although they might seems too far away to worried about yet, but time does fly in a blink.

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