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Welcome to Q&A with Anthonay, where I answer your beauty, off topic, stupid or thought provoking questions every Saturday.

Usually this would be up early in the morning, Australian WST but I’ve been busy and tired lately, juggling two jobs, study and whatnot. But I kept my promise and its up now, so lets get to it, shall we?

What’s your go-to drink when you go out?

Is this alcohol or- I like apple cider, so when I’m eating out, or going to the club, I tend to get the 5 Seeds Cloudy Apple Cider or something similar; along with Wet Pussy shots if I wanna get turnt.

As for everyday beverages, nothing beats an iced frappe from McDonalds. I have not found a good frappe anywhere else; coffee store or takeout restaurant alike, which is surprising since usually, coffee stores are really great with that stuff.

I know you can use lemon on your face, but can you use other citrus fruits too?

Yes, you can. Any citrus fruits can be used on your face in so many ways. My favourite is grapefruit and orange peel, milled into fine crumbs, mixed with honey and matcha green tea for an exfoliating acne scrub which I use during Summer.

How often do you eat takeout food?

With my other job, it’s basic convenience to eat takeout food, and as I work full-time there, I generally eat it 5 times a week. It sounds bad, but honestly, I tend to eat takeout salads, vegie sandwiches, takeout rice and grilled fish dishes and grilled meats over fatty or processed foods.

Any products you’d recommend to people to help with wrinkles?

I’m assuming you’re an older reader with this question, or someone who wants to prevent and prolong getting fine lines and wrinkles at an early age. Most cosmeticians will tell you if you’re young, to not waste your money on anti-aging products. Me on the other hand, I will tell you that using anti-aging will help to prolong the occurrence, since our skincare products are used to maintain and prevent skin issues, so use them if you please. Haha.

As for products I’d recommend, I don’t like recommending anything honestly, unless I can swear by the power of the item I’m promoting. Since I’m still a baby, and I don’t have to worry about wrinkles just yet, I can’t guarantee these products will work or not.

Saying that, I do talk to a lot of people, and they have all said that POLA’s BA range is impeccable and worth the hype as far as wrinkle control is involved. Another one, is the Sulhwasoo Essential range, especially formulated with Korean medicinal herbs and packed with anti-oxidants to prevent wrinkles formed by sun exposure. Check them out if you’re interested.

My foundation makes me look like an oompa loompa, help!

That simply means you’re using too dark of a shade, or your makeup undertone is too warm for your skin. Simply find a correct undertoned foundation if the shade is correct, or use a lighter shade to match your skin tone, if the undertone is correct.

Koreans are gross they have a horse cream made of horse fat that’s disgusting, what the hell is wrong with all you Asians?

Thank you for taking the time to ask me this question, despite how racist this is. I’m quite appalled with the attitude surrounding this question, but as I respect everyone who asks questions here, I will keep you anonymous, as I do with everyone else.

Firstly, the Korean culture does not symbolize Asia as a whole; just like other continents (excluding Australia), there are different countries, and states, and within each state or country, there are different customs and whatnot, so one country does not equal an entire continent.

Secondly, I’m assuming you don’t work in the cosmetic production line type of occupation for you to know how the horse cream is actually produced. How can we be certain that it is, genuine horse material used in the cream? We’re all fed the information the cosmetic brand is giving us, so we don’t know the whole story behind each and every product.

Thirdly, the horse cream is actually amazing, and can be used to heal and fade scars caused from accidents it damage, condition the skin and helps with overall regeneration, since it’s said that horse fat is relatively similar to human fat and human skin.

What’s a sleeping pack?

As the name suggests, you use this while you sleep. It’s basically a powerful moisturizer you use as the last step in your skincare regime so your skin becomes thoroughly hydrated and supple when you wake up. It’s similar to a night cream, but more potent, and is to be used 2 or 3 times a week in replacement for your night cream.

I’d suggest using a sleeping pack during cold climate days, or days where your skin is excessively dry for invigorating hydration purposes. There’s one by a Korean brand named Laneige, called the Water Sleeping Pack EX which contains hunsa apricot extract, chestnut, beta glucan and ceramide, to help skin regeneration, skin texture, skin repair, hydration and prevent water loss in the skin. Check that one out if you’re interested.

I saw your #3ItemsTag post not too long ago, and I am impressed with how you can create so much with a brown eyeliner and a lip tint. Can you actually use those items alone to create a wearable look daily?

Yes, and no. Yes, for the fact that you can easily use minimal items to create a look easily, with experimentation and different techniques. No, since I personally think that using a pencil as a face contour is actually quite difficult and you get a different finish compared to using liquid or powder contour. I’d say, you need more work using minimal items than you would with many products, just because blending is vital using three items, as opposed to many items. It honestly depenss on how much time you have on your hands, or the patience, to really work with.

Which one is better, clay masks or sheet masks?

This question is pretty much like asking me whether pencil or pen to handwrite is better. Both masks have different roles and different purposes, as do the two writing tools I used as an example. The clay mask is a mask you wear for deep cleansing, or for whatever purpose it has, whereas the sheet mask is seeped in serums to deliver nutrients to the skin. As far as which one is better, it depends on what it is you’re targeting. Sorry the answer is vague, but it really is a vague question to begin with.

What are your views in plastic surgery?

I’m always telling people to love themselves for who they are, but honestly, I couldn’t care less if someone got work done or not. It’s their body and their choice if they want to enhance their looks. Who are we to judge them if they do, since we’re not the ones who owns their body to begin with.

If you have the money, and the desire to change your appearance, then go for it. There is no problems in my books, if you want bigger breasts, or a taller nose. Just, please be careful where you get it done, and remember that words will only hurt you if you let it hurt you. If someone tells you that you’re fake because you got surgery done, ignore them, or tell them to stick it.

You’re still the same person inside whether your external changes or not.

Can I replace my 8 glasses of water with 8 glasses of cool-aid instead?

Nope. Water is important for good skin and healthy body function. If your concern with water is the taste, then try drinking water at a different temperature. I find some people enjoy water at certain temperatures more than water at room temperature. Cool-aid is full of sugars and salts, so it’s actually dehydrating you a lot, plus you’re at mire risk of diabetes drinking it in replacement of your 8 cups a day.

Try infusing herbs or fruits into your water to add flavour if that’s your concern. Slice up some berries and stick a sprig of mint into your water, or slice some lemon or orange into your water for a more interesting, and refreshing taste.

That’s it for Q&A number 7. If you liked this, then click the little star under this post, let me know in the comments below if you had questions you wanted to ask me, or hit me up on facebook, instagram or my other SNS sites. As per usual, new Q&A every Saturday. Look out for it.

love anthony β™‘


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