My Skincare doesn’t work, help!

This is a question that so many people ask, daily. A question, I think deserves it’s own post. Does the skincare products you buy actually work, or are they really just a waste of money?

When it comes to skincare products, there are so many out there from both, the Western market and the Asian market, each addressing their own skin troubles. Each product with different claims and different price ranges. How do you know if they’re really going to work on your skin or not? Here are some little things I learnt when I buy my products.

1) Assess your skin type.

You’re not going to have good skin if you’re using a product that reacts negatively to your skin, so by assessing your skin type, you can narrow the choices of what to purchase, in order to achieve a flawless bare face. Please remember that your skin changes with the seasons too; sometimes, your skin may feel different depending on how hot or cold your climate is. Weather, and temperature play a huge part in your natural skin condition.

To figure out what skin type you are, don’t use any products on your face the night before, and when you wake up, have a good feel of your face. Is your skin oily? Perhaps it’s a bit dry in some areas, or maybe your entire face is flaky. With my face currently, I noticed that my skin around my cheeks feel normal and my t-zone is relatively oilier, so with that information, I came to the conclusion I’m an oily-combination skin type during winter, and oily during summer.

2) Addressing the Skin Troubles

Not everyone has the same skin; some people are going to age faster than others, some people have acne problems and some people may be overly dry or sensitive to so many products. Pick out which troubles you wanted to address and go from there. As for myself, I have uneven and dark acne prone skin, so I’m currently treating my breakouts and lightening my skin for an even complexion.

3) Pricing

Each product has their own pricing; some are affordable at $5-20 and some ranging from $200+ and even higher. Just because a product is more expensive, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better for you. A product’s price comes down to what ingredients are used in the manufacturing process. Obviously, with easily obtainable materials, and ingredients, the product is going to be cheaper, because farming each ingredient costs less time and labour, and are easily accessible in high quantities.

Be clear and concise which price scale you’re going to choose because in the end, you’re the one who is going to be using the products on your face. My best advice, is to start out slow and go for more cheaper products, and worn your way up to more expensive items. Some cosmetics stores, particularly Asian cosmetics stores, offer free samples for you to try out if you’re thinking of purchasing one of their higher end brand names, so if you’re interested in a high end item, there may be a sample for you to take home and try before you choose to purchase it.

4) Okey, I’ve done step 1-3 and nothing is working. Now what?

Here’s the thing. Most skincare, no matter what it is, generally works. There are always other factors that lead to your products not working as much as you’d like it to. The best way for me to explain, is to give examples. Let’s use dark circles as an example.

With dark circles, let’s say you’re using an eye cream specially designed to treat and brighten the undereyes. Your eyecream can only do so much, and if too many factors outweigh the performance of the cream you’re using, then most likely, it’s not going to work as you intended it to.

Sleep is a great way to help the dark circles, so if you’re not sleeping enough, then the eyecream won’t do much to brighten and help lighten your undereyes. Maybe your dark circles are hereditary, which isn’t uncommon. Hereditary dark circles are there for life, and there’s only so much a cream can do for you; you’ll still have dark circles in the end, whether the cream lightens them or not. Maybe your eye cream is a hydrating type, rather than one that helps to brighten.

5) So what is it that I actually have to do then?

With skincare, you always need to think about what it is you’re purchasing, what it’s intended use is for what purpose, and the external factors in your day-to-day life that may play part in your woes. My best advice overall, is to try and try again. Keep guess-checking all your skincare products, farm some samples to try and hope for the best. You won’t always succeed in the first round, so keep going until you find what’s best for you. When you find the right products to suit your skin, all that hard work will pay off, and you will start your journey towards a better appearance.

It took me two years to finally understand my skin, and another two years to find the products I’m using today; heck, I’m still having a hard time deciding what brands and items I should make as my staple skincare must-haves. Just keep trying and eventually you’ll figure out what your skin needs. Good luck, and fight hard!

love anthony ♡

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