My Daily Nighttime Skincare Routine


This is the follow-up to my post, My Daily Daytime Skincare Routine, where I tell you about the products I use at night before bed for amazing skin the next morning. Please remember that with skin preparation, you can have great makeup, so it’s vital to well hydrate and tend to your skin morning and night. These are the items I use to achieve that flawless makeup finish the next day.

1) Banila Co. Clean It Zero

imageThis is a great makeup remover that keeps skin soft, hydrated and fully removes the most stubborn makeup on your face, which I fell in love with, and has now become a staple in my night routine. Read the review of this product here if you’re interested.

Usually, I use the spatula provided to scoop out an appropriate amount onto the palms of my hands, but these days, I’m way too tired to search for the spatula, so I pretty much scoop it out with my clean fingers. PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS BECAUSE IT IS SO UNHYGIENIC DON’T FOLLOW MY EXAMPLE ! ! ALWAYS USE THE SPATULA ! !

I warm the balm in the palms of my hands, and give myself a 3 minute facial massage, focusing around the nose and cheek area, to effectively remove my makeup before emulsifying with lukewarm water for a minute or so. I rinse off with matcha green tea.

2) Etude House AC Clinic Daily – Acne Foam Cleanser

imageI wish I could honestly just copy and paste what I wrote in my last post, but I decided to write it out again. I use this cleanser to treat and maintain acne free skin. It contains salicylic acid, an ingredient used commonly in Asian skincare to effectively treat AC troubles and help maintain sebum output in the skin. Just like in the morning, I lather, apply and wash off using matcha green tea.

3) Missha Time Revolution – The First Treatment Essence

imageI also use the essence during the night, just because it is really great for reconditioning my skin, to effectively allow my other products to be absorbed better, and work better in the skin. I’m waiting for this product to fully deplete so I can try the Albion Skin Conditioner, as it seems to have the same claims as the Treatment essence.

For the night, I use a thin cotton pad to apply to the face, just because after cleansing, I may still have traces of makeup on the face (even though, in most cases, I don’t because the cleansing generally removes all my makeup for the day.)

4) Missha Time Revolution – White Cure Radiance Toner

imageThis is my go to night toner that I’ve been using for two years to give myself brighter looking skin. As far as whitening goes, I haven’t noticed any skintone changes, but people have commented that my skin is looking lighter than usual, so maybe it’s working.

It does an incredibly effective job on making my skin appear luminous and really bright, so if you’re looking to treat your dull skin, then this is a good product to use. It is quite rich as far as toners go, so it’s not intended to be used on oilier skin types (although I’m oily myself and I haven’t noticed any issues personally) or if you have sensitive skin, because of the Neo-Whitening ingredients that’s used in the White Cure range.

I apply this toner with my hands, patting dry as I go to allow my skin to absorb the product fully.

5) Missha Time Revolution – Night Repair Science Activator Ampoule  imageDon’t confuse this for an entirely new product in the market; this is merely a serum with a fancy name. An ampoule is used before your serums to allow your serums to work better. This pretty much translates to a serum primer in the skincare world. This ampoule is different as it primes your face for serum application, but it also whitens, hydrates and treats and prevents fine lines and wrinkles.

A little goes a long way with ampoules, so you only need a few drops, if that, to fully cover your face to prepare for your serums and moisturizers. I apply three to five drops, depending on how my skin feels prior to using the product, and I gently sweep onto my face, patting dry as I go to allow for absorption into the skin.

6) Missha Time Revolution – White Cure Science Blanc Spot Eraser

imageI use this serum first, just to treat and fade my dark spots from hyperpigmentation and scarring on my face for a more even skin tone. This bottle is weird because it looks like a pump product, but it’s really a screw cap type, with the tube attached to the cap. Think of it as if you’re applying a pump product to your face by unscrewing the top and using the tube to swipe onto your face. Weird, right?

Because of its weird applicator, I can never get a consistent amount every night, so I generally try to get a pea sized amount onto my palms and massage onto my face, focusing on dark spots or discolouration on my skin.

7) Missha Time Revolution – White Cure Real Expert Serum -NW-

imageMy second, and generally, my last serum I use on most nights, to treat my dark skin, in order to brighten my skintone and remove as much yellow undertone as I can. I’ve noticed that since using the White Cure serum, my skin has appeared more lighter, so it does seem to work. It does work, however, in more synergy with the ampoule and the science blanc serums from the White Cure range, so I wouldn’t recommend using this alone if you wanted to treat your dark skin.

I love the texture of the serum, so I apply one and a half pumps onto my hands and apply to my face, patting dry to allow for absorption into the skin.

8) Missha Super Aqua – Marine Stem Cell Renew Eye Treatment

imagePersonally, I wasn’t intending on purchasing this product, but because I ran out of eye cream, and because it was cheap (roughly $25 AUD) I picked this up from the Missha store on my bimonthly visit there. It claims to treat and hydrate the eye and laugh line areas around the mouth to prevent fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration and fade away dark circles.

I constantly have dark circles, because my sleeping pattern is quite odd, so as far as this product working to treat dark circles, I suppose it helps to maintain the dark circles you already have, as I’ve noticed that after going two to three days without any sleep, my dark circles haven’t become worse.

I apply one pump to my ring fingers and gently pat into the laugh lines surrounding my mouth, entire eye area and above the eyebrows for hydration.

9) Missha Time Revolution – White Cure Blanc Control Cream

imageSince using this product, and I’ve been using this night cream for two years (not this bottle, but in general, the same night cream) I have noticed my skin being more pale in the mornings and really hydrated throughout the night. If I feel my skin is a bit dry, I’d usually apply some lotion before the night cream, but in most cases, this is enough for deep hydration.

Using the spatula, I apply a pea sized amount onto my face and focusing on my high points of my face (cheekbones, forehead, nose bridge and chin) patting dry until the cream is fully absorbed.

That’s it for my night routine. You probably noticed that my routine consists of mainly Missha products. Missha has not failed me for over these few years so I tend to stick with the brand I grew to love and trust. I’m thinking of ditching Missha after my products have run out (or expired, lmao) to venture out of my comfort zone and try other brands, to compare and see if Missha products work more effectively, or less. I’m leaning towards trying out the Sulhwasoo Snowise EX range and replacing my Missha with that, although, the Missha range is a lot more affordable compared to Sulhwasoo. The difference is that Sulhwasoo uses Korean herbal medicines and ginseng which are great for the skin, so it’ll be interesting to see if it’s really worth t he hype as people claim it to be.

love anthony ♡

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