My Daily Daytime Skincare Routine

These days, people have commented that my face has appeared brighter, and flawless, but honestly, just like everyone else with a flawless appearance, it really is just the makeup disguising my trouble spots and dark circles.

With good makeup though, comes good skin preparation, so here’s how I tend to my face and the products I use to have great makeup everyday.

1) Étude House AC Clinic Daily – Acne Foam  Cleanser


This foam cleanser, that I reviewed here not long ago, is a great cleanser with salicylic acid to treat and maintain my troubles. I use this first thing in the morning and at night after removing my makeup and it doesn’t cause any breakouts.

Simply apply a pea sized amount into the palms of your hands, work into a lather and massage onto your face for a minute before washing off. I focus on my t-zone as I tend to break out in this area quite a lot.

I also wash it off using matcha green tea for added AC trouble prevention, and to control my sebum production in the skin, as I tend to get really oily throughout the day.

2) Kojie-San Facial Soap


I cleanse a second time using this whitening vitamin C soap from Kojie-San just to maintain my skintone. As winter is approaching rapidly, I need to return my skin to it’s natural colour, so I use this soap every morning.

The soap is quite harsh on the skin, so if you’re looking for a whitening product, this isn’t one I’d recommend at all, since my skin has become more sensitive using it. It does, however, only contain 7 ingredients, with a special acid called Kojic acid as their main ingredient. The formulation for this soap is specially designed implementing the same acid found in sake fermentation, I believe.

Just like the cleanser, I lather in my palms and apply the foam onto my face, massaging onto my skin before washing off using matcha green tea. Because it’s so drying, I focus this on my acne spots just so the pimples I have go all dry and crusty. Since acne is a huge ball of bacteria and oil, this soap pretty much sucks up all the oil on my skin and dries it out too, which makes treating my acne slightly easier.

3) Missha Time Revolution – The First Treatment Essense


I also reviewed this product, and this is my skin lifesaver for more radiant, glowing and healthier skin. Check out the review here because it’s an amazing product that I think everyone should own. It works in synergy with all my other products too, and is great for hydration after my daily double cleanse.

I’m quickly running out of product so instead of buying another bottle, I want to try the Albion version of this essense which claims to do what the Time Revolution one by Missha does.

I simply apply five drops to the palms of my hands and swipe onto my face, following my skin’s natural contours, parting dry as I go as to allow the product to be fully absorbed into my skin.

4) DR:CI LABO Labo Labo Super Keanu Lotion


This is another product I have reviewed, and I have fallen in love with the formulation. I used to use the Super Aqua Trouble toner by Missha but they discontinued this range, which was upsetting because this was my go to product for oil control.

Thanks to Cindy at Cosmehut Carousel for suggesting the Labo lotion to me, I now use this product and it has controlled my acne and sebum in my skin, so check out my review here if you’re interested.

Unlike the essense, I use a thin cotton pad to apply the toner to my face, swiping along my skin and parting dry with my palms after application.

5) Innisfree Green Tea Lotion and POLA  Whittissimo Milk


I use a combination of the two lotions to fully hydrate my skin, after the double cleanse
stripped away all the moisture in my skin. Using one moisturizer usually is enough to rehydrated my skin, but just to be more safe, I use the both mixed together for oil control, whitening and immaculate hydration.

I mix the two moisturizers in equal ratios to form a pea sized amount and massage into my face, again, patting dry until fully absorbed.

6) Missha Time Revolution White Cure Blanc Sun Protector SPF50+ / PA+++ in Transparent Beige


This is a high SPF sunblock that doubles as a satin finish primer, which I use daily, and most especially when I’m lazy as hell and I can’t be bothered making my skin look dewy. Because it’s transparent beige, it blends into all skintones without the white finish you get with other sunblocks.

I apply quite a bit onto my skin, just because I love the texture on my skin, and it seems to blur out my excessively large pores and skin troubles under my daily makeup. I also pat this into my skin as I apply, just to really smooth it out onto my skin for even application.

Thanks for reading. Let me know what you like to use in your daytime routine in the comments below, or via my SNS sites. Next up, is my nighttime routine, which gives me ultra soft, supple skin in preparation for the next day.

love anthony ♡


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