Q&A with Anthonay [ 6 ]

Welcome back to Q&A with Anthonay where I answered your beauty related, off topic, stupid or thought provoking questions every Saturday or whenever I feel like it.

This round of questions comes locally from text messages, people on the street and questions sent in by friends to utterly embarrass me, and make me look bad. Is this payback for all the stupid questions I ask you lot? Let’s proceed despite the fact I really don’t want to cause omg you guys.

How many cups of water do you ACTUALLY drink a day?

I’m always telling people to drink lots of water, because it’s vital for the skin and body to stay hydrated for it to function optimally. The recommended intake of water is 8 glasses a day, adding two extra cups for every cup of caffeinated drink you consume.

That said, I generally have 1-2 cups of coffee a day, so all up, I need at least 12 cups of water. I barely get through 600mL a day.

You’re a gay Asian guy. How did your parents take it?

Hmm, this is a hard one. I suppose my parents both love me and want only the best of me so they were forced to overlook it and accept me for who I am, in order to do just that. Of course, there were ups and downs, as with every parent-child relationship that go through the same hardships. I think my parents are more understanding, and so much more westernized, so unlike the stereotypes, I didn’t have to undergo the whole process of “you’re a disgrace get out of my house” faze a lot of people I know went through.

You work at a beauty store now, can I come and annoy you?

I am ambitious and I like to stay busy, so provided that you keep me busy with actual work and not there to solely annoy me, come by and visit me anytime.

Why do you like KPOP so much you don’t even understand Korean.

Its not the fact I don’t understand Korean, cause I get the jist of what the song is about by the words I pick up. I honestly like the beats more than what Western music is producing, and the stage performances for each group really strikes me and appeals to me more than what Western artists have offered.

Can I take you out on a date?

Ew no.

Why are you so fabulous?

My mom is actually a unicorn and my father is a reindeer so I get the best of both worlds and it radiates from my very soul, which I sold a month ago, for a chocolate cookie. That is why I am fabulous.

What do your pyjamas look like?

I don’t own pyjamas, cause I don’t like wearing clothing to bed. Now that its nearing Winter, I am forcing myself to wear underwear, and despite how uncomfortable it is, I’d rather be slightly warmer during the cold seasons rather than having my male organs freeze and fall off.

Do you swear?

I’m inclined to say yes, but I rarely ever swear. Generally, I get shocked and say “what the fuck” but that’s pretty much the extent of my swearing. My mom taught me to respect my elders, so I try not to swear in front of people older than me, which is pretty much the entire population I encounter.

What time do you sleep at night?

What is sleep. Some nights I crash at 8:30pm and I sleep for hours on end, some nights I go without sleep until I pretty much am borderline unconscious from near fainting. It all depends on when my body feels like it needs to rest.

Have you ever grown out your pubic hairs to the point where you can braid them so you braid them into a cute little French braid and take photos of it because it’s so pretty?

What the fuck even is this question fam turn on ya locations so we can fight.

Have you ever grabbed a snail and wiped it on your face before?

No, I actually really dislike snails and they scare me a lot. The fecal matter, or the slime the snails produce however, is really great on the skin and many Asian skincare brands are implementing this as their main ingredient to rehydrate, treat acne, refoundation the skin and prevent anti-aging.

Escargot, can trigger allergies though, so just be careful with using products that contain escargot as an ingredient in skincare. Also, please don’t use a real snail as a substitute.

How did you learn to use products as multipurposes?

It came down to experimenting for me. As you earn more money, your makeup collection expands, but at the start when you’re buying your first items, you need to think about your budget and what you really should start with.

By experimenting, I learnt that you can do your entire face with as little as three products. If you wanted to know how, then check out this, this and this as it’s a really great way to touch up your makeup throughout the day while you’re out, or for days where you have limited time (lets say, 5 minutes) to do your makeup, but want a 30 minute makeup look. Remember to blend!

That’s it for Q&A for this week. Send in your questions through to me via twitter, facebook, snapchat, line or any other communications, hashtag #AskAnthonyJung, leave comments and hit the follow button. New Q&A’s every Saturday.

love anthony ♡

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