20 Facts About Me Tag

I was tagged to do this, and I’ve been putting it off for quite a while, cause I am a really boring person and I’m not too sure what you guys wanted to know about me, hence why I started the “Q&A” series every Saturday. But now, since more and more people are tagging me and asking for my 20 facts, I might as well.

1) I am a male. Just putting it out there. I have had people ask me about my gender, cause my face is relatively effeminate; I’ve even had someone asking me if my gender was gay, because apparently being gay is a gender.

2) I’ve never seen the Star Wars movie. Ever. It doesn’t appeal to me and I’ve fallen asleep when the title appears, each time without fail. I can already hear most of you clicking the unfollow and block button, I’m sorry. I promise I’ll get round to watching it eventually.

3) I don’t like animals. I grew a phobia of them some time during primary school and quite frankly, I don’t know where it came from.

4) I have an incredibly fast metabolism; I haven’t put on, or lost any weight for 6 years, no matter what I do. People tell me to do the supersize McDonald’s challenge but honestly  I’ve been doing it for 5 years and all it’s done is made me feel sick, without the weight change. I might as well do what I can to stay healthier in terms of diet until my metabolism declines on me.

5) I don’t have a favourite colour. I associate colours with what I’m viewing so if I don’t like a colour, its generally for an artistic reason; ie: when somebody is wearing a colour that doesn’t suit them, or if somebody has used a colour when they should’ve used a different one.

6) I talk as if I’m really stupid and unintellectual, but honestly, I do think a lot about so many things in a complex level.

7) I dislike racist people a lot, which is incredibly hypocritical cause I know I’m a racist person too.

8) I also can not stand people who think it’s okey to throw words like depression or rape around. It’s disgusting, and in no way should people use those kinds of words lightly.

9) And I most especially hate it when people think its okey to use the word “nigga” because it’s spelt differently to “nigger” like no, they both mean the same thing and using a derogatory term to describe your friends in such a manner does not make you cool.

10) I love cake. It’s one of my favourite foods, and honestly each time my family buys cake, I end up eating 80% of it.

11) I’m relatively tall; 183 centimetres with a long neck. Perfect height and neck length for modelling. Unfortunately, I have an unattractive face that prohibits me to continue on with the profession.

12) I used to be so incredibly multilingual; once upon a time I was able to speak 8 different languages, and now I’m barely scraping three, English included.

13) I’ve eaten dog food before. Not intentionally, but one day, my cousin and my brother plotted against me, to feed me dog food. Must admit it tasted like Frankfurt sausages.

14) I discovered proper skincare and makeup accidentally, when my mom told me to use some BB cream on my face, as we had no face sunscreen. From there, I delved deep into the world of cosmetics and it’s brought me here today. So, thank you mom for unintentionally introducing the Missha M Perfect BB cream to me.

15) I enjoy walking, a lot. I’ve walked from my suburb to Victoria Park, which is roughly three suburbs away, just because I felt like walking. It took me 2 and a half hours, but it was good. Legs were on fire though.

16) I have a weird case of scoliosis, where my spine arches left and right, and forwards and backwards. Let’s just say my spine is so incredibly irregular that no matter what I do, I feel sharp pains down my spine everyday. It’s gotten to the point where I’m so used to the pain, I’d feel uncomfortable if I couldn’t feel it anymore.

17) I did opera training while I was still in school for a week before I dropped out, because my teacher said I had an ugly voice. She was fired two weeks after.

18) Actually, I’m not a very good singer. I can hit notes well, but I sing from my throat, and not my diaphram. Also, my voice is very whiny and husky, so I really only suit a few songs.

19) I am constantly craving seafood and fresh fruits, particularly mussels, raw salmon and melon.

20) If I like you, whether it be as a friend or a crush, I will be mean to you, tease you and generally make a fool of myself. If I can’t make a fool of myself in front of you, then I don’t like you. Also, if you make me uncomfortable for any reason at all, then I will instantly shut down and disregard your very existence. I’m a very cold person at heart.

That’s my 20 facts done, I honestly had no idea what to say so these are from the top of my head that I could think of over the past 4 hours of me typing this up.
Comment below or tag my SNS accounts with your facts about yourself, cause I’d love to read them.

love anthony โ™ก


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