Beginners Guide to Makeup – The Items.

There are so many brands of makeup out there, from the Western market to the Asian market; its so overwhelming. Gossip magazines and beauty experts are throwing around all these different products around and, heck, it confuses those who don’t know a thing about makeup.

Looking through my collection, I thought to myself, it took me two years to fully understand what each of my items do and how to use them, so imagine, a young girl or guy, wanting to start out and not knowing what to even have in their pouches.

There also is that big factor in buying your first makeup items, and that is budget. If we were all millionaires, we’d own every single thing we saw, but unfortunately, a lot of us can’t blow all our money on whatever we want, so we need to look at what makeup items we essentially need to use every makeup day and work from there.

For any basic look, we need:

– Base makeup (foundation)
– Eye and Eyebrow makeup
– Lip and Cheek makeup

It doesn’t seem like much, but essentially, that’s all we need to complete a look. From these three makeup points, we can expand into using more products as your skill gets better, and when your budget allows it. For the time being, I’ll only focus on these three makeup points.

1) Base Makeup

Probably one of the most useful makeup products to own. A good base makeup will be pricier than any other makeup item you own, so plan your budget accordingly.

What’s so special about base makeup? Well, its the layer of makeup you apply to your entire face and neck area to create an even skin complexion; hiding all your natural skin discolourations and troubles. Base makeup includes foundations (mineral, loose or press powdered), liquid type, tinted moisturizers, stick type foundations, BB creams and CC creams.

How to purchase? Firstly, assess your skin type and skin tone. Different skin types benefit from different base types; oilier skins tend to work better with powdered foundations, and drier skins work better with fluids. For skin tone, it’s not a matter of whether you’re pale as snow or as dark as the night sky. No, you need to look at your undertone too, to determine which products suit your skin the best.

I was colour swatched by MAC to be NC32, where the shade was correct, but the undertone was the wrong colour. Knowing your undertone is important because it can change your entire look completely. With my story, since the undertone was incorrect in the foundation MAC suggested to me (I am a yellow undertone, so honey beige shades suits me best, MAC offered me a pink tone), my product appeared too cool-toned on my face and was noticeable in the fact I was wearing makeup. Note, that the best base makeup is the foundation that makes you appear to be wearing nothing at all. It really comes down to guess-checking your makeup before purchasing, to ensure it works well for you.

Heck, it took me a year, and $500 down the drain over the years to find the right foundation to suit my skin, so don’t be too stressed if your first go isn’t successful. If in doubt, opt for a BB cream, because most BB creams offer medium to buildable coverage, to give you even complexion, cover dark circles under the eyes, highlight your highest points in your face (cheekbones, nose, chin and forehead), and overall tone face really well. My favourite BB cream, which I use 99% of the time is the Missha M Perfect Cover BB cream which I have recently reviewed. You can read it here.

2) Eye and Eyebrow Makeup

If there is one item you need for this section of makeup, it’s an eyeliner. Preferably a pencil type in brown. Reason being, is that an eyeliner can multi-function as an eyebrow pencil, a contouring eyeshadow for your outer eyelids, used correctly can omit the use of mascara, and a general face contour too. That’s 5 items in one, and at a fraction of the price if you were to purchase each product on their own.

Filling in your eyebrows is an integral part of makeup; most makeup artists swear that 80% of your makeup is completed after drawing on your eyebrows, because your eyebrows frame not only your eyes, but your entire face. Without defined brows, your makeup will appear incomplete.

Lining your eyes adds drama to the eyes, and adding colours to the lids create atmosphere, which essentially creates a style or mood to your appearance. Contouring defines your high points in your face to allow your appearance to be more structured and, overall, slimming.

You can pick up a decent quality eyeliner for as little as $2. Great for those who need to stick to a tight budget, and by doubling up a brown eyeliner for many purposes, you are saving yourself tens or hundreds of dollars. I’d say, that’s an investment right there.

3) Lip and Cheek makeup

With all the brown and, more brown you’ve added to your face, you need colour to balance it all out, so by adding a lip product to your makeup pouch, you’re adding a splash of colour to your overall look. To save money, invest in purchasing a crayon or liquid lip product. One lip product can double up as a cheek stain for flushed cheeks, and liquid type eyeshadow for extra colour.

Using products on your cheek will give you an innocent appearance, as well as break away from all the brown you used to define your eyes, eyebrows and contouring from the pencil eyeliner. Adding colour to your eyes will also make your eyes pop and stand out as the main focus in your appearance.

You can get a decent quality lip product for about $10, maybe more, maybe less. It depends on how much money you’re willing to spend.

With the three items, you’re looking at between $30-$70 depending on what you purchase. Not bad for three items in my opinion, and with the three items I just mentioned, you can have an entire look ready for the day.

Watch out for the “Beginners Guide to Makeup – The Look” as I’ll make myself look like a clown to show you how three items can get you so far in terms of appearance and budget.

love anthony β™‘


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