[ REVIEW ] Etude House AC Clinic Daily – Acne Foam Cleanser

“Anthony, why are you focusing on acne skin lately”

Well, fellow reader, I believe most people all go through the pimple faze some time in their lives, if not, for the majority of it. Most of my readers are indeed teenagers, and with teenagers comes fluctuations in hormones, and hormones causes sweating, changes to the body and most of all, pimples. Lots and lots of pimples. What’s the best way to treat pimples and acne? By reading my blog, cause you love me.

Anyway, another review with the AC clearing theme today, and this one is from Etude House.

AC(This picture isn’t mine, I actually ran out of my bottle and couldn’t take a photo of it, so credit to Etude House official page)

The packaging is designed like any other foam cleanser bottle, with a squeeze type bottle for a more hygienic application and offers 150mL of product.

“Cleansing acne foam leaves the skin feeling clean and matte. Formulated with Salicylic Acid, Foam Cleanser removes acne causing germs to keep your skin clean all day. Non-Comedogenic & Dermatologist Tested. AC Clinic (cleanser) is formulated without acne inducing ingredients to promote clear skin. The item is useful for calming your skin from acne, so you can use this item on trouble and sensitive skin. This product will not make your skin feel dry.” – From the Etude House official page


  • Cheap and works well; I picked mine up for $18 and it is by far the most cheapest AC care cleansing foam I have ever purchased in my entire life.
  • Contains salicylic acid, which is my favourite ingredient for treating breakouts. Read why here.
  • Kept my skin relatively oil free throughout the day, and as it said on the official page, quite matte as well.
  • Works in synergy with the other AC Clinic products, and just as well with AC care products from other brands. I’m teaming my cleanser with my Labo Labo toner and it’s working wonders on my skin.
  • Works well as a stand-alone acne clearing product too; meaning if you have other skin issues to address, then go ahead.
  • It really is non-comedogenic; most cleansers I have used don’t state this, and, well, pimples galore. Non-comdeogenic means no ingredients that will clog pores, so the Acne Foam Cleanser only contains ingredients used to keep skin clear and remove pimples.
  • Offers 150mL, and with daily usage, will last you to 2 months.
  • Didn’t irritate my skin and kept the redness from breakouts away.


  • It has a really strong chemically smell which I was put off by. It’s really surprising as it contains added fragrances, which would generally irritate the driest or sensitive skin. No irritations, but it’s a smell you can’t forget for sure.
  • The official page stated it wouldn’t make your skin dry, using this product. Well, sorry to say, but it did. I like when cleansers leave me dry, but this felt a bit too excessive.
  • Because it is quite drying, I personally think it’s suited to those with oilier or combination skin types. Be careful if you’re dry skin or sensitive skin cause it may backfire on you.


It’s relatively okey for a cleanser; it’s been nice to me so I’m going to repurchase another bottle. As I said earlier, if you are dry or sensitive skin type, please be careful with this product. I can’t guarantee it would be good to your skin, but with my results, it seems like it will work for you all as well. It felt overly dry after use, and it contains fragrances which I didn’t like. I’m looking over this small drawback because the cleanser has worked in clearing away my small bumps and keeping it acne free over this Summer. I may edit or update this over Winter, to let you guys know how it works during colder seasons where your skin becomes drier due to colder temperatures, so watch this space. Besides, with dry skin, just fix it with a good moisturizer, right?

I picked up my bottle from Cosmehut in Westfield Carousel (by the main entrance, opposite KMART) for $18. If you’re in the area looking for an acne cleanser, then come down and purchase one today.


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    1. I like to give people as much of an explanation as I can, so they can make an executive decision as to whether they should get some or not

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