[ REVIEW ] Labo Labo Super Keanu Lotion for acne skin

I am back for another review, and this time, it’s a Japanese brand most of you are unfamiliar with. This is the DR CI:LABO Labo Labo Super Keanu Lotion.

imageWith plastic packaging, you don’t have to worry about the bottle shattering everywhere, which in my books, is a plus since I’m clumsy as hell. The bottle uses red labels, which is common among AC care products.

imageWith 100mL of product, this can see you to about 3 months, if not, longer, using it twice a day. The toner has a pleasant mandarin smell to it, which, although it’s slightly strong, isn’t off-putting and I think a lot of people might actually like it.

Labo Labo Super Keanu Lotion is a Japanese toner from DR CI:LABO designed for blackhead and whitehead removal, controls sebum levels in the skin and prevents the occurence of future breakouts by improving problematic areas. With no alcohol or harsh synthetic drying agents, it is suited for most skin types, but mainly aimed towards those with normal-combination to oily skin types to help maintain normal sebum levels in the skin.


  • It contains no alcohols or drying agents so it didn’t irritate or dry my skin, particularly now that my skin is becoming more dryer during the colder seasons.
  • 100mL is quite a lot of product and will see you through so many months of daily usage.
  • I didn’t have any new breakouts after using this toner as my only AC care product.
  • Has a synergy effect used with other AC care products; meaning, if you’re using cleansers, serums or, basically, any form of acne clearing product on your face, this toner will work wonders with it.
  • Unlike other AC toners I’ve used in the past, this one smells nice, and keeps skin feeling moisturized after every use.
  • My skin was noticeably less oilier after using the toner, which I loved, because I get incredibly oily through the day; after using the toner for a week, my skin was producing half as much sebum throughout the day compared to me prior using the toner.


  • I have no real issues or problems with the toner, besides the fact the Japanese people refer them lotions, instead of toners; this product included. I do not understand, but each to their own.
  • If there was something to pick on, then I’d choose price, because I picked up my bottle for $32. I’m not concerned by the price, I think it’s pretty reasonable, considering this bottle of magic actually works, and most toners that claim to treat acne issues with the same amount of product retail at similar prices as well. For someone who was budget-conscious, they may find it slightly pricey. Rest assured that it is worth each and every penny.


What can I say, really? Everything I’ve said would be a repetition of this entire blog post. Worth the money, worth the find, and it works. Can’t get better than that. I wouldn’t have discovered, or even given a second look at the product if it wasn’t for Cindy (shout out to one of the girls at Cosmehut), so if you’re ever down there, check it out for yourself and tell me how it worked for you. Last question; would I repurchase DR CI:LABO Labo Labo Super Keanu Lotion again? No doubt about it, I’m pretty sure this will become my staple toner for the rest of my life, and is one of my top 5 picks of this month.

Also, some great news. I have a new job at an Asian Cosmetics and Skincare store in Westfield Carousel, called Cosmehut, located by the front door opposite K-MART and next to the Indian jewellery store. I picked up my Labo Labo toner the same day I got hired, so now I work there and as a customer who has purchased and fell in love with the toner, I’d be more than happy to suggest this product to you guys as well. So, if you’re ever in the area, looking for great Asian skincare at reasonable prices, head down to Cosmehut today (and ask for me to serve you, or better yet, just come up to me and talk to me lmao)

love anthony ♡

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