Q&A with Anthonay [ 5 ]

Welcome to Q&A with Anthonay where I answer all your beauty, off-topic, stupid or thought provoking questions sent into me through social media.

Before I get to answering your questions, I wanted to type out my thoughts about this tag I decided to do. It seems most of y’all really like this tag a lot; most of my views actually comes from these Q&A posts because of it’s unfiltered nature, and the fact I have to answer each question truthfully. I’m thinking of making it a weekly thing, preferably on a Saturday. Does that sound good? That way, I can definitely post something weekly, and keep you guys interested.

Okey enough of my thoughts, lets proceed.

Top or Bottom?

I don’t know what this is referring to, but given that this is the 21st century, I’ll safely assume that the intended question is deemed sexual, and so I shall answer with top.

Were you a bully, or a victim of bullying?

Both, to be honest. I was a terrible bully and my words did hurt a lot of people back in the day. Of course now, reflecting on it, makes me sick that I underwent that stage of hurting and belittling somebody like that.

As for being a victim, man I was an easy target. I had bad acne, a lanky ass neck, glasses, ugly teeth, everyone said I was a faggot and dumb, you name it, I’ve been called everything under the sun. Did I let it affect me? No, not really. In fact, all that teasing I went through, has pretty much made me the person who I am today, a cold, heartless Anthony who shows little to no remorse or pity for others.

How much have you spent on cosmetics since you’ve started using them?

This is really hard to answer, cause it’s been a good few years since I’ve been really into looking after my face. I’m inclined to say at least $2k worth of products so far, which, for someone who deems themselves a beauty advocate, not much. For regular people though, it is quite a bit. Keep in mind, this is merely a guestimation cause I really don’t know.

What are your pet peeves?

I have too many to list them all. One of my pet peeves is laziness. I will admit I can be lazy at times, but when work needs to be done, then so be it. What I cannot stand, is when there is something to do, and people stand around doing nothing. It drives me up the wall. Even worse, when you see someone working their ass off, and another person is standing idly by and not lifting a finger. Help the poor person out man instead of twiddling your damn thumbs and watching them do everything while you’re sitting on your ass doing fuck all.

Another thing I really hate, is when someone uses emoticons or emojis. I don’t see the point in the use of them, and I find them really unnecessary. I don’t need to know your emotions through hundreds of the same emoji after your statement. With the right words, I’m able to understand what emotions you’re feeling.

It’s my birthday, can you say Happy Birthday to me?


nah just kidding, happy birthday dear. How old are you turning, and did you get lots of presents?

Can you promote me?

Not really. I can if you really want me to, but honestly, I don’t get enough of a readers count, nor am I popular enough to draw more readers to your blog.

Besides, I don’t see the point in promoting really. I feel like, if you ask someone if you can be promoted, you’re asking someone to basically make you famous without working or striving hard for it. The best bloggers in my opinion, are those who worked hard to get where they are today, rather than pestering asking others for their loyal readers to read your blog, just because.

I see it like money. You work so hard for your money, you earnt it all. Now, if someone asks you for that money, are you going to give it away that easily, just because? No, you’re not. That’s how I see promotions. These people worked so hard to gain their readers, follows, whatever. Who’s to take it all away from them. Call me selfish, but that’s honestly how I see it.

You seem different in real life than you do on your blogs and online. Why is that?

There’s an old saying that goes something like this.

“You have three faces. One you show to the public, one you show to your friends and family, and one you show to yourself.”

Basically, the guise I built myself on social media is the side of me I want to show you all; the guise that gives off somewhat of a professional attitude towards what I share with you guys. How I am in real, isn’t entirely different, but noticeable in the sense I don’t talk about what I talk about here, as often as I do in real life. Nor do I reveal my thoughts as often as I do in real than I do here.

Are you fat?

No, in fact, I’m 16kgs underweight, according to the BMI standards in accordance to my height. I eat as if I was morbidly obese though, the struggles of an incredibly fast metabolism. Try asking me in five years time, and maybe the answer will change.

Iggy Azalea or Nicki Minaj?

Nicki all the way man, I love rapping the Super Bass verses and screeching the vulgarities in Stupid Hoe and Dance (Ass).

You’re so pale

I’m nowhere near pale, I’m a MAC32, which, according to Asian beauty standards, is incredibly dark. Although, these days, my skin is too light for my Missha 27 and Sulhwasoo 25 BB products, which used to be perfect for my skin tone. I appear pale due to great natural lighting, and the fact cameras make me look white asf.

You’re a faggot and deserve to burn in Hell! May God condemn you and your disgusting kind.

How can I burn in hell when I’m fire asf? Besides, I find the life we live already, is an interpretation of hell anyway, so going to hell, or being told to go to hell doesn’t faze me, since the way I see it, we’re already in one.

Are you only attracted to Asians?

Nope. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned on my blog before, but I find a beautiful personality makes a beautiful exterior appearance. If you’re beautiful on the inside, then I’ll see you as a beautiful person on the outside, no matter what race you are.

My friends, all of them, think otherwise. They think I’m shallow and only care for the external looks and are only attracted to Asians.

I have to admit, Asians are beautiful human beings though.

I have $3 to spend. If apples were 50¢ each and oranges were 30¢ each, how many apples can I get if I bought 4 oranges?

Ugh maths. If that’s the situation, then with 4 oranges, you’re spending $1.20, as 0.3×4 is 1.2

Given that, 3-1.2=1.8, you can buy 3 apples (0.5×3=1.5) with 30¢ (1.8-1.5=0.3) to spare, which can ultimately lead you to buying another orange.

My question for you is, where in the hell are you getting cheap ass fruits from cause I want some of that, and besides, wouldn’t you want to spend that $3 on more tastier things, like a big mac or something?

That’s it for this weeks Q&A. Remember to like, comment and follow my blog for weekly Q&A updates, product reviews, random blogs about my thoughts and my life, follow me on my social networks and keep them questions coming.

love anthony ♡

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