Get the Style – Gradient Lip

I posted a picture up on Facebook and Twitter of half my face; basically, my lips, and so many people have messaged me on how I did my lip makeup like that. Here’s a short blog on how I achieved the look.

First and foremost, to answer the question some people have been asking; what is the gradient lip? More commonly known as “The Just Bitten” lip, the gradient lip is a makeup look popularized in Asia where you apply your colour to the inner parts of lips and blend out to achieve a gradation effect. This technique is popular amongst young girls as it gives the illusion of smaller looking lips, thus creating an innocent, or youthful appearance.

Get the Style:


1) Begin by filling in your lips with your desired colour. You can use lipstick, tints, even lip liners, although, I find lip tints or rouge more easier to work with. Blot with a tissue paper to remove the excess product from your lips.

2) Using a lip concealer, a regular concealer or even a foundation, cover your lips to remove the pigment. You can skip step one if you like, but I choose to colour my lips first to act as an undertone for the concealer. Leave the inner most part of your lips free from concealer.

3) Taking your coloured lip product again, apply to the inner most part of your lips and gently blend outwards. What you’re trying to do is fade the colour out from the inner lip to the outer, keeping the inner lip pigmented with your desired lip product and colour. Blot with a tissue paper and finish up by setting lip makeup with clear gloss.


What I used:

– Lucas pawpaw ointment (moisturizing lip balm used prior to applying makeup)
– Mamonde Creamy Lip Tint in #15 (undertone)
– Canmake Lip Concealer Moist In
– 3CE Lip Lacquer in Show Time (focus makeup)
– Missha The Style Glam Fit Gloss in PK03

love anthony ♡

3 thoughts on “Get the Style – Gradient Lip

    1. you should, it’s a great way to wear bold colours without it looking so dramatic and a great way to draw attention away from the lips, and to other makeup points like eyes

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