[ REVIEW ] Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream

Good morning all,

I am coming at you with another review, and this time, it’s a BB cream from the well known Korean brand, Missha. I discovered this BB cream when my mom told me to use some on my face as we were going to the beach, at least three years ago. In fact, this BB cream was the turning point that really got me into exploring the skincare and makeup world. Missha claims this BB cream to be the best selling, in their range, and also amongst other brands too, head to head with other popular brands like Γ‰tude House, Innisfree and Iope.

Remember to read Extreme Heat before checking out my reviews to understand the work I go through to give you a high quality conclusion. Lets get with the whole breakdown of this BB cream.


The packaging is maroon and gold, to draw your attention towards the product, with a slight reflective appearance on the box packaging. This makes it appear more luxurious and high end.


The BB cream comes in a total of five shades, to suit a bigger spectrum of skin tones ranging from MAC 20 to MAC 45. I currently own two of the Perfect Cover BB creams, in shade 23 (natural beige) and 27 (honey beige), which is the 3rd and 4th shade from the five shades offered. It offers you an SPF of 42, triple PA protection, which is quite high, and perfect for summer.

“MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB cream offers a novel skincare concept with BB cream, which lightens skin tone by healing visible wrinkles and blemishes with excellent skin-cover ability, and prevents skin aging through effective whitening and anti-wrinkle properties. It is a multi function BB Cream with effect of UV blocking, Whitening and Wrinkle Care, creating perfect cover makeup. This M Perfect Cover BB Cream makes your skin tone clean and chic by concealing blemishes with excellent skin coverage, and simplifies makeup formalities. Its moisturized application with W/S texture makes sleek skin tone while supplying moisture and nutrition at the same time.”

What I liked:

– I bought mine from the Missha store in SeoulMart located in Willeton, WA, for $32.99 AUD. It’s not bad for a price, but for the cost and amount you get, it’s definitely worth it. I still have the same bottle of BB cream I bought almost a year ago, and I still have a quarter of it left to use. Not only that, but the online store occasionally does BB cream sales including this product, so you can even pick up the bottle for 20-30% cheaper. Bargain.

– The BB cream comes in 50mL bottles, which can easily see you to a minimum of 4 months, using a full pump every day.

– Comes with a pump applicator which is more hygienic, and means you can dispense the amount you want.

– A little goes a long way with this product; I generally go for a full pump for my entire dace and neck, and this is for basic cover, concealing and highlighting.

– Very blendable with other makeup products, or skincare products if you wanted to change it up a bit. I chose to add this in, since I know some people like to experiment to give their skin and extra boost.

– It didn’t break me out whatsoever, even when I’ve had incredibly lazy days and fallen asleep with the BB cream on.

– Very strong adhering abilities; I was able to wear it normally throughout the day, and also in the kitchen exposed to varying heat and cold temperatures.

– The claims it offers are relatively true; it does lighten and create even skin tone, provides excellent protection from the sun and conceals blemishes rather well.

– Offers a medium to high coverage, which is buildable, so using the BB cream alone makes your makeup regime easier and faster by omitting primer, highlighter and concealer.

– Quite moisturizing; I, on most days, opt to use the BB cream as an under eye concealer because it’s more gentle on the eyes than other concealers are.

– Doesn’t oxidize or cake up, giving you that “natural skin” appearance. It looked incredibly natural, people commented on how nice my skin looked and were shocked to hear that I was actually wearing this BB cream.

– On the packaging, it says that it has been dermatology tested, meaning it has been approved by a skin care specialist and deemed safe to use on skin without damaging it in the process. This also implies, that everything the product claims to offer, are evident.

– Missha are AGAINST animal testing, which is written on not only this BB cream, but all of
Missha’s products.

What I disliked:

– Throughout the day, it did get oily and shiny. Powdering beforehand and using blotting papers throughout the day are essential to stay oil free. This is vitally important for those who are oily skin type, as this concerns you guys more than anybody else.

– If you’re a dewy sort of girl (or guy) then this product isn’t for you. The finish is relatively neutral; not too matte but not dewy either,  I’m going to say a more satin finish.

– Applying too much can make you look really ghostly, and may crease or settle into fine lines.

– It isn’t good with using sun cream beforehand because you will look pale. I know of some people who like to apply sun cream even with base makeup that offer SPF protection, so I thought I’d include this too.

– Applying with a brush made it appear really cakey and obvious you were wearing makeup. If you’re a male, like me, and want a natural finish, then don’t use a brush. Opt for your hands by warming up your fingertips before application, or use a sponge.


I’m not being biased, honestly. Everybody knows I love Missha and am a devoted follower and loyal customer. Truthfully I really do like this BB cream, and it was the first BB cream, no, makeup I have ever used, and I fell in love instantaneously. I’ve tried many other BB creams, foundations, you name it. Nothing lives up to the Perfect Cover BB cream by Missha. It’s affordable, does what it needs to do, and more, and with how much it gives you, it’ll last you a while too.

I don’t recommend anything very often, but I’m telling you, if you’re looking for a great base makeup that you can apply easily, and cut down your makeup routine significantly too, then definitely get this product. It’s my holy grail, and maybe it can be yours too.

love anthony β™‘


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