Q&A with Anthonay [4]

I apologize for the sudden hiatus but I have returned with another Q&A with Anthonay where you ask your beauty, life style, stupid or thought provoking questions and I answer them truthfully. Here we go.

I’m black and I have acne troubles. Please help me!

I’m not sure if you know, but black skin is incredibly similar to Asian skin, so anything from an Asian brand skincare is more likely to work on you, than a Western brand skincare would. My holy grail foam cleanser I am currently loving at the moment, which helps control add remove acne, is the Étude House AC Control Cleanser, which by far, has been the best acne cleansed I have used in all my life. If you tips in how to keep acne away, and treat it, please read here where I uncover tips to keep your skin looking flawless.

What’s your height?

From what I remember, 6’0 was my height. 183 centimetres I believe? Then again, this is going back to when I last measured my height in high school so that’s what I remember. I’ll need to reassess my height very soon to give you a more accurate height value.

When was the last time you did the nasty?




Why would you ask that, this is so personal I’m feeling really shy.

But uhm, upon writing this post, probably Thursday.

How do you treat damaged hair?

This is the question I want to ask everyone else. I’m notorious for having incredibly damaged hair, since I perm and colour my hair on a weekly basis. I’ve noticed that over-washing your hair dries out your hair significantly, and just like skin, needs help in moisturizing to keep hair free from troubles.

I’ve chosen to wash my hair with lemon juice and honey by omitting the shampoo because I read somewhere that using shampoo is bad for your hair; it’s not pH balanced to cater to your body and can overall, make your hair more greasier and damage hair more. My hair has become so much nicer since changing. Also, I only condition on days where I wash my hair, apply heat to my hair no more than once a week (not that I really use it anymore anyway) and use leave in conditioners/oils to coat my hair prior to using heat, or throughout the day for treatment; it’s made such a huge difference.

TIP: This is an old wives tale, but sleeping on silk or satin pillowcases give you that “I woke up like this” look with your hair, because hair glides along satin and silk easier than cotton.

How many languages can you speak?

Well, I can barely survive using English as it is, so technically speaking, zero. I can speak Japanese at an elementary school level since I have pretty much forgotten it all, and I forgot my Chinese, Italian, French; basically any language, I’ve pretty much forgotten. I’m currently revising my Japanese and Korean so hopefully in a few months, give or take, I can fluently speak the two languages again, totalling my language count to three.

Kiss, Marry or Punch in the face? Anime edition, featuring Ichigo from Bleach, Naruto from Naruto or Kirito from Sword Art Online.

First of all, I’m not the biggest anime watcher so I don’t even know.

That’s why I did some research, and, for the record. ew.

But alas, I must come down to an executive decision, and I’d punch Naruto in the face, head, eyeball, man I don’t even care. Kiss Ichigo, because be doesn’t infuriate me as much as Naruto does, and he doesn’t have the same husband traits that Kirito seems to portray. Therefore, I’d marry Kirito.

Will you be doing YouTube videos soon?

Currently, not at the moment, since I do have a lot of my time consumed already, so it makes it hard for me to even have some time for myself to relax. I have thought about it though, and I want to start making videos again, so please, do keep a look out at this space cause I want to be on YouTube actually speaking, and demonstrating for all you guys.

What’s your all time favourite Korean Brand?

Missha, for sure. This brand has pretty much changed my life; if it wasn’t for my mother who told me to use some of the perfect cover BB cream, which, I plan on reviewing, I would have never discovered Missha and the Korean skincare world, and forever would I be stuck using clearasil and having World War 3 on my face.

Coke or Pepsi?

Honesty hour, I dislike both. However, I do prefer the sweetness of pepsi over the slightly sour taste of coke, so Pepsi.

For the record though, Vanilla coke pisses all over regular coke and pepsi any day.

Okey that’s it for Q&A today; I’ll try and get to another one really soon, but remember, it can only happen with your help! Send me questions via instagram, twitter and facebook via the hashtag #AskAnthonyJung, use twitter, instagram or Facebook, to drop me a comment, comment down below, send me an email or even a snap and line message. Your questions are what drives this Q&A segment, so whatever you’ve wanted to know, please, ask me.

Until next time.

love anthony ♡


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