YesStyle; more like, NoStyle

I love clothing from the Asian market; don’t get me wrong. Western clothing is good, but there are pieces that the Western market don’t have, or sell. Mainly because of how people dress here compared to countries in East Asia, like Japan, or China, where they’d layer their clothing during winter, and wear eccentric statement pieces throughout the year.

So, discovering YesStyle was a dream come true, well, so I thought.

I’ve bought clothing from there on multiple occasions; pants, jackets, jumpers, shirts, everything. Don’t get me wrong, they’re all pretty amazing pieces that you cant find anywhere else, well, at least not here in Australia.

The thing is, being an online store, you can’t try anything on, so getting the right size is difficult, especially since sizing differs between countries. That’s a given. It makes it difficult though, when you do whip out the old trusty tape measure, and place your order a size lower than what you actually are, then finally receiving your order, only to find that the item is too big for you.

Narrows eyes and frowns, mumbling under my breath, “YesStyle man… wyd?”

Okey, so I’m going through the site and picking out clothes and items I really want; oh wait. What? All that hard work is all gone, the site has crashed again, for the fifth time in half an hour. It’s very regular, with me anyway, for the site to crash, and you have to refill your shopping basket, because with the site crash, all your progress has been wiped, and you need to start again.

OOH free shipping for items above $25 standard, which will be shipped in 7-14 days. Okey, I can work with this. Haha, I thought. My shopping didn’t even reach the post office until two months after placing the order, on standard, which annoyed me. So, how about the express shipping, it’s only $9.90 under $100, free for over $100. Yeah, nah, the items weren’t even shipped off to Australia for a month, so in all, I still didn’t get my items for ages.

This turned out being an angry, messy rant than a review, but it is upsetting that you read the site, telling you something, which doesn’t actually happen. I can’t say that everyone’s experience was like mine. Maybe the universe is angry with me, and making me upset by implementing YesStyle to target my emotions, and, I don’t even know.

Don’t get me wrong though, their clothing is really nice, and I’m incredibly stubborn and will continue to buy from YesStyle, cause I can not find any other clothing store quite like it here in Australia, or online.

Let me know in the comments down below if you’ve had similar experiences with YesStyle, or any online fashion boutique. I’d love to read what you have to say.

love anthony โ™ก


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