Q&A with Anthonay [3]

Hello and welcome to Q&A with Anthonay, where I answer all your beauty, off topic, stupid or provoking questions.

Let’s get started shall we?

Kitty or Puppy?

Well, I hate cats so definitely a puppy. I want a little taupe coloured pomeranian and name him Mr Fluffy and take him for a walk down the park and watch him struggle to climb up the slide and roll around in muddy puddles and then I’d get angry and be like “nOooooooooOoOooOOOo bad puppy” then give him a bath. I don’t know, bye.

Do you prefer dewy or matte skin?

I love dewy skin; I have no problems with matte skin at all, in fact, I love how flawless matte makes you look. However, I prefer having dewy skin because I love the look of glowy, healthy looking skin, over an airbrushed look.

You’re in a zombie apocalypse and you can only save two people. Who would you save?

Honestly, I wouldn’t choose. How much disputes would be caused if you had a group of people, and you could only have two members alive. It’s selfish, and people will assume you play favourites amongst them all. Is that something you can put on yourself? If it comes down to choosing, I can’t, and to avoid the question, I would throw myself in a pit of zombies, then turn everyone I love so we can all be zombies together.

Are you single?

Not really, no. It’s kind of complicated. I wish Seong could call me sometime.

You’re trapped on a tropical island and you can only have 5 cosmetic items with you. What do you choose?

Only five? First and foremost, a cleanser and a moisturizer is a must. If you’re trapped on a tropical island, you can omit a scrub since you’d be surrounded by sand, and sand makes for a great exfoliator for smooth skin. Third would be a good cushion cream, and I’m loving Sulhwasoo’s Cushion, which acts as a second skin. Forth would be a lipbalm, cause ain’t nobody got time for chapped lips, and lastly, a brown eyeliner, since it can multi-purpose as a contour, an eyebrow pencil, an eueshadow and, if you’re feeling a bit brave, a lip colour.

What’s a good way to stick to your diet routine?

The best way to start, and stick to any routine is to find a purpose to why you’re doing it in the first place. If you read my blog post about my steps to becoming healthier, I talked about my passion to sing, and persevering will help me become a better singer.

Resist temptation. It will be hard, but isn’t the whole reason you started a diet plan is to change some aspects about yourself? With a diet, you can always treat yourself on occasion, but don’t over-indulge. How about trying to stick to a healthy diet over a period of time, and then for one snack after that time, you can treat yourself to one snack food. That way, you’re still changing your diet, but you also won’t be entirely cutting out that product from your life. The best of both worlds, haha.

Find something you’re incredibly passionate about; something that will help you motivate yourself into wanting to stick to your plan. With a strong passion, your desire to succeed will become stronger.

Don’t let it become a chore. The moment your plan becomes something you have to Sox just because, is when you’re more than likely going to want to quit. Try and keep your routine exciting, by changing it around occasionally, or doing something different to keep yourself wanting to continue your routine.

Lastly, the biggest motivation is to have support, so find someone who is willing to share your passion with you, and work on your routine together as a team.

Sweet or Savoury?

You can’t ask me that question, ctrl + alt + del this right now. I like both sweet, and savoury; I just like food in general. I love pizza, and pasta, but I love cakes and donuts. I cannot choose at all.

Can you sing well?

I can screech, does that count?

What’s your favourite TV show?

I actually don’t watch television or movies very often, rarely in fact. So, if I had a favourite, it would be something I watched as a child when television was an integral part of my life, and that would be Sailor Moon.

Can you dance?

I did ballet once upon a time, and I don’t do it anymore since I can’t support myself on my feet. Other than that, no, I’m pretty bad, and I’m no longer flexible. Plus, my spine is eternally ruined.

Have you ever picked your nose and eaten the boogers?


No, seriously, disgusting and what kind of question is this. When I was a child, like, five, I did on occasion. Actually, while we’re on this topic, I remember I used to pick my nose and feed it to my brother, and oftenly, I’d wipe the remaining into his scalp so it stuck there until he washed it out.

Note, I was 5. I don’t pick my nose anymore.



You got kik?


This is secretly code for “Wanna trade pics” but for real, I don’t have kik. I’m more of a LINE person. If you’re interested, have my other SNS accounts.

snapchat: tvlips
twitter: tvlips
facebook: Anthony Jung
instagram: _tvlips

Side note: If you send me nudes, I will frown.

That’s It for Q&A number three. Please like, follow, and comment below if you have any questions that you have always wanted to ask me. Hit me up on twitter and leave your questions under the hashtag #AskAnthonyJung or send me a message through my other SNS sites.

love anthony โ™ก


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