My Step to a Healthier Future.

I am a non-smoker. Well, quite ironic since I’m sitting here typing this blog post having a cigarette. As of this moment now, prior to smoking this one, it has been 47 hours since I have lit up a cigarette.

Smoking for three years has had a huge toll on my health, and as you know, it ruins your body in the long run. Smoking damages your lungs, mentality and leads you to an incredibly unhealthy future.

So, why am I smoking right now then? I’m completely contradicting my statement of me not smoking. Well, I need to know that I can stop this filthy habit. I’m currently half way through this hand rolled cancer stick and quite frankly, I’m struggling to finish it, but alas, for my own benefit, I need to reach the end.

This is a good sign. My body is trying to tell me that I don’t need the chemicals in my system anymore; I am feeling really dizzy and nauseous. I don’t want to smoke anymore. Maybe, I can put an end to inhaling the toxic smoke and kick the habit for good.

Studies do prove that smoking damages your lungs and bladder, but did you know it can also cause cancers to the stomach, brain and basically wreck your body inside and out? Surprising right? Well, new studies show that smoking can actually trigger up to 17 different cancers, so quitting now while you can, can actually add years to your life.

I’m finally through smoking this one smoke (what a difficulty that was) and I’m still feeling the effects even after ten minutes of being done with it. I can’t believe its been 15 minutes of me actually typing this post.

My biggest struggle is perseverance and willpower. I lack the willpower and I am a weak person when it comes to kicking and starting new habits. I suppose this is my own little journey for becoming healthier.

If you have researched face mapping in accordance to acne, then you’ll understand that your face is a correlation to your internal health. Smoking triggers acne, and poor lungs will reflect on your breakouts on your face. In turn, preventing toxic chemicals from entering your body will lead to better skin.

What immediate benefits have I noticed, from not smoking for two and a half days? Well, first and foremost, I’m finding it easier to breathe, and I can run on the treadmill for longer than I was able to before.

As I enjoy singing, I like to be able to have breathing control to be able to hold onto notes longer. Not smoking over these two days have added seconds to my notes, which is really good for me. Please, if you’re reading this, listen to the Korean song “Good Day” by IU and pay attention to her last note. Once upon a time, I was able to sing that. Now I can barely reach halfway. My goal is to, once again, be able to have the lung capacity to be able to sing it again.

How am I quitting smoking? Well, my only option is to go cold turkey, as to say, just cut it out and hope for the best. There are products out there that can help, like Nicorette, which are methodical patches and products to help control the urge to need nicotine so you can persevere. Unfortunately, I’m allergic to that stuff, so hence why cold turkey is the only option I have.

How about hypnotism? Well, no, I hold too much personal information close to my heart that I don’t want people knowing about. Call me crazy, but I think hypnotism opens up the gate for people to take advantage of you, accessing all this knowledge and all the secrets you hold. It’s a breach of privacy, and who knows what kind of people are out there. You can never be too cautious.

I’m rambling again, aren’t I. Well, I’ll end it here, but keep on the lookout. I want to continually update about my health while I stop smoking, seeing the benefits my body has, and how much my skin has improved.

As for those out there who want support, well, please turn to me, or those around you who can be your rock in helping you quit. It’s a difficult task, but I believe with the correct support, you can do this. Believe in yourself, and believe in those who show support for you and we can all be healthier together.

love anthony β™‘


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