[ REVIEW ] Missha Time Revolution – The First Treatment Essense

Hello guys, I need to think of a cute pet name to refer you readers as; it seems everyone else has one for you, and I don’t. I’m not a fan of calling you guys “lovelies” or “beautifuls” because it sounds so unnatural for me to say it, but in no way am I saying you’re not lovely or beautiful. Yeah I’m just going to stop now.

Anyways, let’s start with the review. Today, I was going through the many essences I own and I picked out the one I’ve chosen to repurchase time and time again.

Let me introduce to you to “The First Treatment Essence” from the Time Revolution range, by Missha.

imageThe bottle is made of glass, allowing you to be able to see how much product you have left. A handy, and functional design approach, which gives the impression the essence is very chic and high end.

imageOffering 150mLs of product, The First Treatment Essence is designed to last 3-4 months, if not, longer.

I bought my bottle from my local SeoulMart – Missha pop up stall over in Willeton, but if you can’t get there, then the Missha AU site sells both the 150mL and the 30mL bottles, with free samples as well. It cost me $49.90 AUD at SeoulMart which I thought was fair pricing, considering how much you got, and the claims it had to offer.

“Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence is highly concentrated essential essence for the first step of skin care to recover rhythm and to firm foundation of skin by raising skin moisture and radiance level.

Taken from the official Missha AU site.

So this essence contains 80% fermented yeast extract, which is used to restore, revitalize and repair 8 of your skin’s troubles. This essence alone soothes, smooths, balances sebum levels in the skin, moisturizes, evens and improves skin tone, firms skin, prevents and repairs wrinkles. It firms the foundation of your skin to allow you to achieve “new skin” everyday.

Now, when I bought this product at SeoulMart, I had no idea what this thing did, so of course, I asked the shop assistant. She actually told me, that this essence was one of the leading retailed essences sold over in Korea, and now, worldwide, after it underwent blind testing against well known brands like Etude House and even SKII, and won.

Now, I am very pessimistic and I don’t buy into that stuff often, so, I had to try it out for myself. I requested samples of the essence and was able to use it over a period of 4 days. My word, does it actually help your skin; I’ve never had that nice of skin ever in my entire life, prior to using The First Treatment Essence, and when I stopped using it, I could feel, and see my skin becoming worse as the days proceeded.

Now, If you saw my previous review, you would have realized how much of a clutz I am, and I can tell you that yes, I have dropped the bottle, on many occasions. No, the glass bottle did not break (which was a huge relief for me) and I still have that same bottle, which I bought three months ago.


– For starters, this bottle sent by the Gods actually works. With the four days worth of samples, I could definitely feel my skin change, and upon finishing the samples, it was noticeably visible how poor my skin was becoming just omitting the essence alone.

– Missha sells both, a 150mL bottle (which will last you a very long while) and a 30mL bottle (perfect for travelling) which I definitely liked. Having the bottle I photographed for three months now, you can clearly see that I haven’t even reached half way yet, and I use this essence twice a day.

– Claims are true; it definitely brightens and evens out your complexion, I can definitely feel my face being tighter, well moisturized and noticeably smoother, with less sebum buildup throughout the day. I actually have that lovely glow to my skin now, using the Treatment essence, without the need to pile on layers of skin products to achieve it.

– I dropped the bottle and it didn’t shatter. HUGE PLUS

– It has a lovely scent, which isn’t off-putting, and didn’t irritate the skin on my foot, which is vitally important, because the skin on my foot is so sensitive, I get severe reactions to water. So the fact, that I used a little bit on my foot, and my foot felt fine, really says something.


– Price, well for me, I wasn’t too concerned of the price. However, there are times when I crave something, and, wait. I spent 50 BUCKS on this essence, jokes, too poor to eat junk food. I think that, the price is high, but in the long-run, it definitely is worth the money.

– Glass packaging really torments me, especially since I’m so clumsy and fidgety and all of the bad stuff. So, despite it not smashing everywhere when I dropped it those many times, well. You can never be too safe. I try my absolute hardest to not drop it, which, is a job of it’s own.


Definitely recommend this to everyone. I don’t recommend things often, so if I choose to recommend something, then the product damn well works, and has changed my skin for the better. It is definitely worth the $49.90 AUD spent, and personally, I think it should be retailing for more since it challenged and beat SKII in blind testing. As well as that, the expected target audience is aimed from early 20s to late 50s, so with a huge audience scheme, it really is recommended by the company to be bought by everyone. Would I purchase it again? I’ve gone through five bottles of this magic already; two 150mLs and three 30mLs, so of course I would. I’ve even gone through the effort of buying it for my friends as gifts, it really is that amazing. If you want better skin overall, without having too much going on in your skincare regime, then definitely opt in purchasing Missha Time Revolution The First Treatment Essence.

love anthony โ™ก

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