[ REVIEW ] Banila Co Clean It Zero

I am so sorry, I haven’t done many reviews on this blog; this would actually be my second review. I really need to type some more up. Today, I will be going through one of Banila Co’s best selling products, The ‘Clean It Zero’ facial balm.

imageimageThe packaging is very simple; a white tub with colorful firework like motifs and a pink lid. Very girly and very cute. The outside plastic feels really sturdy, strong enough to accidentally drop on the floor without any breakages.

imageWith a little spatula (excuse the oil covering the spatula) that comes with the product to allow you to scoop the desired amount, allowing to control how much product you’re using on your face with each cleanse.

imageWith it’s balm like consistency, it allows the product to be easily and readily accessible for you to use (and yeah I have hairy hands omg)

imageAnd the balm gently melts into an oil with the heat of your fingers, allowing for ease of application to remove all your stubborn and hard to remove makeup from your face, whilst brightening and restoring moisture to the skin.

imageAdding water to the oil turns it into a water type, allowing the emulsification process of breaking down your makeup, and keeping your skin oil free, by clearing away excess sebum on the skin.

Banila Co Clean It Zero is a ‘sherbet’ type cleansing balm that claims to remove dirt, makeup and sebum without drying the skin, or leaving a greasy residue. It contains mineral oils, which is so good for your skin. The molecules of mineral oils are too large to clog pores, so it is noncomedogenic, and helps blackheads, by pretty much, dislodging them from the pore. It also provides your skin a surge of moisturization so you’re thoroughly cleaning your face without the dry feeling you get with other cleansers.

An article I read somewhere (I don’t recall the name of it, so if I do remember the name and where I read it, I’ll update it here) claims that Banila Co Clean It Zero contains NO ingredients that will trigger skin irritations or acne.


– Very nice, sturdy packaging. I feel like if I dropped the bottle, it wouldn’t break. Being a clutz, this is a HUGE plus in my books.

– 180mL bottle means that I can get a lot of uses within this one packaging, so I can definitely see this lasting for a good three to four months, depending on how you use it.

-Cheap. I picked mine up in store at CosmeHut for $35 AUD, which I definitely think is worth every cent, given the amount you get and the quality of the product you’re using. If you buy online, you can even get it for cheaper.

– Didn’t dry my skin out and cleaned thoroughly; my skin felt really smooth after every wash and noticeably brighter. As well as that, it broke down the most hard to remove makeup with ease, leaving no trace of makeup behind. The instructions say to tissue the product off, but I prefer to emulsify. Both methods work fine, but I find that you get a more thorough clean by wetting the oil and rinsing off than tissue-ing off.

– Very safe for the eyes; okey so I always end up getting some product into my eyes, and trust me. I felt nothing. I knew it was in my eye, and I could feel it in my eye, but, no pain whatsoever. Not only that, but I can definitely say my vision hasn’t impaired the slightest and my eyes feel fine after. If that doesn’t sell itself, I don’t know what will.

– Doubled as a facial oil used for massaging my face, which I liked because I could keep my skin clean, and give myself a beauty treatment at the same time.

– Very minimal scents to the product. The balm itself, has a slight floral scent to it, which practically disappears the moment the balm is massaged into the skin.

– The spatula makes for a great alternative to dispensing the product from the pump, allowing for precise control of how much product you want to use on your face.


– It depends on you really, but I much liked the dry feeling that other oil cleansers offered. This didn’t give me that dry feeling so I personally didn’t like it at all. That said though, this is my personal opinion, and in no way do you have to see this as a negative as well.

– If you saw the state of the spatula in the third picture, you’d see that it gets dirty easily. Now, if you didn’t store the spatula away properly, it can harbour bacteria, meaning it would be bad for your skin in the long run. As well as that, using a spatula rather than a pump (if the product was liquid type) means that it can be more difficult to access the product.


I think that the product is worth every cent; it cleanses very well and with the amount you get, it definitely lasts a long time. It is effective in cleaning and removing stubborn makeup, and clearing your skin of excess sebum without drying out your skin. This would be a good product to use in a double cleanse, which you can read about in my Korean skincare routine, or as a stand-alone night time cleanser. I would definitely repurchase and consider buying another one once I’ve used up the product.


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