The twitter world is hitting up a storm, after a hashtag was created to embrace the beauty in people of colour. Today, commemorates the day where black people can tell the world that, yes, black people are beautiful and no longer shall we be seen by our stereotypes cast upon our societies.

This tag however, as innocent as it seems, has caused an uproar amongst many folk if the social networking site, deeming the hashtag “inappropriate” and “racist”, as to say, that people of colour should not be using thus hashtag to show everything, as it denounces that caucasians are indeed, racist and hypocritical.

Whatever you take from this tag, just know that millions of people in the coloured community are expressing their love for their skin colour and are proud to be black.

“Black is beautiful, and we shall love each other, and ourselves, for the skin colour we are. We are strong, proud, and nobody can tell us otherwise.”

Strong words from a community that definitely needs to be recognized for their professions, beauty and equality in our society.

Show support by hashtagging #BlackOutDay and posting your selfie along with it, cause we are all beautiful in our own ways. Don’t let anybody else tell you otherwise.



In support for the hashtag, I’ve posted my selfies on twitter, and now its your turn. I’ll be scrolling through the hashtag, so I hope to be able to see your beautiful faces in it too.

love anthony ♡


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