Q&A with Anthonay [2]

Don’t mind the title, I thought it sounded cute cause I made it rhyme.

*cue crickets and tumble weed*

ahem, anyways I’m here for another Q&A with all your thought provoking, stupid and/or useless questions you want answered every other Friday or whenever I have the time. Thankyou, to Pie, who started the #AskAnthonyJung hashtag on twitter; its definitely more easier for me to keep track of questions. Okey let’s get into it.

Do you know any good lip scrub recipes?

Plenty. Remember that our lips also have skin, and the skin on our lips peel too, so by exfoliating regularly, you’re removing that dead skin, allowing new skin to breathe. One of my favourite recipes is a sugar and honey one; simply mix one part honey to two parts sugar and gently buff away. Sugar is a natural exfoliant, shaped to be uniformly round so your skin doesn’t tear, and honey is moisturizing, to help replenish moisture into your lips.

What kind of makeup should I wear with a baby blue dress?

Depends. Remember, that you want to make something stand out, and not everything. Too much going on can be really overwhelming on the eyes, so think about how you want to play with your dress. Ask yourself, is the dress subtle enough to have me wear flirty or bold makeup, or is the dress too striking, leaving me with the need to keep my look neutral?

How often do you go to the toilet to poop?

Well, I’m sure you all know that regular poos are healthy and means your body is working properly. That said, I regularly go one a day, in the morning since I eat double my body weight in food everyday.

How do you apply makeup to your face if your face has dry patches/parts of the face has areas that are dry?

This is an indication of your skin type, so take into considering the type of skin you have when you’re cleansing daily. Makeup works best on a well cleansed face, so by moisturizing really well, you’re keeping the dryer areas well hydrated. Also, on the dryer areas, you want to avoid any powders, thick concealers, basically anything that can dry out your skin too much.

Maybe use a facial oil before you apply your makeup to help hydration, or do what I do. I apply my base in two layers using a sponge; first layer, apply, then I spritz my skin with a mist, spritz the sponge then apply my second layer to trap in all the moisture. I go again with the face mist after the second layer and gently pat my skin dry.

What’s a good facewash for sensitive skin?

I don’t have sensitive skin personally, but just like any other skin type, you’re going to need to venture out into different brands and test try until you find what’s good for you. It took me four years to figure out what was good for my face, so I can’t say you’ll find it straight away. But with a little patience, and a whole lot of testing, you’ll find what you’re looking for eventually.

My tip, would be to search throughout all the Korean branded face stores, where they’d offer lots of samples for you to try. With samples, you don’t pay a cent and you can see if it works on your skin before purchasing a full sized bottle or package of the product.

Have you ever been inside an adult store before?

No I haven’t; actually my friend tried dragging me into one, but I find it really embarrassing, and I don’t need anything from in there any way so.

How do you clear away acne scars?

They take time to remove, but with hard work, and patience, you’ll rid them eventually. If you didn’t know, sometimes acne after it’s removed, will leave small dark spots on your skin, known as the dreaded acne scar. It’s basically just a clump of scar tissue from when you probably popped a zit, or cut your zit, or scratched your zit.

The easiest way to remove it would be to gently exfoliate, to break apart the scar tissue, and gently remove the dead skin. Otherwise, there are products out in the market claiming to lighten spots; note, that they do lighten, but the same skin still lies there too. I think, the most effective way is definitely exfoliating.

Which colour should I wear?



First and foremost, what the hell kind of pose is that model doing, tryna look hella smart witcho finger up in the air, miss I know what two plus two is looking ah.

Okey, now as to answer the question, it definitely does depend on your skin tone and how you want your hair, your figure, everything. I personally believe it’s more safe to try a dress on before purchasing so you know how’d it sit on your body. As for the colour, I think the pale blue would be more striking and attention grabbing than the dark blue.

What colours suit Summer?

With Summer, we change from dull shades, and darker colours from the winter seasons, to bright colours. Summer is the season for lights and brights so definitely think about injecting a pop of colour this season. Some of the trends here in Australia have been pastels and neons, toned down with blacks and greys. Remember, that new trends come and go, whereas classic trends are always here to stay.

For business attire, you can’t beat a camel, or a light taupe, but if you want to inject colour into your attire this season, definitely think about adding pastel blues, pinks and greens.

For teenagers, I think you should wear clothing this season. Just. Wear clothes.

You were at Gangnam the other day weren’t you?

Yeah I was, were you stalking me? We went for lunch with the family and ordered the jjambbong, which was absolutely delicious. Definitely order it the next time you go there, it’s divine.

Should I wear this for Class Day or nah?


I’m thinking nah.

It’s a nice dress, but it wouldn’t suit you.

How do I get a clearer complexion?

Remember that the first step is to assess your skin type. There’s no point in using products if you don’t even know if it matches with your skin or not. When you figure out which skin type you are, you can go ahead and start purchasing products that your skin is comfortable with using.

There are two main acne clearing ingredients in the skincare market; benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid. If you’re a science nerd and studied these two compounds, you’ll notice that the benzoyl peroxide compound is larger than the salicylic acid compound. So, for skin, benzoyl peroxide, being larger, is less effective on the skin to clear away acne. It does work, but I’d say to a certain extent, until it can’t do anything else, and just maintains it at a certain level.  Salicylic acid however, is uniformly smaller and able to clean more effectively than benzoyl peroxide, so as far as face products go, opt for anything with salicylic acid.

Also, please do check out my blog post on how to keep your skin acne free here: http://wp.me/p5IpNg-K

How do you deal with periods?

I’m not a female, I do not have a vagina or uterus, I do not know. I also don’t hang around people who get the girlies either, considering most of them are all on injections to stay infertile and therefore, don’t actually get their period, provided they stay on the injections.

I have heard though, that the pain is quite harsh, and enduring is difficult to do, so maybe take some painkillers to ease the pain, and apply heat to the area. I’m treating it like a stomach cramp, and with my excruciating cramps, I like to apply steamed rice, wrapped in a tea towel or something, and rest it on the parts I feel pain, whilst lying down. It definitely eases the pain, and maybe that same technique might help with your period cramps?

How big is your doodle?


Have you bought anything online before?

Yeah, I have. I never trust online shopping though, and even though eBay, Amazon and all that jazz, claim they’re safe, I can still never trust it. Unless I purchase something myself, as in, take it to the register, and pay for it there, then take the product with me, I don’t trust anyone or anywhere.

The places I’ve received the least amount of “fuck ups” (excuse my language) would be eBay from people with at least a 99% rating, and Missha Australia. i haven’t bought anything else from other sites yet.

Should I wear a strapless dress to prom or nah?

With your figure, I definitely think you should wear something with straps. Actually, I was thinking maybe you should wear a sleeved mini dress with a round neck cut off with lines that accentuate your s-line figure.

That’s it for the questions this round; thank you for all the questions from the hashtag on twitter, the snapstories and line questions. Leave me more of your thought provoking and/or silly questions for me to answer in my next Q&A session with Anthonay

love anthony ♡


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