Subtle Daily Makeup

Hi guys, just a quick post today. I decided to do half my face with basic makeup to compare with my bare face. Think of this post as a “the power of makeup” sort of post.

Before and After:


The left hand side is the side I chose to apply makeup, and the right hand side is therefore, bare.

From a first glance, you can already see that the side with makeup has a lot less flaws to the side I kept bare, and my dark circles are less evident on the makeup side. As well as that, the bare faced side appears less defined compared to the makeup side.


Side with bare face. You can see that the skin is more uneven toned, with visible blemishes, slight redness, dark circles are visible and eyebrows are unkempt.


Side with makeup, under eyes are brighter, face looks more defined and even toned and my eyebrows are fleek.

Makeup can really change your look, even with the most simplest routines.

What I used:

– Sulhwasoo EvenFair Perfecting BB cushion in #25
– The Faceshop Lovely ME:EX Milky tint in Orange
– POLA Whitissimo Clear Cake White Powder Foundation in N64
– The Faceshop Lovely ME:EX Design My Eyebrow in shade 4, brown
– The Faceshop Lovely ME:EX Color My Eyebrow in Gray-Brown
– 3 Concept Eyes Shimmer Stick in Peach
– Napoleon Perdis The Ultimate Nude Palette
– Missha The Style Eyeliner pencil in Brown

How I applied:

(1) Using the air cushion from the cushion cream, apply a thin layer across the face, following skin texture, in gentle swipes, focusing on problematic areas such as under eyes and redness.

(2) Apply a second layer of cushion cream to your face; this time, with short snaps as if you’re patting the skin.

(3) Using the powder, take a small sponge and set your lids and under eyes, as well as areas that get oily.

(4) Using the eyebrow pencil, draw two lines to shape your brows, and gently fill in, starting from the middle if your eyebrows, working outwards, with small strokes to replicate hairs. Brush inwards and diagonally to blur out harsh lines, using the screw brush on the other side of the pencil.

(5) Using the brow mascara, brush hairs inwards to colour the hairs, and brush back to shape and set eyebrow hairs into place.

(6) Using an angled blush brush, and the Napoleon palette, apply a colour two shades darker than your base to the hollows of your cheeks and temple, gently buffing the colour into your skin. The trick is, to keep the contouring subtle because the shading should replicate a shadow, rather than a streak of colour.

(7) Apply a base colour to your eyes, using the palette; I selected the light pink, and applied it to the entire eyelid.

(8) With the same shade you used for contouring your cheeks, contour your nose and eyes by gently sweeping the colour down your nose, in the hollows of your eye sockets and in the outer corners of your eyes. Take the colour down to your lower eyelids and blend.

(9) Using the highlighting stick, pat onto your brow bone, cheekbones, down your nose, forehead and inner corners of your eyes and blend.

(10) Using the eyeliner, line your eyes thinly, working the colour in the roots of your lashes to give the illusion of fuller lashes, and slightly wing eyeliner. Bring the colour down to your waterline, lining halfway in.

(11) Using the cushion base, gently pat onto your lips, to remove natural lip colour, and apply the milky tint to the insides of your lips, and blend outwards for a subtle gradient effect.

Thanks for reading guys, I just wanted to share with you, how applying makeup can instantly change your appearance dramatically, even with simple makeup techniques you can use for everyday looks.

I’m thinking of doing a little tutorial on smokey eyes, let me know if you want me to do it.

love anthony β™‘


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