This or That tag: makeup edition

I saw this tag just before typing up this blog and thought I’d give it a go. Have fun reading, and I tag anybody who reads it.

Blush or Bronzer?

I don’t wear a lot of cheek colour, but I tend to stick to browns and yellows anyway so bronzer all the way. Bronzers give you that sunkissed look, whilst contouring at the same time.

Lipstick or Lipgloss?

Can I say I dislike both products and prefer a lip tint? If I had to choose between the two, lipgloss is suited to my constantly dry lips, because ain’t nobody got time for the chappy look that lipstick offers.

Eyeliner or Mascara?

Definitely eyeliner. You can do so much with an eyeliner that you can’t do with a mascara. Sure, mascara opens up your eyes, but by using an eyeliner a certain way, you can achieve similar results, whilst making your lash line look fuller too. Killing two birds with one stone.

Foundation or Concealer?

This is a tricky one. If you have concealer, you can spot conceal all your blemishes and trouble areas, giving you a flawless complexion. But a foundation can do similar results, with less coverage abilities. I’d choose foundation just cause it’s easier to swipe and blend on to mask the troubles than using a concealer to do it.

Neutral or Coloured eyeshadow?

As a male, its embarrassing having coloured lids, so neutral all the way. Besides, using a neutral palette helps to define your eyes and nose, and anywhere really. You can do so much with a neutral palette.

Pressed or Loose eyeshadows?

I think colour payoff is important with eyeshadows, and pressed or baked shadows don’t offer that, so loose powders are my choice. However, in the aspect of travelling, loose powders can get really messy, so if that was a factor, I’d opt for the pressed.

Brushes or Sponges?

If I didn’t discover cushion BB cream, I would definitely go for brushes, but now I have, I never want to touch a brush ever again, as far as base makeup goes. With a brush, you’re swiping all this product onto your face that your skin probably doesn’t need. With a sponge, sure you may be wasting some product, but the finish is flawless, and gives you that “no makeup” finish which I like. On top of that, if you like to spritz your face with a mist, sponges are definitely the way to go, to trap all the moisture into your skin.

Brow Powder or Brow Pencil?

I like precision and definition with my eyebrows and it’s much more difficult, and time consuming, sculpting the perfect brow with a powder, so I choose pencil. As well as that, pencils these days are esigned with a spooly on the end to brush out your eyebrows hairs and set them into place, which a powder generally doesn’t come with.

Dewy or Matte complexion?

I love the feeling of moist and supple skin, and I also love how healthy if looks too, so dewy skin all the way for me. I do like matte makeup, but because it’s so hard to create a matte finish without it looking cakey as the day proceeds, dewy skin remains dewy looking after long periods of time; and if you know me, I’m lazy and hate touching up my makeup constantly. Dewy skin is healthy looking, requires minimal to no touch ups and is less time consuming.

Thank you for reading guys, if you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment. I’m currently collecting more and more questions for my next Q&A session, so if there is anything you wanted to know, or ask, just drop a comment below, send an email or hit me up on one of my social media networks.

love anthony β™‘


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