I wanted to write a serious, and off topic post today; it’s been on my mind all day and I needed to let it out.

If you follow the Korean pop industry, or if you have a twitter you’ll know that the hashtag #RIPSojin is trending number one worldwide, in respect of the passing of trainee, Sojin of DSP Entertainment. A little bit of background; she was a trainee for DSP media and was part of a rookie audition group called “Baby Kara” where a member would be chosen to officially debut in one of the leading girl groups, Kara. Recently, it was reported in many articles that the training idol passed away from, what appears to be suicide, suffering severe depression. Before I continue with the post, my deepest condolences go towards DSP, and the family. An angel was lost too early.

Comments have been made by a group of people that depression isn’t all serious and is just an excuse for people to be sad all the time. No, it is not “just an excuse” as you claim it to be; everyone suffers from depression, some more so than others.

When something happens, something that hurts you, something that cuts you so deep inside, that it brings you great pain thinking about it all the time; that’s depression, and it’s a serious illness that many of us go through. These thoughts in some people go into overdrive, appearing more often than you’d like it to, and it begins to affect your mentality, and your emotions fly out the door; you start imagining things and you feel the only way out is to remove yourself from the picture.

Just know that it’s a hard world out there, and you may feel like it’s tough trusting people around you, but know, you don’t have to go through it alone. There are friends, family, councillors, who can help you, who can be there to listen, who can guide you to a better future ahead. Committing is the easiest way out, but is it the wisest?

I’m not going to share my stories with you all, because I’d need at least 3 days to type it all out, and it’s so confusing you’d all get headaches reading it. But I do know what depression is like, I’ve been through that journey, and yeah I’m going to sound clichéd saying this, but there really is a light at the end of the tunnel. There are better days ahead of you. You just need to stay strong and try and see all the good from what’s coming your way.

Next time you feel like you can’t deal with your depression anymore, think of those who love you, who’d be saddened if you were to leave. How would they react if you were gone? Would they struggle to move on? Would they follow in your footsteps? “When one domino falls, so do the others”. Depression is a vicious cycle that needs to stop, and the only way it can stop is if we target the cause of the issues. We all need to do our part, we all need to be there for each other when it counts. Maybe then, will we all be able to live life easier.

love anthony ♡

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