Tips to be Acne Free

The struggles of pimples and acne are real; trust me. It’s not an easy feat with these suckers. New products are coming out that claim to help remove blackheads, whiteheads and keep your skin clear, but, is it really doing anything? People are pouring bucketloads of money down the drain purchasing product after product on things to help their skin clear up, and not seeing results.

What’s the real issue here? Is it, in fact that the products we’re using aren’t working at all? Are we doing something wrong that’s causing our skin to break out more than actually clear up? Have no fear, Anthony is here, to guide you on a path to having a clearer face.

1) Assess your skin type

There is no point buying things or doing things to your face and body if you aren’t even aware of the type of skin you’re dealing with. Using the wrong products on the wrong skin type will only lead you to disaster. So stop, take a deep breath and think about what kind of skin you wake up with in the morning. Is it dry and flaky? Does your face look, and feel like its drowned in a sea of oil? Is it sensitive perhaps, or maybe it’s perfect? Assessing your skin type will help you understand how to look after your skin, and help you in your product purchasing.

2) Proper Cleaning

Okey, so now you know your skin type. Now it’s the part where you wash your face with your cleanser, tone and moisturize. You only need to cleanse your face twice a day, morning and night. Over cleansing is bad for you, and will unnecessarily dry out your skin.

But I have oily skin so I don’t need to moisturize, right?”

WRONG. Cleansers strip away all of your natural oils, or sebum, that your skin produces, so to combat the loss of sebum, your skin will go into overdrive to produce more, and in copious amounts, which can lead to clogged pores, and thus, more pimples. Moisturizing is essential to restore the water-oil ratio your skin needs for healthy function.

3) Slapping your face

So you know your skin type, cleansed, toned and moisturized, but you’re still breaking out. Maybe you’re not actually applying the products properly. If you look at ads for Asian skin care commercials, or watch videos of Asians doing their face, you’ll notice they cup their hands on their cheeks, forehead and chin. How cute! Actually, they’re not doing it for the camera, the process of cupping your face with your hands is to ensure the products absorb into your skin, rather than it sitting on the top layer.

So rather than just sweeping it on, gently press your hands against our face as you apply your toners, serums, etc, or, what I do, gently slap your face. Your skin will absorb the product more thoroughly allowing the product to work better, and slapping the face gently promotes bloodflow around your face too. Killing two birds with one stone.

4) Keep your hands to yourself

As the sub-header suggests, keep your hands off your face. Okey, so you’ve cleansed your face and it feels so baby soft and you’re tempted to just rub your face for hours on end. Don’t. Your hands and fingertips are riddled with germs and bacteria, waiting to congregate on the surface of your face to form whiteheads and acne. Avoiding acne is as easy as not touching (or having anyone else touch) your face.

5) Chores

Parents everywhere are going to love this one. Doing chores can be beneficial to your face. Just like with touching your face, not cleaning can harbour germs and bacteria, so regular cleaning of your house will promote better skin. That involves, cleaning your clothing regularly, your sheets and towels; basically, anything your face will be exposed to. Keeping your hair out of your face will help also, as unclean hair can pass the germs to your face.

6) Fluids

You must drink 8 glasses of water a day

But it’s true. Keeping your skin hydrated throughout the day will mean less need for your skin to produce sebum, the oil secreted that can end up clogging pores, causing blackheads to form.

If none of these help in any way, then the final step

7) Is to see your dermatologist

Because your acne might be cystic, or something that can only be treated with medication. Frequent trips to the dermatologist is vital for healthy skin; I definitely recommend going at least one every three to four months.

I hope these tips help you achieve a bump free appearance, and a clearer future to you all, no pun intended.

love anthony β™‘

EDITED: Look for a cleanser, preferably a foam type cleanser, that contains salicylic acid. NOT BENZYOL PEROXIDE. Reason being is that the molecules in salicylic acid are smaller than the molecules of benzyol peroxide, so for long term effects, benzyol peroxide’s ability to keep skin clear will decline. Salicylic acid molecules can penetrate deep into pores more easily, thus clearing away sebum, dirt and makeup trapped in your pores, and overall, clear up your skin.

Why use a foam cleanser instead of a cleanser with beads in it? Read here.


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