Q&A Number 1

Wow, first Q&A thanks to all the questions you left me on twitter, facebook, line; everywhere, that you left me. Let’s get right to it shall we?

Where do you work?

I reside in Perth, and about a 10 minute car ride away is a suburb called Cannington, where I work; Carousel, as a kitchen hand.

How long have you been into makeup and skincare?

I stumbled across a video on YouTube by accident, roughly three years ago and that’s when I suppose I really loved the cosmetic world, but at a young age, I was always interested in it, since I spent my time growing up, watching my aunts do her face everyday.

What’s your go to makeup product that you couldn’t live without?

I think that doing your eyebrows account for at least, 60% of your makeup, so I couldn’t live without my trusty “Colour My Brows” eyebrow mascara in grey-brown by The Faceshop.

What’s your secret to having such dewy skin?

I use a face mist before applying my base, and I also gently spritz some of the mist on my puff before applying my base makeup too, to trap the moisture in my skin.

As well as that, as far as skincare goes, I always use my Missha Time Revolution “First Treatment” essence and Missha Time Revolution “Science Activator” ampoule to achieve healthy, glowy looking skin.

Did you go to beauty school, and which school did you go to? Also, hello from Mt Lawley!

Thanks, and hello to you too. Where abouts in Lawley are you? Anyway, with the question, no I didn’t go to a school, but I’m looking to apply some time this year. There are so many schools to choose from, I’m not sure which one would be best for me.

I asked my cousin just yesterday actually, which school she recommended, and she suggested WA Academy for Beauty, so I’ll probably look into that one.

Are you Korean?

Nope, not Korean at all. Funny thing is, Koreans assume I’m Korean, Westerners think I’m Korean, other Asians think I’m Korean. What part of me makes me appear to be, or seem, Korean? I’d really like to know.

What kind of food do you like?

I have a strong sweet tooth, and I absolutely love cake, with heaps of cream, cheesecakes, profiteroles, donuts, cookies. I actually also really love fruits, cucumber, cauliflower, potatoes, broccoli and corn. I just love food in general, but if I had to choose my all time favourite meal, I’d say lasagne, or sizzling soft tofu with chicken.

Can you cook?

I have weak tastebuds so my sense of taste is quite off compared to others, so as far as taste goes, not very well. But I can cook, yes. I have trouble with desserts though, and the only thing I can bake is rock cake. You know, when you put a cake in the oven, and forget about it, and when you remember about it, it comes out as hard as a rock, and the colour of night time.

Your description said you liked K-POP, who’s your bias, and which groups do you like?

I can’t really say I have a definite bias, but I really like Ken from VIXX and Taehee from M.PIRE for males, and Hyorin from Sistar and solo rapper Gilme for females.

For groups, I suppose SPICA and Mamamoo are my favourite groups, but I generally don’t follow groups, more the music they produce.

Are you dating anybody right now?

I suppose I am. I fell in love with someone a year ago, and they love me back, but we can’t do anything right now since we’re going about our own tasks first. So, it’s sort of complicated.

I saw you at Mighty Manna did you choke on your bento box?

Shut up, I was reading something online and I laughed, then died.

Which do you prefer, Asian cosmetics or Western cosmetics?

Honestly, I prefer Asian cosmetics as they tend to produce and sell more makeup with warmer undertones, whereas Western cosmetics have a grey or pink undertone. Since I’m quite yellow in undertone, I definitely would go for cosmetics that are more suited to that, and I find Asian cosmetics are able to provide what I need. So, based solely on that, I prefer Asian.

I’m not in any way, saying Western makeup is bad, cause the truth is, it really isn’t. I’ve come across so many good foundations, concealers and eye palettes from the Western market, that I’d choose over Asian cosmetics any day, if only they came in my shade.

You look gay, are you gay?

Uhm. I don’t understand how someone can look “gay” I wasn’t aware you could look a particular sexual orientation. You don’t hear people asking other people if they look l straight. But yeah.

Hi, I’ve met you before, and I wanted to know why you’re so cold. It’s really intimidating.

It’s not so much the fact I’m cold, it’s more that I’m really bad at trusting people, and I don’t want to show people my kind side too oftenly, since I’ve been bitten before. I personally believe the quote “If you can’t be with me at my worst, you don’t deserve to be with me at my best” so I think, if people are used to my “cold” personality, then I’ll feel more comfortable being nice around them.

What’s your number one base makeup you use everyday?

I actually switch my makeup around a lot, but one I’ve been using a lot of lately, is my Sulhwasoo BB cushion compact in shade 25. I used to use the Missha Perfect Cover BB cream, in shades 23 and 27 mixed together and I definitely recommend this BB cream to anybody looking for a BB cream with medium to buildable coverage.

As far as powders go, I don’t really use powders often, but I really started liking POLA’s Whittisimo compact powder.

I am jealous of your skin, can we trade skin?

My skin isn’t that good actually, and no we can’t trade skin. I don’t know how to shed my skin to gift to you. Apologies.

That sums up all the questions I’ve received so far; please continue to leave me questions that you want answered and I’ll make another Q&A post soon.

love anthony ♡

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