[ REVIEW ] POLA Whitissimo Deep Foam Clear

I was shopping for skincare products in the store that opened up near work a while ago, and came across this mask, displayed in one of the windows adjacent to the entrance doors of the mall. I am familiar with POLA, a well known Japanese brand and I knew that something like this wouldn’t be selling anywhere in Australia, so, out of sheer excitement upon discovering the POLA Deep Foam Clear (and the fact I had lots of money to blow for the week), I purchased the product.

Without the 30% that I was issued by the staff at the beauty store, the mask itself cost $85 AUD, which sort of sucked cause, who in their right mind would spend close to $100 on one item, unless they’re reckless; like me.

Whitissimo-Foam-Deep-Clear-MI have to say, that the packaging itself is really fancy; the use of a gradient blue and white caught my eyes immediately, and the ripple effect in the can makes the packaging appear really luxurious and “high end”

Okey, so I really should have asked the shop assistant a billion questions on how to use it, because the instruction are all in Japanese, and my extensive Japanese reading ability is poor. She actually told me that it was a cleanser, so for two weeks, I used the mask as a cleanser. Please note, this is not a cleanser and will not work as a cleanser.

To make it easy for you all, I’ll tell you how to use it. Thank me later. You apply a walnut sized amount of the product to your palms, apply the product directly to your face and leave it for 5 or so minutes before rinsing it off.

For Intensive Skin Brightening & Pigmentation Control with Visible results

– A special item with two functions – a brightening mask and an intensive deep cleansing wash.
– Treats the skin damaged by UV rays and creates the penetration route for the following brightening ingredients

*taken from the POLA Australia site.

What I liked:

*The product packaging was well thought out, and I am impressed with how they designed the bottle.
*There is no strong smell to the product; it has a light, sort of clean smell that I think people would like.
*A little does go a long way with this product, and it claims to have 30-35, if not, more uses, so it will last you a long time.

What I didn’t like:

*$85AUD is quite pricey for a product. I personally don’t mind spending this much on a product, but for people who have strict budgets, then it’s not something I’d recommend.
*Being a foam, the purpose of the spray pump applicator is pretty much defeated; one spray will get you a lot of product, and product will still slowly seep out after a few seconds.
*True to it’s word, it does what it claims, but I noticed that whilst using the foam, I broke out around my cheek area and chin.
*My face was smooth after washing off, but my face felt incredibly dry at the same time, which I don’t get using masks usually.

Overall opinion:

If you’re willing to spend $85 on 90g of product, then by all means, go for it. Deep Foam Clear does lighten and brighten your complexion, but in my case, at the expense of having breakouts. I’m not entirely happy with the pump applicator because it’s hard to dispense a consistent and adequate amount, which means you may or may not have 30-35 uses as it suggests. I would probably buy it again, when I have money to spend.

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